"Hey babe you okay in there?" John Winchester asked from just outside the bathroom door.

The toilet flushed again for the fourth time in as many weeks. With the sound of a running faucet, John stepped away and headed toward Dean's room to get him ready for day ahead.

"Hey buddy, you ready for some breakfast with daddy?" John cooed down at his little man. Picking him up and making his way into the kitchen, John poured himself some Joe and Dean some juice. Setting the beverages on the linoleum counter, just as Mary entered the kitchen. "Well good morning sunshine, don't you look beautiful." John smiled adoringly at his wife. "Want some coffee?" He gestured to the percolating pot.

"No thanks, coffee seems to make me sick with nausea. It must be the stomach bug that's going around." She said setting her head down on the table as Dean tapped his Sippy-Cup on the counter.