Chapter One:

The rain was coming down in torrents by the time Feliciano managed to escape work. He stumbled out onto the pavement, wrestling with his umbrella, storage tube, and briefcase. Situated beneath a curtain of dry air, the young Italian man let out a soft whine sparing a daring glance at his watch. The minute hand was creeping closer to the departure time of his train, and the next one to come through was at least half an hour after.

"Fratello'll kill me for real if I'm late again!" Biting his lip, he raced off down the flooded sidewalk struggling to keep all his items situated. As he neared the train station, a foot slipped out from beneath him and he stumbled to remain standing. His storage tube clattered on the concrete, rolling away from the station with the panicky Italian right on its heels.

The tube crashed to a stop against a soggy cardboard box hidden in the shadow of an alleyway. As Feliciano scrambled to pick it up, his fingers just brushing against the container's strap, his eyes caught movement shaking the sides of the box. Fearing the worse, the young man quickly pulled his hand away with a startled gasp. However, the box continued to shake about, and curiosity eventually won Feliciano over. He reached back hesitantly, gently pulling away the folded top flaps of the box.

A little black nose popped up into the dry air beneath Feliciano's umbrella, followed by a dirt little head of curly fur. The young Italian gave a soft coo at the puppy staring up at him, grinning when it took to licking at his fingers. Behind him, he could just hear the whistle of the train blowing to signal its final warning.

He jumped to his feet, looking back in a panic at the station. If he ran now, he might just make it… But whimpers at his feet caused the Italian to look back. The puppy had tumbled the box over, spilling itself out onto the concrete and straight into a puddle. Sparing one final look back at the station, Feliciano gave in and knelt back down to brush back one of the large, curly ears from the wiggling dog's face. "…I'm sure Fratello will understand. I can't just leave you out here!"

Swinging the tube over his shoulder, Feliciano carefully scooped the puppy up and rushed off for the dry haven of the station. He just barely made it to the train, almost falling as he made a mad dash into the train. The Italian managed to claim a seat for himself, abandoning his work supplies on the opposite seat, and moved to place the small dog on his lap. Feliciano spared it a smile, the wiggling dear lapping eagerly at the slender fingers. "Aren't you just so precious? I'll get you all cleaned up, a pretty little bow, and I'm sure Lovi will fall in love with you too!"

Lovino was waiting for his brother at the station, occasionally checking his watch and tapping his foot. He glanced up at the train pulling into the station and folded his arms across his chest. "About time," he cursed beneath his breath. It came to a stop and the typical crowd of the evening shift filtered into the small town station. When Lovino caught sight of Feliciano trotting into the station, he dead panned at the furry bundle in his brother's arms.

"…oh FUCK no! Feli! What the hell is that!"

Startling at his brother's loud voice, the Italian quickly recovered and raced over. "Isn't she adorable?! I found her outside of the station back in the city! I couldn't just leave her be, Lovi! She would have drowned in all that rain!" He gave Lovino a quick pout as he cuddled the puppy close. "Plus, you already have Giovanni! Can't I keep her? I promise I'll take such good care of her that you won't even know she's there!"

Feliciano wiggled lightly with a soft whine as he watched his brother glare at the dog in his hands. Eventually, Lovino sighed and that was all Feliciano needed to hear. "Grazie! Grazie!" He quickly moved to hug the hot-tempered Italian, causing Lovino to fire off in rapid succession curses as the new member of the family took to licking the Italian's face.

And that was how the newly dubbed "annoyance" found herself seated in the Italian brother's kitchen, watching the boys figure out the best way to bathe their new member. She turned away from them, glancing up at the pampered tabby cat lounging on a kitchen chair. He looked back at her, lazily flicking his tail about before heaving a sigh.

"…ever had a bath before?" The puppy shook his head at the cat's question, heaving another sigh from him. "Figured." Hopping down, he walked over to her. "Name's Giovanni, the angry one's my pet." Giovanni plopped down to lazily lick at a paw, constantly watching the dog. "I suppose that means the loud one is yours… It's alright, he's nice in a strange way. At least his heart's in the right spot." Giovanni looked up, slinking back to the kitchen table when a shadow cast over them. "Hope you enjoy the bath."

The puppy yipped as she found herself being hoisted up into the air. Looking back, she saw Feliciano smiling warmly at her. "Hello, little lady. Let's get you all cleaned up and then we can go take a nap! You'd like that, right?" When she licked at his hands in response, the Italian chuckled walking over to the sink. "Such a happy little girl. That's it! You can be just like me, my little Felicity!"

Romano rolled his eyes, sparing his brother a final glance before scooping his cat up into his own arms. "Just get her cleaned up, Feli. I'm going for my siesta."

Smiling, Feliciano looked down at Felicity. He ran his long, slender artist fingers through her fur before lowering the pup down into the warm water. "Tomorrow I'll take you to go see Ludwig. He's really good with doggies, you'll like him~ He'll make sure we get you all set up right, ve…"

Looking up from the water, Felicity weakly waver her nub of a tail beneath the suds. Loud one or not, the cat had been right about the human being a kind hearted one.

Author's Note:

I got really hooked on Disney movies during finals for college, and well...lets just say Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmatians got stuck on repeat Dx This story was spawned in turn from that. I'll post a few chapters, still writing more. Tell me what you think people and I'll keep updating! Yay Disney cross-overs!

I don't own anything Hetalia or anything from 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp