New sailor scout

A/N: Hey people I know you're wondering 'if she's brain dead why is she writing more' and 'why is she making a sailor moon story is she a little kid' well the first one is because I CAN and to the second is no and because I watched it when I was little and always wondered where sailor/princess earth is because it can't be Mamoru(Darin/tuxedo mask) yeah I saw a picture of that and *Shivers* it was not good so I made a character for her which is Misaki which means "Beauty Bloom" perfect for sailor earth so chapter one is when their sent everyone to earth and her transformation here's all their name I only use Japanese and sailor so here's all the character names that I'll use:

English/ Japanese/ Transformation

Main Girls:

Serena/ Usagi/ Sailor Moon
Amy/ Ami/ Sailor Mercury
Raye/ Rei/ Sailor Mars
Lita/ Makoto/ Sailor Jupiter
Mina/ Minako/ Sailor Venous
Rini/ Chibiusa/ Sailor Chibi-Moon
Trista/ Setsuna/ Sailor Pluto
Amara/ Haruka/ Sailor Uranus
Michelle/ Michiru/ Sailor Neptune
Hotaru (Only has one name)/ Sailor Saturn
Anthia/ Misaki/ Sailor Earth

Main Boys:

Darrien/ Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask
Jason/ Kyo (You'll learn who he is)
Max/ Hibiki (Adoptive Little Brother)

Ok well I don't own the series only my OC's

Chapter 1

Moon Kingdom silver Millennium

Princess Earth Aka Princess Misaki POV

'it's so boring here at the Moon kingdom I'm Just hanging with the other princesses other than the Moon princess she's dancing with my older brother confessing their love for each other' I slightly giggled at my thought

"Hey Earth you ok why you giggling?" Mars asked me

"Yeah I'm fine." I told her and the others

"You're lying your earth sign is glowing it glows when you lie." Venous pointed to my forehead 'they can read me too fast.'

"Fine-" I started but got cut off by screaming and that's the last thing I remember before I blacked out

Earth present day in the airport

"Athena get over here!" My little brother Max I mean Hibiki said I walked over and slapped him "Ouch! What was that for!" he yelled at me

"My name is Misaki in Japan you Baka." I told him my little brother has black hair and brown eyes and is only my adoptive little brother when I was younger my real family was in a car accident and I lost my parents and me and my real older brother were separated now were back in Japan after being moved to America with my adoptive parents

"Don't start fighting you two." Our mother scolded

"Yes Mom." We replied

"Hey this is the town of the famous Sailor scouts maybe we'll meet them." Hibiki said it's so confusing to keep up with the name changes then again having secret agent parents your name gets changed when you move to keep your identity safe

"Yeah and you won't look up their skirts like you did to those girls in America." I said smirking he and some girls tripped last year and he saw up their skirts

"Hey that was an accident." He replied

"Whatever you say you little pervert." I said and stuck my tongue out

"Hey don't make me ground you two for fighting in a foreign county." Our dad scolded this time

"But I was born here so this is my home country." I said

"We know well let's go." My mom said

In the car on the way to their house

I looked in the mirror of the car and saw my long brown hair to my waist and green eyes but I saw this little sign on my head that was a circle and a plus in side then I looked straight in the mirror and it disappeared

"Oh what's with that face Misaki?" My mother asked

"Huh? Oh it's nothing." I said snapping out of my daze

"Ok well who wants Ice cream before we get to the house."

"ME!" Hibiki and I shouted we were all quiet until we got there

"I'll get the ice cream mom." I said and grabbed the money

"You know what we want right?" Dad asked

"Hibiki wants a vanilla 2 scoop mom wants a rocky road 1 scoop and you want mint and chip 3 scoop." I told him

"correct." He said and I went in the store but there was a hold-up as soon as I walked in some weird creature with a gun grabbed me good thing my parents can't see this

"Give me the money or I blow her brains out." It said and I felt the sign on my head and it glowed I know because I saw little lights of brown to light green in my eye

"Let her go evil creature." A girl with two long blond pig tails and meatball shaped buns on her head and was in a school like uniform and a tiara on her head with angel wings

"Sailor Moon how nice of you to show up." The thing said

"Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask look at her forehead that's the sign of earth." A another girl with short black hair in a blue and white uniform said to the first girl and a guy in a tuxedo and has a mask on that has black hair.

"Maybe she's your little sister from the past." Sailor Moon said looking at tuxedo mask

"There's a chance but I feel like I've seen her before." He said ok do they not see this thing with a gun at my head

"Uh hello do you not see a gun pointed at my head and this thing behind me holding said gun!" I yelled at them

"Oh right sorry sweetie." Sailor Moon said and I snapped I don't like people calling me anything but my name

"I TELL YOU THIS DON'T CALL ME ANYTHING BUT MY NAME WHICH IS NOT SWEETIE!" I yelled and I think I scared the crap out of the thing because it was on the ground dyeing

"Hey umm… sorry but we don't know your name so what is it?" One girl with blond hair to her waist and an orange uniform hey I know this girl it's Sailor V

"Fine it's Misaki." I said and now my parents will want their ice cream "Uh can I order ice cream now."

"Oh sure Misaki sorry about you getting caught in this fight." A girl with brown hair and dark green eyes in a green version of the uniform

"Yeah it's fine." I said "I'm used to it."

"Wait how are you used to it?" the last girl with black hair red uniform and brown eyes

"That my business." I said and left after I paid

"Hey what took you so long?" Hibiki asked taking his ice cream

"You don't need to know trust me." I told him and handed my mom and dad their ice cream and we left for the house

In the house

"Misaki and Hibiki you start school tomorrow so here's your uniforms." Our parents said and handed me a white top with a red bow and the part that goes behind and a blue skirt to my knees Hibiki got a white shirt with a blue tie and black pants

"Why does it have to be a skirt not like I hate them but come on." I said

"At least you won't look like a suit." Hibiki said (for those who don't know a suit is a guy who wears suits all the time and is like a snitch if you know anyone like that I'm sorry but I mean no offense to them or anyone like that)

"Yeah I don't see it." I said

"Why does every conversation you two have always lead to fights?" Our Mother asked

"Many reasons." We said

"Ok well Hibiki is going to Juuban elementary and you're going to Juuban Municipal junior high." (Hibiki is 10 Misaki is 14 like the scouts were now their 15 but she's same grade because she skipped a year and Mamoru is 17)

"Ok." We replied and we went up stairs to get some sleep and all our stuff is un-packed and in our rooms mine is brown and green I don't know why but I like those colors because they remind me of earth

"I think I should look up that sign that was on my head." I said to myself and logged on my laptop and saw messages from my friends on it

From: Kimberly

To: Anthia

Re: Hey

Hey, Anthia oh sorry I mean Misaki how you doing? Were all good back here how's it feel to be back in junior high after just starting high school here Lol sorry but it's true anyway Melissa and David broke-up and she's dating Marvin and Isabel went CRAZY SHE'S DATING RIVER!

Love, Kimberly

P.S. How do I fix this?

From: Misaki

To: Kimberly

Re: Hey

Hey, Kim I'm doing fine how about you? And horrible I have to wear I skirt still and no way I thought Melissa was going to stay with him and ISABEL IS WHAT! Why does all the good stuff happen when I leave damn you fate Lol and I don't know anyways we have to face time because I need to tell you something! Oh and I don't know how to fix it tell Melissa and Isabel to message me.

Love, Misaki


Then I went online and looked up the sign and couldn't find it then I remembered that it looked like the sign for earth I looked that up and sure enough it was there

Next day

I got up around six and got dressed and made my breast feast I just want to get out of here before anyone wakes up after I was done eating and changing it was 6:30 I have an hour until I have to leave for school I guess I can explore the town I grabbed my phone and book bag and left but first I put a note on the counter for them or they'll have my head for leaving without telling

"So what should I do with an hour to kill because I'm not just going to walk around." I said to my self

"Um… excuse me are you Misaki." Someone asked I turned around and only saw a black cat with a lunar sign on its head

"Ok that weird I thought someone called my name." then I turned back around

"Hey Misaki down here." This time I saw the cat talk

"Ok now I must be going crazy because cats can't talk." I said

"On the contrary me and Artemis can." The cat said

"Ok now I know I'm going crazy." I said

"No you're not you're a Sailor Scout named Sailor Earth." The cat said

"Ok if I am this supposed Sailor Earth then prove it." I said oh great now I'm having a conversation with this cat she did a flip and this little wand with the same sign that's on my head on the top

"Now come with me really quick." She said and went to an ally "Now say 'Earth crystal power make-up'" The cat said

"Whatever Earth crystal power make-up." I shouted then a green brown light appeared and covered me and I got the same uniform as those girls from yesterday but all the parts on the uniform but the skirt, boots and the back thing that falls on my back all are brown that changes to green "Are you serious another skirt!" I shouted

"I was right you are sailor earth oh by the way I'm Luna." Luna said

"Ok now how do I change back? Because I have school." I said to Luna and she tells me I change back and head to school

In class

"Ok students today we have two new students please come in you two." The teacher told me and a boy with brown hair and eyes "Young lady will you please introduce yourself write your name on the board and give three things about yourself."

"Ok I'm Misaki Kashiwa I'm 14 and skipped a grade and I was born here but moved all around." I said and wrote my name on the board

"Ok young man your turn." She said to the boy

"Fine I'm Kyo Sakuragi I'm 16 unlike her I failed a grade and I was born in America but my parents are from Japan and we just moved back here." He said and put his name on the board next to mine

"Ok any questions?" the teacher asked them and one girl raised her hand "Yes Hono." She said to the girl

"Yeah to Misaki were you the girl there at the ice cream shop that was almost killed by that thing then yelled at the sailor scouts?" Hono asked me

"That doesn't concern you so I don't have to answer." I said

"Ok anyone else?" the teacher asked then a girl that looks kind of familiar raised her hand "Yes Usagi." She said to the girl

"Yes to Kyo why did you move here?" Usagi asked

"Because my parents said I need to learn about my heritage." Kyo said Liar I can see it on his face

"Ok Misaki you sit next to Usagi and Rei and Kyo next to Hono and Haruka." Our teacher said I went next to the meatball head and a girl in a gray and black uniform now I wonder what that Kyo guy is hiding

"Hi Misaki I'm Usagi." She said

"Uh hi." I said now I know who she is that's Sailor Moon I wonder if I should tell her who I am "Uh… Usagi my I talk to you after school in private."

"Uh sure but why?" She asked

"Uh I'll tell you after school." I said

"Ok." She said

"Ok class today is music and since we're learning about witches we will learn the song Witch Hunt." The teacher said (the song belongs to vocaloid Witch Hunt by Luka and the English is by JubyPhonic) hey I know this song we did it at my school in Salem Massachusetts "Ok who in the class already knows the music?" she asked I raised my hand and so did Kyo and Hono now I think I should hate the guy and the girl "ok Kyo will sing the male lead Misaki female lead Hono 2nd and 3rd female lead." Then this kid with weird looking glasses raised his hand I believe his name is Gurio (Melvin) "And Gurio Second male lead."

Witch Hunt by Luka ft. Miku, Rin, Len, and Gakupo

Hono: Come now, gather around - Behold such a saddening tale

Come now, leave not behind your handkerchief - It may keep you well

Gurio: One time long long ago, there lived a young witch in the land

Ah yes, she came to love a young prince, so the story goes

Misaki and Kyo: "No need for a magic to stop time, no spell can achieve what I feel"

"Love bounding through every hour joy lights a new day "

Misaki: "Tied me tight to a cross, I look longing at the sky"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Misaki:"If I pray, who will hear? I am drowning in their cheers"

All:"Devotion turned to dusty tombs"

Misaki:"If my love was just a curse then I have only tears to shed"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Misaki:"Let it light, let it burn out bright and with it all your spite"

All:"Feel now the weight of death and soon..."

Hono: Come now, open your eyes look up to flames in the sky

Come now, do not forget those embers are the final judge

Gurio: One time long long ago, there lived a young witch in the land

Ah yes, she came to trick a young prince, so the story goes

Kyo and Hono:"She kept all the magic out of sight, how else to achieve what you feel?"

"Love burning the final hour. She'll light a new day"

Hono:"Hear the witch crying louder, as she's tied up to her eyes"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Hono:"Right before shouting curses that may take away your life"

All:"Virtue you couldn't keep turned to vice"

Kyo:"If that love was just a curse, then I have only tears to shed"

All:"We will do what we must! Let it all turn to dust!"

Kyo and Hono:"Let it light, let it burn out bright we only do what's right"

All:"No hand to help her find her way"

Kyo and Misaki: "Can't believe all the fools I see! You fed them dirty lies!"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Kyo and Misaki:"Searing flames rising higher as the sun begins to die"

All:"Feel now the weight of death and soon..."

Kyo and Misaki: "No need for a magic to stop time, no spell can achieve what we feel"

"Love bounding through every hour joy lights a new day "

Misaki: "Tied me tight to a cross, I look longing at the sky"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Misaki:"If I pray, who will hear? I am drowning in their cheers"

All:"Devotion turned to dusty tombs"

Misaki:"If my love was just a curse then I have only tears to shed"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Misaki:"Let it light, let it burn out bright and choke on all your spite!"

All:"No god can help her find her way!"

Misaki:"Like a flame burning bloody red and tearing into sky"

All:"Penitence for your crime! Penitence and your life!"

Misaki:"Take these tears, tell their story and please don't forget to cry"

All:"Feel now the weight of death and lies"

The whole class was stunned we all walked back to our seats

"Wow that was awesome you really sounded like a witch about to be burned at the stake." Usagi whispered to me

"But the story of it is that a girl who is supposedly a witch falls in love with a prince and a girl who is a pretest is jealous because she likes him to and tells everyone she's a witch when she's about to burn her wings come out and their black because of the lies the pretest is jealous and everyone believed her so her purity was taken away when it happened so her wings were black and the prince relised his mistake and was sad he said the love of his life was a witch and lost her forever it's like Romeo and Juliet in a way." I said and Usagi looked confused oh well I wonder if I'm right and she's Sailor Moon

After school

"So what is it Misaki?" Usagi asked

"Umm… by any chance is your cat named Luna?" I asked it's best to try and ask other questions that can tell me if I should tell or not

"Yeah why?" Usagi asked

"Is she black and has a crescent moon on her forehead?" I asked

"Yeah how do you know this?" Usagi asked

"Well she came to me this morning Sailor Moon." I whispered the last part

"Wait how do you know that I'm sailor moon." She whispered

"Because I'm-." I got cut off by my parents honking the horn from the car "I'll tell you later." I said and run to my parents car

"Oh looks like Misaki has a friend." Hibiki teased

"She's not a friend." I retorted

"Then why were you talking to her?" he asked

"Because I need to know how to get around town." I said then I put my headphones in so I could ignore him

Back at the house

As soon as we got home I ran up stairs and logged on face time requests from Kimberly, Melissa, Isabel, and the boys I accepted the girls only and the username the boys means that all the boys are together "Hey girls!." I said to my three brunette friends Kimberly has short wavy hair with brown eyes Melissa has long brown hair with some green and yellow highlights and brown eyes Isabel has brown hair that's straight and slightly past her shoulders and also has brown eyes only difference is we're a year apart in grade and age Melissa is 12 and is in 7th Isabel is 13 and in 8th and we called each other sis sometimes then Kimberly is 15 and in 10th while I'm 14 and in 9th grade

"Hey Anthia!" they said their the only ones who can call me that anymore

"Should I invite the boys to our chat?" I asked

"Sure." They answered

"Ok." I said and invited the boys David has black hair and brown eyes and is 13 in the 8th grade River has brown hair and eyes and is 14 in 9th grade Marvin has brown hair and eyes also and is 14 in the 8th grade and Joshua or Josh is 12 in the 8th grade and is River's half brother "Hi boys." I said to them in a board tone

"Hey Misaki!" they said happy to see me

"Ok so someone who wants to explain why Melissa is dating Marvin and Isabel is dating River." I said looking all of them in the eye

"Ummm…. Well you see when you um… left it just happened." They all said

"Your baka's you know that." I told them "Anyways I meet the sailor scouts." I said

"NO WAY HOW WHEN WHERE WHY?!" they all shouted and I had to cover my ears

"How? I was being held as a hostage. When? Yesterday. Where? Ice cream shop. Also you're missing who." I said

"So cool!" they said

"Anyways what did you need to tell me?" Kimberly asked

"Not in front of them it's only between the girls." I said

"You heard her boys log off and stay off." Isabel said

"Whatever." They said and logged off

"Ok hold on a second." I said and went out my door and looked down stairs to see dad and Hibiki wrestling and my mom cooking dinner and then I went back in my room "Ok." I said and I felt my head glow

"No way you got a tattoo that glows." Isabel said

"Uh if I had a tattoo the boys would have seen it." I told her

"So what is it then?" Melissa asked

"Well you see I'maSailorScout." I said the last part really fast and covered my ears

"NO WAY!" They yelled really loud

"Ok but you can't tell anyone especially the boys I'll tell them on my own if something makes me have to tell them." I said

"Ok so what's your Sailor name?" Kimberly asked

"Sailor Earth." I replied

"Hang on didn't they say that all the Sailor Scouts are the past princesses of the planets?" Melissa asked

"I don't know I'll tell you when and if I find out." I said then I heard the doorbell ring "Well got to go PRG Forever." I said PRG is our band name it stands for Pretty Rhythm Girl

"PRG forever." They said and the screen went black

"Misaki it's for you it's the girl you were with earlier!" My mom shouted

"Ok coming!" I yelled and ran down stairs "Hey Usagi why are you here?" I asked

"Hey Misaki I thought I would show you around today if that ok with your mom I mean." She said

"Oh why it's fine." My mom said Smiling

"Uh ok let's go." I said and left

"So what did you want to tell me?" She asked

"First how do you know where I live?" I asked

"Oh I asked told me when I said I was going to give you a tour." She said Note to self get

"Oh ok and well…" I pulled out my transformation wand

"Wow your one of us?" She asked

"Yeah your cat Luna came and told me." I said

"Well you have to meet the others." She said and dragged me somewhere

Well that's it for now over 4,000 words now this is my longest chapter for any story so far well got to go tell me if you liked it bye bye and this is not a song fic I'm just obsessed with that song see you soon