The beast could not believe it as its life flowed from the wound. It was the immortal Lavos, how could it die to a boy. He had plans, he was to destroy this world and his young would populate the stars. But now he could only die to a child. It's vision began to fade, death would come soon. Even if he could heal now, he was much to weak, and the planet not yet strong enough to heal him. However fate would not yet give up on the devourer and a screech ripped open the vales of time.

How could he lose, He was Buu. His power was the greatest in the universe and yet he was trapped in a world of no food and no one to fight, other than two little children. "NOOOOOOOOOOO" his screams of rage filled the world and stretched the boundaries of space and time. Fate decided today it would not be space that ripped, but time. A time before piccolo and the god of earth, A time when magic ruled.

Lavos spied the world in front of him. Another world, one filled with time energy. He could hide there until he recharged. Lucca spied the monster attempt to run. "No you don't monster" she screamed as she took aim at the monster, however it was for naught as the portal closed behind the creature from the starts.

Buu spied a the creature leap through the portal toward the pink warrior. "Buu don't know who you are, but you seem strong. Buu make you candy" he laughed as the beam began to leave the antenna of the creature. Lavos laughed as he used his remaining powers to turn time back on itself and having buu's beam hit the pink monster himself. Lavos inched his way forward to the buu candy and devoured it. His powers were instantly recharged, and than some. The temporal energies of the Room of time and space plunged Lavos back to the beginning of this histories most important period. Lavos returned to the time Kakkoroto landed on earth. History was his once again.