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Some woman and a girl that didn't look happy were at my house they had axes and just broke my front door. My Mom said hi to the woman and called her Johanna. She must be Johanna Mason who the girl is i don't know. Mom said hello to the girl and asked what her name was she said Brionna Mason. This is the girl I have to share my room with for a month. I went up to them and said hi then asked why they were looked at me and i was so scared she looked like she want to kill me for asking. Johanna answered with "We are here early to spend more time with Katniss and Peeta and there kids do you have a problem with that girl.I guess you are Emma. Yes I am Emma and i guess you are Johanna Mason and that is your daughter." I pointed to the girl who looked like she going to kill me. Johanna pushed in front of me and though the front entrance with her daughter right behind her. Johanna went straight to one of the guest rooms like she know where everything was in the house when she does not. While Brionna was standing still in her place with no clue where to go. So I took her to my room where she will be staying. I have a master bedroom my walls are green, orange,purple, and yellow because they are my favorite colors. The ceiling looks like they sky at night and has stars everywhere. In my room i have a tv, closet, bathroom, a dresser, and a queen size bed. There was now 2 twin sized beds in my room. She picked the last bed on the end and put her luggage on the bed then she went downstairs and come back up stairs with her axes. She put it down on the bed and open her suitcase and get a case out and put her axes in it. I have no clue how I will sleep knowing she has a axe and can kill me in my sleep. My Dad called as down for dinner a few seconds after she put her luggage back under the bed. then we went downstairs and I could smell the cooked birds and squrriel stew and biscuits I could smell dessert to but wasn't sure what it was. when I get to the kitchen Johanna was all ready Pigging out and Tobias had a strange look toward her. I sit down next to Toby and told her who Johanna was and who Brionna was. Then I get a bowl of squirrel stews and a little bit of bird and a biscuits. Nothing interesting happen during dinner beside Johanna basically eating everything. For dessert we had chocolate cake and my moms favorite cheese buns. After that i fell asleep texting Bella. Toby woke me up again screaming that it was the last day of school I was so happy i hugged him. Then i get ready i put on a dress and flats and did a braid in my hair like the one my mom does.I was so happy I wear a dress weird but every year on the last day of school I wear a dress because i'm always so happy school is over. Brionna was made to go to school with me. She was down stairs eating when i was done getting ready. She wear jeans a tank top a sweat shirt and her boots. Even through it was like 75 degrees out but whatever. When i got downstairs Brionna was done eating so i grabbed an apple and we left for school with Toby right in the middle of us. When we got to school everyone was looking at Brionna like she was an alien. Toby was on his way to the lower grades right when we get on school grounds. I took Brionna to first period and explained to the teacher why she was here. Every class we had to say a little about the rebellion and the hunger games. I said everything because by the time i was done talking the bell would ring it was very annoying. When the last bell of the day rang all the girls including me started screaming but Brionna she stayed quite. Then everyone run out of the school screaming "summer'. Then I run home with Brionna behind me. When we get home I wanted to go swimming so i ask Brionna if she had a bathing suit she did. So she changed in the bathroom and I put on a purple one piece and jean shorts and i put on my hunt boots. Then i waited for Brionna who come out in a blue one piece with her jeans on over it she had her boots on to. Then we went downstairs and got some leftovers from yesterday and ate that for lunch. Then i wrote a note telling who ever see's it where we are. Then we went to the meadow i picked a flower and put it in my hair it was a primrose like my died aunt prim her name was Primrose like the flower. Then we continued our walk to the lake. When we got there i took my boots and shorts off and jumped in. It was nice and cool Brionna took her time coming in. She looked bored so i went up and splashed her and she splashed me right back. She finally talked and full introduced herself. She was tell me that 10 miniture before we left that she was told she was coming here and she didn't want to because she had plans with her texted them on the train and they made plans for when she come back though. Brionna was really nice she said she was friends with Finn and he is really nice but has jerky friends. After around an hour we left and went home dad was cooking dinner he was making lamb stew my mom's favorite. After dinner I was video chatting Bella when Brionna come in. "Who is that that just walked in to your room? That is Brionna she is staying here for a month." Right after I said that Bella just hang up on me i didn't even now why. I started talking to Brionna and we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up at 12:30 and Brionna wasn't in the room anymore. So i got dressed and went downstairs I grabbed leftovers and right when i finished the door bell rang. I got up to get it and there was this really hot boy and a pretty woman.

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