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Chapter 1

Another Dawn

Percy Jackson

I hate gathering firewood. It's probably the most boring task that exists. Last I checked, my dad's powers revolved around putting fires out- not starting them.

My dad, for those of you who are... normal people, is known by many names. Barnacle Beard (he's not too pleased with that one), the King of the Horses (I think he still takes pride in that), Aqua-Man (from time to time, he gets that one, and I'll vouch for him that it's his least favorite) and even the Earthshaker (definitely his favorite).

To me, he's dad. Or, aloud, 'father'. To the rest of the world, he's Poseidon- God of the Seas. One of the Big Three on Olympus.

And I am his son, Percy Jackson. His illegal son.

The Big Three, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, were all banned from having children back at the end of World War II. I want to blame the Gods and Goddesses for that choice, but part of me admits that we- the children of the Big Three- are a bit too strong. Okay; we're unbelievably strong considering our naturally inherited abilities.

Our abilities were diverse, yeah, but we still had some pretty amazing gifts. I know I, for one, can manipulate water, heal myself of minor injuries and some poisons when submerged in water, along with teleport short distances in water. I also have an uncanny sense of direction when on a boat, and can completely control it with my mind. I can create mini-hurricanes during fights, and even bring about earthquakes.

Oh... and I can talk to horses. Not as useful, but it can be useful... and annoying.

And as I said, anything fire-related is slightly out of my skill-set. So that leaves me to gather sticks and kindle... by hand. And then light it. By hand. Not really my definition of fun on a Sunday night in the outskirts of Los Angeles. But hey; at least I've got some company and entertainment.

"Wow; welcome back Kelp Head. I'm shocked you managed to remember what a stick is."

Take that back; just my entertainment. Screw company.

I rolled my eyes as I walked over to the small hole dug out in the sandy-dirt. Without care, I opened my arms and let the sticks and kindle tumble from my hands. For the most part, they fell into the pit- but a few sparse sticks landed on my feet and I kicked them toward my 'friend' in retaliation for her comment. Yep; it's a her.

"Hey!" She yelped, knocking the flying debris away with her wrist. "Cut it out fish-face!"

I grinned. "I don't see what I can cut."

She frowned and scowled over at me. "Smart-ass." She said as she brushed the remaining sticks into the pit. Then, without warning me (not like she would have) she snapped her fingers next to the sticks and a few stray sparks flew from her fingers.

Static electricity.

How could I have forgotten that?

"There," She said happily. "Fire's going and I found us some food."

Reaching into her small black fanny-pack, she removed a bag of unnamed chips. Some small brand company, I think. It didn't matter to me- I greedily tore the bag open and poured some onto my hand. I tossed them into my mouth and savored the salty, bland taste of the "Original" 'flavor'. Even though I enjoyed cheese or anything more than original, I sighed jovially as I felt my stomach quell with food.

"Thanks, Thalia," I mumbled between bites. She gave me small smile that looked more like a smirk.

"Hey; I never fail." And that was that. I chuckled a bit, but went back to eating and we ate in silence. The only noise came from cars over in the streets a few blocks away, and the crackle of the fire. I can't say it wasn't enjoyable- not that I minded Thalia talking, but sometimes, silence really is golden. Especially since it meant we were safe- or about to be ambushed. Usually safe, though.

You're probably wondering the story between Thalia and I. Well, that story is for another day.

I began to gaze into the red-orange fire, watching the small embers fly from the flames and drift to their destiny of being extinguished. I wondered if Thalia and I represented those embers; separated from the fires of society, only doomed to be extinguished once we hit the ground. Would there even be a cause for our running?

"Hey Perce," Thalia said, breaking the silence. I broke my stare with the fire and looked over at Thalia. Her dark black hair, growing long without being cared for, fell in front of her electric blue-eyes. She didn't bother to brush it away, however. Instead, she gazed into her lap as she sat, hunched over. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she did, she seemed to consider something and close her mouth.

I could almost see the question shining in her eyes, but there was something that blocked it from coming out. I was in-between asking her what her question was, and letting it slide- after all, it was Thalia. I had learned the painful way to not pressure her into anything.

Finally, just before I decided to ask her, she spoke. "What do you want to do in Los Angeles?"

I frowned. Thalia refused to look at me, instead keeping her gaze on her legs. I knew that wasn't her question, but I also knew whatever it really was, was lost with her.

"I guess I wanna hit up some local sights. I mean, we are in the City of Angels. There's gotta be some sort of cool things to see." I paused a moment. "And maybe we can find a good restaurant to hit."

I couldn't miss the longing smile that flickered on Thalia's face as I mentioned food. Both of us were saps for a good meal- and for two wanted offspring, food was almost impossible to get. We couldn't even scrounge up enough money to get a soda from a machine on most days. Still though, the prospect was enough to invigorate our cause.

"That doesn't sound too bad," Thalia said teasingly. I chuckled softly. I knew that we usually disagreed on what to do- this was one of the few times we had a similar idea. "I guess we can do what you want- this time."

"That's nice of you!" I said sarcastically, but jokingly. Thalia, being the cool, snark-y chick that she was, decided she could play along.

She gave me the same smile I had given her- fake and too large- before speaking. "I know; so don't get used to it!"

I rolled my eyes and laid back. The location we'd picked was, admittedly, awful. It was sandy, even with grass and dirt topping the sand. I wasn't sure if we were in Los Angeles or on the beach... but since I'd picked, I knew I couldn't complain or Thalia would never let me live down this decision. Plus, I'd never get to pick again.

Still though, being a son of the seas did have its perks as I tried to imagine myself laying on a sandy beach- or near one. It didn't really work, but I felt the slight tingle of relaxation course through my body and relax my muscles. My eyelids grew slightly heavier and suddenly, the world seemed less in-tune with me.

Thalia, obviously, had the same idea I did, because as I began to yawn, I heard her voice ask me a question that the real Thalia wouldn't ask.

"Perce?" I frowned; that wasn't her tough, confident voice she had with me. That was her drowsy, sleepy Thalia voice.

And part of me hated that voice. It was her moment of weakness- that moment that I had to make a big choice each time... even if she never remembered that choice consciously. It was like a second-Thalia, and only sleepy-Thalia could remember what I said to her in these instances.

"Are we going to be okay? Will..." She paused to yawn. "Will we find a safe spot?"

I was silent for a minute, contemplating my choices. I glanced over quickly, fighting off the fatigue and catching a glance of Thalia's closed eyes. Despite that, I knew she was still 'awake' and semi-coherent- and also awaiting my answer.

I struggled internally for a second, but finally answered. "Yeah; we'll be fine. We just gotta... keep movin', that's all. We'll find someplace. I know it."

"Good..." She mumbled, before I heard her softly begin to snore. I almost smiled at how innocent she became, but my mind that was once clouded with fatigue was now fully-awake and thinking. And regretting- it was doing a lot of regretting.

Thalia was the only person I could trust. Not even my dad, or her dad, could be trusted, because as far as we knew, that hadn't done a thing to help us thus far. We were on our own and surviving with one another. There was no one else. So when she asked me those sorts of questions, I always struggled on the truth versus reality.

Were we really going to be okay? Were we going to find a safe place? I- no, check that. We both held our heads high and our innocent walls up in regards to our chances. We both, deep-down, knew that there was nowhere safe we could hide. There was nowhere we could go to escape our heritage. We were doomed from the minute we were born.

But that didn't mean we couldn't try. So, we set out with the goal of finding a place that only we could get to- and only we could dwell upon. We'd be safe from other hostile demigods, and any sort of monsters. To say all would be pressing our luck beyond impossible, but for now, it was only extremely improbable. Not yet impossible.

Still though; each day we didn't seem to be getting any closer to finding a safe-haven. Even more so, we were scrounging on nothing and our bodies weren't immortal like the gods were. We had limits- and sooner or later, one of us would break down. Thalia had the benefit of the doubt- she'd done far more traveling than I had, and had done a cross-country trek before with her first team.

But I had the stronger body- not to brag. We both knew I was more durable and able to take much more abuse than she could- it was just her slightly more delicate frame due to her size. If one of us had to get hurt, I'd rather it be me, since I'd walk it off slightly better. Especially since I could later heal it with water.

In the end, we'd likely break down at the same time, if not extremely close. That dreaded day seemed to be looming...

I almost whispered 'sorry' to the sleeping daughter of Zeus; I had basically lied. And we trusted each other with our lives... I shouldn't be the one lying like that. But what would truth bring? So far, it had brought us nothing but trouble. In fact; it was because of truth that we got trusted into such deep trouble and into our bleak situation.

Lying wasn't ideal; but the truth was even worse.

I sighed; no day was ever easy, it seemed.

Before I could close my eyes again; I took notice of our conscious and unconscious states, before swearing under my breath.

"Guess I'll take first watch..."