A/N: This is my very first Zim fic. The prolog is short and I apologist for that but I'm almost done with the first chapter. The problem is that I need some beta-readers.



This is a significant word to Zim - or at least the meaning of the word. It used to be something he treasured; keeping the foreign dwellers of the outside world out of his territory is of the utmost importance. There used to be something... Something that would break in but he can't remember what it was. He only remembers that it made him angry. He remembers wanting to be left alone.

But that was so long ago.

Now solitude has become a curse. The isolation has become unbearable and he wishes the thing would come back. Whatever it is. Still, he dares not go outside. There was too much danger out there, too much unfamiliar.

Zim regrets having dismantled the mechanical creature he once shared his space with. He had done it in a fit of annoyance shortly after 'the incident', although he isn't sure what 'the incident' is. His earliest memory is of his PAK hooked into the computer, the one built in the walls surrounding him. That was when the computer still worked, of course. Zim is pleased with himself for remembering the words 'PAK' and 'computer'; it feels important to know them. But there are other words he remembers that confuse him, and he is unable to understand how they relate to himself. Words like fake, defect, and virus.

His earliest memory also contains a flat image of two tall creatures that resemble him somehow, but he doesn't know who they are. But they were smiling at him so they must like him. Zim misses the tall ones most of all - and they gave him something, but Zim doesn't remember what the present was. It might have something to do with his PAK because he remembers the odd feeling and it making a curious humming noise right before everything went blank.


The word echoes back at him.

'Zim' is the most important word of all and he said it often. Something about it sounds right; it even makes him feel emotions like happiness. Occasionally it awakens his loneliness, from the lack of anyone saying it back to him. That's why he says it in the echoing areas of his cavernous environment to bask in his vocal reflection. It has become his favorite thing to do.

It's boring here in the darkness, silence, and solitude, but he knows better than to venture beyond the limits of his metal habitation.

A/N: Keep in mind that the words Zim remembers are in Irken, not English. His English is completely wiped as well as his translator, so that should be fun. Again, it would really help me out if a couple of people with good spelling and grammar could volunteer to beta-read. I got my friend to do it this time but she's really busy and it would help me upload much faster.