Part Two: Through the Rain

Keep pressing on steadfastly - Mariah Carey

Chapter Seven: Infatuation

Intrigues me with every move 'til I'm breathless, I'm helpless, can't keep my cool - Christina Aguilera

"So," Betsy began slowly when we were alone and far enough from the room so that at least Ali could not hear us.

"So, what?" I asked knowing that she was about to ask me about Logan and I prayed to the Heavens above that he was not listening.

"That's the one night stand that Ali told us about?"

I rolled my eyes as we walked towards the stairs that lead out of X-Men headquarters. I really did not like to ride in elevators, even alone. They were too cramped and even though an elevator was faster than taking the stairs, I preferred the stairs. They were still cramped but Charles had expanded them and used some visual tricks to make them seem more spacious.

"What about him?" I asked briskly.

"Oh, I don't know," Betsy said with a wicked smile. "I see why you are so hung up on him?"

"I am not hung up on him."

"Then why did you keep turning down Forge?"

We paused so I code punch in my code to access the secret door panel that hid the stairway.

"I am not the dating type of woman. Besides, I had other things on my mind, like running a school."

Betsy stared at me. I could tell she did not believe me.

"Ororo, I know you and I know that you are in love with that man," she said as we entered the stairway and the panel closed behind us.

"Why are you afraid to admit that you still have feelings for the Wolverine?" Betsy asked.

I sighed deeply.

"You were not here when Scott and I first brought him to the mansion. Logan was so wrapped up in Jean that he did not even notice me. He loved her. He chased after her like a dog in heat. I was only a teammate to him, nothing more." I said.

Betsy remained silent while I paused to open the next panel that lead to the ground floor of the school. We walked to my office where we closed the door for privacy. I walked to my desk and leaned against it.

"It was not until after Alkali Lake that Logan noticed me and even then, it was just as a friend. It took Jean's true death for him to sleep me," I sighed sadly. "I believe he only wanted me because I was there and he thought of Marie as a little sister and not a lover."

Betsy swallowed a lump in her throat and wiped a tear from her cheek.

"So, you fell for him hard?"

"Like a fool," I answered with a sad smile. "Now that he is back, he wants to start were we left off."

"That's a good thing," Betsy said with optimism.

"I am not sure if I could trust him to truly love me."

"All you can do is give him a chance."

"I am unsure if I even want to give him that."

Betsy sighed and joined me to lean on my desk. We remained silent for a moment.

"Maybe you need to find someone else," she said and I stared at hear as if she had lost her mind. "Hear me out. It may help you get over him. You know, get him out of your system. Forge is still interested in you."

I rolled my eyes as I pushed off my desk.

"I would date Hank before I date Forge," I said.

Betsy laughed.

"Wasn't it you who had a crush on our dear Beast when we were teenagers," she said.

I laughed too.

"To be honest, I forgot all about that."

We laughed harder.

"But I am serious," she said once we calmed down. "You really need a new love interest at least a friend with benefits and I know a couple of men who would love to fill the position."

"I will think about it," I said.

At first, I thought it was to appease her but later that day, I gave her suggestion some serious thought. I wanted to get over Logan just as much as I wanted him. I was a woman complete torn. My heart and body desired the Wolverine, while my mind fought against even being near the man. I wanted to continue to push him away, but the kiss we shared earlier told me that it would not be so easy. A new man might be the best way to get Logan to leave me alone, but it might also cause him to become more determined. After all, knowing Jean was with Scott never stopped him from wanting her. If he truly was in love with me, seeing me with another man might not force him to stop his pursuit of me either.