"So the mission is clear right!" The commander of our squad stated rather than asked.

"Yes sir!" The squad and I answered almost immediately. Mostly out of fear of be annihilated right on the spot.

"Right then, we leave in an hour. I expect that you all have read on their customs" The commander warned once more.

"Sir yes sir!" We all shouted once more.

"Good you are all free to gather whatever belongings you will be taking. I expect you here in 45 minutes." With that we were free to go. I didn't really know what to expect considering it was the first time I was chosen to go. Despite not knowing what to expect I've got to admit I was excited. I'd never met an earthling before and the idea of having to blend in and remain completely inconspicuous among them is thrilling. It's also in my belief that we'll be invading soon after we have enough information, I'll make my brethren proud finding out as much as I can about this species. Then, I'll fight; perhaps that's why I was chosen to go on this mission. Maybe the fact that I'm one of the most skilled fighters influenced our commander to choose me, other than that I honestly don't have any special qualities. I mean I'm young, younger than most of these other troops going. Odd, the one I can identify myself with the most is a couple years older, he's actually 200, despite his features. That's the good thing about us, we don't really age. We grow and our features change to those of a teen glor but, we hardly age. I won't look like an adult until I'm 300, that's a long ways to go. I'm barely 150. I read that earthlings age quite fast; an earthling looks like a teen at the age of 13 and is already looking like an elder at the age 70, that must stink. Maybe that's why our commanders note that earthlings are so inferior. I don't know it makes sense I suppose.

"Ulrich we've got to go!" Odd called out.

"Right I'm coming." I wasn't sure what an earthling possesses so I didn't take much, except for my journal. I figured it'd be a good place to store information. I looked around at all the troops that boarded the ship I was on, there was a couple hundred of us being sent to the same place, the other ships heading to different parts of earth. I sighed, I was definitely different. Everyone else was almost emotionless. I guess I should be like this too but I can't. Maybe it's because I'm young and inexperienced, or at least I like to think that. Whatever the reason I'm focusing on my main objective, learning as much about these earthlings as possible in order to more effectively take over their planet. I'm not sure why exactly us glors want to invade earth, it must be pretty great for us to go to this much trouble for so many years. I heard something about there being plants everywhere, and there's these things called restaurants where you go for food instead of hunting. That's absolutely no fun, but I was told to learn and follow the customs while I was there so I suppose I'll have to endure. Odd on the other hand, I have no idea how he'll survive. The galaxy truly is beautiful, I feel strange noticing these type of things, I wonder if anyone else does. Maybe I should just embrace the fact that I'm different.

"Look Ulrich," Odd pulled me out of my thoughts, "We're almost there. You see that planet with blue green and brown all over? That's earth for ya."

I looked at it in awe. It was amazing, not like our planet, it was purple and that's all. Maybe that's what it meant by being covered in plants, I mean it's green. "You think we'll do good on this mission?" I asked him, maybe I should've kept my doubts to myself, I just didn't know what to expect.

"We'll be fine kid, nothing to worry about. Now get your things we'll be landing in a minute or two."

"Where are we landing?"

"I don't know, wherever the ship lands I suppose."

I nodded, not quite knowing what to expect but nonetheless eager, I was ready to serve my planet.

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