Kakashi glared at his blonde sensei. The man was smiling sheepishly and slowly backing away. Even his teamates, both several years older than himself, backed away slowly. Furius grey eyes were locked on the blood would-be Hokage.

"I do not have a brother, father would have told me."

Minato flinched before sighing. "You were never supposed to know about the baby. The other two parents, the woman who birthed the boy and the father who used the ritual with your father because the man was infertile, were supposed to raise the kid. Something happened and now neither of the parents are capable of raising the kid. You are the closest blood-relative and they're sending him here because the Sandaime has agreed that the boy should be raised in the village."

Kakashi remained tensely silent for several long minutes before nodding tightly and stalking to the door, he paused in the threshold.

"Let me know when he gets here."

Four year old Loki Lestrange stared up at the blonde male who was holding him in his arms as he walked along the path in some forest with an entirely to intelligent for his age expression. The boy was watching him like he was dissecting him with his eyes. The boys head tilted to the side slowly before he spoke the first words he'd said since Minato had picked him up in the Ministry of Magic's War Orphan Division. His words shocked Minato to the core.

"Are you gonna hurt me, sir?"

Minato's head jerked at the words, whipping around to stare at the boy.

"Why would I do that?"

The child remained silent, obviously waiting for an answer. Minato slowly shook his head no before answering, a little concerned with how seriously the child had phrased the question.

"No, I'm not. Did someone else hurt you?"

The boy watched him for several minutes before apparently deciding he was trustworthy before nodding and answering.

"Yes. The Auror who came and got me from the manor used the Cruciatus Curse on me. He said it was what my parents used on the Longbottom's and that I should have a 'reminder' of just how worthless I was."
Minato would have thought the child was exaggerating, but he could feel the slight tremors in the boys body that proved it. Minato had seen just what that particular curse could do, and it left no outside evidence of its use but for the self-inflicted scratches an unbound victim inflicted on themselves. He could see signs of healing scratches similar to those on the boys arms and face. He had to breathe deeply several times to convince himself that killing the Auror who had done it was counterproductive.

"It won't happen again. That man will not touch you again."

The boy, Loki, studied him again for several minutes in that unnerving way that Minato was absolutely certain only Hatake's and Hyuuga were capable of before finally, finally, relaxing into his grasp and laying his head on Minato's shoulder. Within minutes the boy was fast asleep.

Kakashi entered the patient wing of the hospital in time to see Minato being led by a Medic-nin into an unnoccupied room. In his arms was a small child, not much younger than Kakashi, but a good deal shorter. The shock of white-silver hair was all the confirmation Kakashi needed to know the boy was his half-brother. Minato looked out the door and motioned Kakashi to come into the room. With an internal scowl kakashi complied. He stepped into the room to see the Medic-nin running glowing green hands over the boy while talking inanely to try and distract the young child. The boy was obviously not having any of it and was watching her hands like they were snakes readying to bite his unprotected flesh. The Medic suddenly made a strangled gasping sound before rounding on Minato.

"Minato-sama! This boy has obviously been through some kind of nervous system related torture, what were you thinking!"

Minato jerked back several steps, holding up his hands in an attempt to ward off the angry Medic.

"That's why I brought him here!"

"Brought him?! I'd be surprised if the boy could walk at this point. How he's sitting there without screaming I have no clue!"

"That's why I carried him here!"

The Medic growled at the cowering blonde before turning back to the small patient.

"Now, dear, why don't you tell me what hurts the worst and I'll do my best to make you feel better."

"I'm fine, ma'am. I don't need any help."

The small boy slid off the bed to stand on his own feet and moved to stand next to Minato. Minato sighed.

"It's alright Loki-kun, she's just trying to help. Let her give you something for the pain at least."

Loki stared up at Minato for a minute or so before nodding and turning to the Medic-nin.

"The worst of it is at ankles, wrists, and lower back."

The woman nodded before picking up a syringe. At the sight of it the boy immediately jerked backwards and towards the door. At the sight of Kakashi he froze. Both locked gazes and a stare down insued. After several tense minutes Loki dropped his gaze slightly, head tilting slightly to the side to bare the edge of his throat. Immediately the edge of tension between the two lessened by a degree. Kakashi pointed to the bed and Loki obediently walked over to it and climbed back up. He sat stock still as the Medic administered small doses of pain killers at the areas the boy had mentioned. When she finished Loki turned to look at Kakashi. At a nod from the older boy Loki gave a disgruntled sigh and curled up on the bed. Kakashi moved to a chair next to the bed and sat down in it. Minato and the Medic had a silent conversation before Minato simply shrugged and the woman left.

"Kakashi, would you mind staying with Loki for a bit? I need to talk with the Hokage."

Kakashi nodded in Minato's direction, attention locked on the smaller boy staring back at him. Minato rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath as he exited the hospital room.

"Hatake's, never will understand them."

Loki woke the next morning around four, he glanced towards the window with a frown before looking back at the chair the other boy had been in to find the boy opening his eyes.

"Go back to sleep."


The boy seemed to frown.

"Why not?"

"Not tired anymore." Loki shrugged. He made sure to keep his gaze just to the left of the boy's actual eyes, not making eye contact. If the boy noticed this he said nothing about it. The boy got up and walked over to the bed before climbing in and moving Loki over so that he was behind him with his arm wrapped around the smaller boy's waist.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake, you, are my little brother."

Loki looked back at Kakashi before answering in a quiet voice.

"Minato-sama explained it to me. My name is Loki Lestrange, Minato-sama says my name is Loki Hatake now though."

"It is."

Loki was quiet for several minutes, thinking and adjusting to having someone so close to him. Positive human contact had been sparse the last couple years with his father, Rudolhus Lestrange, being busy doing work for the Dark Lord, and his mother, Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black slowly going insane. Finally he voiced his thoughts.

"You don't like me do you?"

Kakashi was quiet for a while before he answered.

"I don't know you."

Loki nodded, he could understand that.

"If I sing you a lullaby, would you go to sleep?"

Loki was surprised at the offer and thought it over. Slowly, he nodded.

"I'd like that."

Kakashi was quiet for a little bit before he began to sing in a voice Loki hadn't expected to come from the stoic male. It was beautiful.





















Slowly, Loki drifted off to sleep.