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"Well we're here." Odd motioned for me to follow and I did. I always did as I was told, we were trained that way. Back before we were informed that we'd be part of this mission we spent most of our time in academies, specifically set to train us into listening. I've never really done anything for myself or gone against someone's orders. We were trained to hunt, eat, obey, and kill, that was all. In other words, that was what we lived for, the point of our existence, all of ours.

"Why is it so bright here? Where are we?" I was confused and the bright light really threw me off.

"Didn't you read the manual sport? It's the sun." Odd answered with that goofy smile of his.

"Well I did read it, but you know I've never been much of a long term learner." I grinned to which Odd responded with a small chuckle and a nod.

"Alright listen up, I'll be turning the monitor on now. As it plays I want you all to observe intently. This will process into each and every one of your brains what your role shall be here on earth. Now turn your attention to the monitor on the side of the ship." Our commander spoke and we all obeyed.

After closely observing I grasped the concept, I'd be entering school, high school to be more exact, I remember reading that it was a place of studies, I've never been much an education junky. I figured Odd would be going with me as well since we both fit the teenage description from a human's perspective. I'm not going to lie, I truly was excited, judging by everyone's else's faces, once again I was the only one feeling some sort of emotion. Why was I so different? Even Odd's face looked emotionless. I wonder what it is in me that makes me so different. I shook the thoughts away and focused on gathering my belongings, apparently I'd be staying in some apartment with Odd, quite frankly I couldn't have received better news, he was the only one that had conversations with me, the only one whose face expression changed when he talked, I was almost sure that he had emotions just like I did.

We attempted to walk as casually as possible, trying to blend in, but it was so slow. I don't understand how earthlings can stand to walk at this pace. I could've been around the whole earth and back by now. Odd seemed to be having just as much trouble as I was having. I couldn't help but chuckle, did I look as ridiculous as him? I contemplated on whether or not I should take my eye off and hold it up, just take a quick glance, but I decided against it, I wouldn't want to risk being seen by any human.

I looked around the small building and didn't understand why on earth it had so many rooms. It had these weird rectangular looking shapes in the middle and a small monitor. Perhaps it was to communicate with our superior.

"You think we should turn it on?" I asked Odd as we both eyed it curiously.

"Why not?" He smirked.

I simply nodded and pushed the power button.

"Oh my gosh you like totally did not."

"I so did."

"No way."

"Earthlings are annoying." I sighed as I turned it off; apparently one of these yellow haired humans did something.

"Weird how good looking they are." Odd commented to which I simply scowled. They were annoying how in the world was I supposed to feel even the slightest attraction towards them? Not to mention, no matter how much they resembled our species, they weren't. They were weak earthlings that couldn't perform half of the stunts, missions and hobbies we do.

"You always have been one to feel attracted to any kind of female species." I commented before heading to check out the rest of our shelter.

"Okay, just because I was attracted to the Stella doesn't mean I'm attracted to any specie Ulrich!" Odd shot back quickly in an attempt to seem less desperate.

"She had three eyes and an antenna! Anyways, Odd what is the chair filled with water, every time I lean on this little handle it makes a weird noise?" Maybe I should begin working on this long term learning thing.

"You're just jealous she didn't have eyes for you. That's where you uhh, unload I guess you could say. Didn't you read?"

"Odd, she had more than enough eyes for everyone. And yeah I did, you know I'm no good at long term learning, all I do is fight."

"I know kid. We'd better conserve our energy, Jeremie's almost finished. We should start this school facility tomorrow, to which we need to act as humanly as possible." Odd warned. I simply sighed, great, another place where I can feel different and out of place.

"Yes Ulrich, what Odd said." Jeremie suddenly teleported in with a smirk.

"I hate it when you do that Einstein." Odd sighed. Jeremie was a nice guy, but he tended to show off a bit. I don't blame the guy, he's smart, a genius actually, but maybe if he wasn't so, well if he didn't brag so much perhaps the other guys wouldn't hate him.

"Sorry Odd. I have great news though, I got us into school already. We start when the clock strikes seven a.m. Since we'll be sharing a room I supposed I should tell you guys first. Here Odd, your schedule is the first one and Ulrich's is the bottom one, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Goodnight!" Odd and I both responded synchronized.

"Ehh, I'll just put these here." Odd said as he threw them carelessly on the counter and they fell.

"Odd you dropped them, now how are we supposed to know which one is mine and which one is yours?" I asked. He was always so careless; all he thought about were females and food.

"It doesn't matter, here I'll grab this one and you keep that one, it's not like they have our names on them anyways." Odd answered, swiftly taking one from my hand and walking towards his room.

"Well okay." I mumbled to myself before heading to my room as well.

The morning was nothing but Jeremie shouting at Odd and I to get our lazy butts out of the bed, which was quite comfortable to be honest. I sighed as I tried my best to pay attention to the lady who called herself the principal; I suppose that's the title for the leader of this unit.

"Okay you guys now come here so I can sign your schedules." Mrs. Knight asked sweetly.

"My you're quite the smart one." She commented as she signed Jeremie's schedule.

"Thank you." Jeremie answered proudly.

She quickly signed Odd's and wished him good luck. I walked towards her slightly uninterested; I really did not want to be there.

"Oh, Ulrich, you're quite the smart one as well. Good luck at Kadic."

"Um, thank you Mrs. Knight." I answered a bit confused, why would Jeremie give me a schedule with a, unless Odd and I, oh no.

"You idiots switched the schedules?" Jeremie scolded us.

"It was my fault Jeremie, leave Ulrich alone." Odd warned.

"Right well, that's the bell, Ulrich have fun in calculus because I have it third period." Jeremie sighed as he left.

"See ya bud I have chemistry." Odd patted me on the shoulder as he ran off.

Great... what in the world was calculus and where in the world was room 139? I began walking, carefully studying the schedule, when I suddenly ran into someone. I froze; I didn't know what to say as our eyes met, would I sound human enough, would I seem human enough? Or would I just end up blowing our cover?