Visitor chapter 45

Hello everyone.. well, quick update compared to how long I usually take.. :P I tied to fit the three scenes in here that I promised, I really did... but I was wirting the first and it got longer and longer until it had 7000 words so I decided to call it quits for now. Dragons and Goblins in next chapter, pinky promise! Also Charlie/Xaphia because it's the most loved side pairing...

I do not own the dwarven language, which consists of a combination of two dictionaries I found online, and welsh for all words that were not covered in there. For a translation of everything written in Dwarfish, scroll down to the end of the chapter.
Also, I chose the plural word Dwarfs rather than Dwarven, as it's what Rowling also used, and which is a word that has been popular since old times until Tolkien used Dwarven and other writers took that words over.


It was amazing, absolutely amazing, and despite Marvolo describing the Dwarven palace to him, Harry had never expected it to look like this. He should have known… While Goblins liked to hoard gold, Dwarfs preferred to spend it or turn it into beautiful items, the wide spaces filled with beauty and lit by an intricate network of mirrors to have the sunlight reach down here. It was so strange, to know such a thing existed beneath the plain moorlands in the south-west of England, and Harry wondered why it had never been discovered, or was talked about even amongst wizards.

Dwarfs bustled through the halls, loud and cheerful, women and men wearing a mismatch of armour and plain cloth –although their gender was a bit hard for Harry to distinguish as they both had facial hair.- A very peculiar thing was that many of them wore animal masks, usually of hares or goats. He'd seen Dwarfs before, when Lockhart had made them sing valentine songs and dressed them up as angels, but those had looked nothing like the cheerful bunch he saw now. He sent the image to Marvolo, whose mouth curled in amusement.

The other clan, the mountain Dwarfs of Scotland. Perhaps you could mention the other clan in that context, although it wouldn't do any good if they got wind of that.

Probably better not then.

Marvolo hummed and picked up his pace a bit while Harry was still looking around at everything there was to see. They had arrived at some sort of market, where most of the food being sold seemed to be meat, mushrooms and several kinds of roots and tuber vegetables. Harry knew he should not keep comparing them to Goblins in his mind, for they would be seriously offended if he did let that slip, but he could not help himself. This society was so very different and yet similar at the same time.

The architecture was alike, the sense of a collectivistic society penetrated every part of the palace, and their love for the underground and precious metals and gems was also part of both cultures. Harry decided he distinctively liked dwarfs more though, at first glance. They did not have such a haughty air around them, possibly because they had never really been at war with wizards, keeping to themselves and having plenty of wars between the two kingdoms already. He also vaguely remembered something about Dwarfs fighting Goblins but he wasn't too sure about that one. It could have been something he'd dreamt about when nodding off in History of Magic to the droning of Binn's voice, his dreams often starring the subject the ghost was speaking of, but in a completely different context.

The halls made way for long, wide tunnels that went deeper into the ground, the mirrors no longer used here, perhaps because of the angle, torches instead lighting up the earthen walls, a pattern of thin golden lines covering them as if the sun hit a cobweb. After what seemed like ages for Harry, the tunnel ended at the start of a long bridge, two sturdy dwarfs with axes as large as themselves guarding it.

"Za Voldemort… Ta shiu cheet." The left Dwarf spoke, more emotionless than Harry had seen any other Dwarf till now.

"Ta shiu cheet, Ut anad ard-reiltagh cheet." Marvolo answered fluently, something for which Harry admired him greatly. Was there really anything this man couldn't do? He tried to pick up the meaning through the link, but Marvolo could not speak and translate for Harry at the same time, so all he could receive were the emotions he was feeling, which currently wasn't much.

"Cre hon?" one of the Dwarfs answered, narrowing his eyes and gripping the axe a bit tighter, the tip suddenly threateningly leaning forwards, though minimally enough to not be considered an outright threat.

"Tìodhlac an tìodhles. Kazak y conees an goit lesh bwooise"


"Frorl. Gorak Frorl."

The Dwarf looked excited at the answer, and then his eyes fell on harry. "Brogach yw sy'n?"

"Fi ban-chéile" Marvolo answered, his voice suddenly growing icy. The Dwarf's eyes widened and he suddenly lost all warmth too, a hostile look in his eyes. Stiffly, he stepped back and made a jerky gesture. The other dwarf did the same, throwing a disgusted look at the both of them before muttering 'Awane.'

"Mynd i mewn agus gadael." The first Dwarf said, a wave of fury hitting Harry through the link at the words.

"What's the matter?" Harry whispered when they were past the Dwarfs, Marvolo nearly dragging Harry along.

"I forgot… I never needed to mention it here before so I forgot how exactly they see homosexuality until the moment they asked about you. They're worse than most Muggles. I should not have brought you here… Well, the King is a personal… alright friend of mine, and I think he knows my preferences so hopefully he will not treat our relationship with as much contempt as those guards did. Dwarfs are a highly infertile species, and not bringing forth even one child in a lifetime is the highest sin possible. Therefore, gays are looked upon with contempt, just like Dwarfs who turn out to be completely infertile, and are often banished. And while that should of course only reflect on their own society, they treat homosexuals of other species the same, regardless of the fact that humans breed more than enough children already to make up for the people who don't. When I told him that you were my spouse, one of them muttered 'foul' and the one I was speaking to insulted me by telling me something that roughly translates to 'Enter and leave', meaning that I should do my business as quickly as possible to not further contaminate this place."

"Should only reflect on their own society? It shouldn't happen at all!" Harry said, outraged. "Being infertile or gay isn't exactly a choice, so why should they make those people suffer from it? Also, gays can still have kids, can't they?"

"Their medical technology is very limited, and they never wanted to learn from other species."

"Then their ignorance is their fault."

"Yes, but we cannot force them to acknowledge or change that. We are a completely different species and have no say in their society. It is frustrating, but true. I am in no position to try and overthrow the Dwarfs, just like I can't suddenly order Centaurs around."

"Neither should they have a say in our lives then. I will not treat you like any less than my lover only because it might offend them."

"I had not expected you to," Marvolo smiled, placing a hand atop his head. "However, there is a large grey area between going out of your way to not show it and pushing it in their faces." Harry scowled a bit at that, but understood what the man meant.

They had reached the end of the bridge, and in his foul mood Harry had completely forgotten to look over the edge to see what exactly they were walking over. Well, he figured he'd do so later, but the sounds made him suspect that there was water underneath.

Rather than the whole cave serving as a hall, there was actually a small castle of sorts built in it, an odd structure that became broader as it grew higher, connecting to the walls and ceiling even though the base was only half as large as the cave, completely surrounded by what Harry now saw was a cleft. A broad door, this time without guards, permitted entrance to the structure and led to a small courtyard from which several doors could be seen, the utmost centre opposite of the entrance being wide open and revealing a sort of elevator with a wooden basket and cables.

They stepped in, the elevator moving instantly by some sort of intricate mechanism Harry couldn't figure out, or perhaps it was Dwarven magic. Upstairs, they got out and walked over a beautiful bridge that spanned over a massive gap before finally arriving where they had to, a hallway with a large throne in the middle that was slightly too gold and elaborately decorated to Harry's tastes. The king was not at all as Harry had imagined. He'd expected an old, rather fat dwarf, but the one sitting on the throne was, albeit old, definitely fit, and clad in beautiful battle-armour that showed off his muscles.

Harry, I swear, if you will fall for an over-aged dwarf I will kill you.

Well, it's not like you are so young, he replied in good humour. Besides, I have no intention of going after a homophobe.

Marvolo had no time to react, as the king rose from his throne with a fluid motion. "Za Voldemort!" he spoke on a jovial tone, a wide grin splitting his face."Croeso!"

"Ard-reiltagh Clagh," the man replied, dipping his head slightly. He then glanced back at Harry and looked at the king again. "Mi anfoesgarwch maith, my bailliu, bar…gallut umgi a iaith bin ymlaen?"

The king raised an eyebrow. "A highly unusual request, coming from you," he spoke, startling Harry with English that sounded just as fluent as Marvolo's Dwarfish had sounded. Were all people here miracle linguists? "I take it that the one you brought with you does not know our tongue?"

"Indeed."Marvolo said, not further commenting on it. "I came here to express my thanks for your help a few days ago, in the form of magical Frorl." He dug in his pockets and withdrew a small satchel. "It is not bottomless, but here is enough in here to give every single one of your people a piece. It has been exposed to the fumes of a potion called Felix felicis, granting the one who drinks it luck. While I cannot offer it in liquid form, some of it has settled on the gold, and the bearer of such a coin will find that his enemy will miss more often."

"I am intrigued…" the king said, getting up from his throne. "We fought because we wanted to fight for our rights, not for rewards… but it is most definitely welcome."

"Just don't let the other clan know," Marvolo said, flashing a grin, to which he got ne in return.

"Ah, favouritism? That will teach the old fool with his army of grumpy gnomes. I'll keep it a secret. Only my most trusted will know who brought this gold. The rest can only speculate. Now, let us feast!" He clapped his hands and several young dwarves came running in, looking odd with their faces yet devoid of long beards, having either stubble or, in the case of the women, a sort of fluff. The differences between them seemed to be a lot more distinctive when they were younger. The King gave a few instructions and they were gone again, most likely to prepare. "Do you have any requests, Za?"

"Perhaps to replace one of your guards," Marvolo said, making Harry raise his eyebrows. Hadn't the man just told him to not push it in people's faces? Or did Marvolo know the king so well that he thought he would not care?


"He insulted me. Mynd i mewn agus gadael," he spat, repeating the words the guard had spoken. The king looked shocked.

"What possessed him?"

Marvolo did not immediately answer, beckoning Harry closer, who took his hand and let himself be pulled against Marvolo's side. "He felt it necessary to reflect some aspects of your culture on us. I did not know that was how guests are treated here commonly?" The King sucked in his breath, looking torn, a hint of disgust entering his eyes, but obviously struggling with his friendship to Marvolo.

"I never knew you were…" he finally spoke.

"And it should not matter. I am no Dwarf," his lover spoke on an icy tone, looking the king in his eyes, who gave a hard stare back. They seemed to battle for a while, the grip of Marvolo's fingers digging in Harry's shoulders. At long last, the King averted his eyes.

"You are right, of course," he muttered. "You are human, and deserve the same respect you have always had. I am quite sure, however, that not everyone in the court will agree."

"You are their king, tell them off."

"I will remind them of our rules of hospitality, but no more than that," was the answer. "And only for the sake of an old friendship. What possessed you?" Harry gulped as white-hot rage went through him, and suddenly he'd had enough, stepping forwards with narrowed eyes.

"Love possessed him," he spoke, jabbing his finger at the king. "And that is all that should matter. I don't mean to tell you what to do, but frankly, exiling someone for who they fall for is just as stupid as exiling someone for having crooked fingers, or having mismatching eye colour. I suppose you don't know much about genes, but it's not something people can just 'get over,' just like you can't get over being infertile. And banishing those people is even viler. They already can't get kids and are probably heart-broken over that. And you make them feel even more ashamed? It sickens me!"

Both Marvolo and the Dwarf king had gone absolutely silent at Harry's tirade. The King's next words, however, came completely unexpected.

"Well… I do understand why you chose him as your partner. He's feisty." Harry nearly gawked, while Marvolo shook his head silently, a small grin breaking through his previously angry expression.

"He sure is."

"I am not going to change the ways of my race… but I will... respect your relationship and expect the rest of the court to do so as well. Also… I'll think upon your words," he said quietly, staring out of one of the windows, pensively stroking his beard.

"Maybe it's also good to take into consideration that homosexuality has been found in hundreds of species, from birds to mammals"

"Truly?" the king asked, looking shocked. "Still, we are no animals… Also, I do not wish to discuss this further right now. The feast is ready. Both of you will sit close to me… As my left side is already reserved for my wife, I wished to place you, Za Voldemort, or my right, but if you want to place your… partner in between us so he is on your left side? That would also protect him from unwanted attention. It is rare for humans to come down here, and as a human's seed is more fertile than a dwarf, interracial marriages are since shortly not only accepted but celebrated. This way none of the spots next to him are free for the young càireags intent on getting his attention."

Marvolo blinked, and Harry could feel surprise flowing through the link at the offer. "Thank you…"Harry said. "That is most considerate. Even if I were single I am not exactly attracted to women."

"I'd figured," the king muttered, making a face. "But let us go down to the dining hall, Everyone should have gathered there now."

Still a bit miffed at the Dwarf, Harry didn't speak, only pointedly locked hands with his love. Marvolo gave him a look, which Harry just challenged with a raised eyebrow. For all his saying of not provoking, Marvolo was the one who had started the whole thing with the King in the first place, so he was hardly one to talk.

It was odd, but the moment they were in the dining hall, Harry instantly felt more relaxed. Dwarfs from all walks of life had gathered here, from elderly council members and rich traders to miners and farmers. They made for a colourful bunch, and he felt a lot more of ease here, the feeling he'd had on the markets returning. A bunch of even tinier dwarfs flocked to him suddenly, looking up with wide eyes, gibbering in their own language, giving him expectant and hopeful looks.

"Erhm… hello?" he said awkwardly, nervously rubbing his already messy hair. They shouted in excitement at his answer and one even tried to climb upon his lap when he sat down, but the little guy slowly slid off of it and then started to sulk a few yards away because of the wrathful stare of one Dark Lord who took his own chair. Everyone suddenly dove in, clinking their tankards together. Remembering Marvolo's earlier explanation, he tried to down his in one go, finishing the strong ale with difficulty, having only ever had Butterbeer before and a swig out of a Firewhisky bottle Ron had stolen from one of his older brothers and shared the last bit of with Harry. Marvolo seemed to suddenly realise this as well, concern flowing through the link as Harry finally put his tankard down, swaying a bit, his head light from the alcohol on an empty stomach.

Don't give me that look, he said, his head a bit fuzzy. If I'm old enough for sex, then I should be old enough for alcohol.

That logic is flawed. Sex doesn't damage your brain cells.

Are you sure? Harry teased. My mind tends to go rather blank whenever you shove your cock up my arse.

You just wait till this night and we'll see how well your brain cells are holding, yes? His lover replied, tone and eyes darkening considerably while Harry discreetly covered his lap by pulling his robes a bit upwards, pulling the fabric towards his crotch. It wouldn't do for people to notice his growing hard-on.

Contain yourself till then, at least?

I'll try love… I'll try.

Half-way through the meal, Harry decided that he actually very much liked Dwarfs in general. They were curious to the world above and magic, and loved to talk about their own culture whenever asked for details. Harry's head swam with stories already from the people sitting nearby, who didn't seem deterred at all by the fact that he was sitting in between the two most powerful men in the room. He wondered if people had been informed about his relationship with Marvolo, as they didn't seem surprised that he was here and neither did they question him about it, but he found out that wasn't the case when a bunch of daring girls came closer, stroking the tufts of hair on their chins, two of the girls pushing another one forwards. Harry supposed she was rather pretty for Dwarven standards. She was plump and curvy, quite pleasing to the eye, though the shy fluttering of her eyelashes that covered doe-like eyes was a bit too much, even if he'd preferred the other sex.

"H'Llo,"she said with a thick accent. "I heurd yo-er name is Harry?"

"Yeah. Pretty much," he said, feeling awkward and glaring at Marvolo who seemed amused. Git. Wasn't he supposed to hold girls off? "And you?"

"Frongol," she answered, a wide smile on her face. "It's a foengi." It took Harry several seconds to process that she was named after fungi.

"Right. Brilliant. Erhm, I take it your parents like mushrooms then?" He nearly slapped himself in the face. Smooth Harry, really, what kind of question was that? He really wasn't good at this whole girl-business.

"'hey're Frongol farmers."

"Well, if all the Frongol they've bred are as nice as the one before me they certainly much be rich," he said, a second later wondering why he was born with a mouth at all. Instead of looking insulted though, her face became even brighter.

"'hat is 'he nicest 'hing I've ever been told!" she said, clapping her hands in delight. He remembered Lucius' lessons just in time to not gape. Wow. Well, it seemed Dwarven girls were not as quickly offended as human girls then. "I coeld show yoe the farm after 'he Feast?"

"Uhm, I'm sorry, I'll be kind of busy then… another time?"

"Is 'hat a date?"

Straightforward much. Helplessly, he looked over to Marvolo, who had recovered from laughing at his awkwardness and snuck and arm around Harry's shoulder. "Nai, garaz caile, mynd ar goll," he spoke calmly, his tone polite, though by the way her face fell instantly, an angry blush at her cheeks, Harry figured that what had been said was the furthest thing from polite. Without another word, she turned on her heel, hair swooping around her.

"What did you say?" Harry said, bewildered. "Marvolo, what did you say to make her react like that? You weren't being an asshole, were you?" he asked, worried. It had not been his intention to have the girl humiliated, though if the faces of the rest of the people who had followed the conversation were anything to go by, that was exactly what had happened.

"I simply told her to leave," he answered nonchalantly. "I also may have called her a whore."

"Marvolo!" he hissed. "If ou don't want to be insulted by them, then make sure you don't insult others as well!"

"She insulted me by trying to seduce you in the first place," was the irritated retort. "With me sitting right next to you, no less."

"Well how would she know!"

"Ard-reiltagh Clagh informed his staff, who informed the rest. She knew perfectly well you were not available and was trying to 'convert' you." Marvolo stiffly said. Harry glanced at the king, who sat next to Harry, but who did not pay them any attention whatsoever, talking enthusiastically with a few wild-looking Dwarfs, making wide hand gestures, oblivious to anything else.

"But everyone is so nice…"

"The ones who are against it merely sat further away, out of respect for the King and their customs regarding guests… the majority." At that revelation, Harry sighed deeply, his mood going down a bit again until one of the Dwarfs leaned over the table.

"Hey, just leave them sulking there. Not all of us are a bunch of bigoted pricks you know. My brother fell for a lad… I defended him to the end I did! Didn't help much, he still got banished, but I occasionally visit him still. Has to live above ground… don't know how he does it… but he found a nice couple of rocks to build his home in so I suppose it's not so bad, and his lovely lives with him."

Harry smiled at that. "I'm glad that they're still together. Trouble shared is trouble halved after all."

"That's a nice expression… I'll have to remember that one."

"And the rest of you?" Harry asked curiously. Some shrugged and said they didn't care, some had family or friends who had been banished, and other just looked uncomfortable, making it not hard for Harry to guess they were gay themselves but still in the closet, or whatever the Dwarven equivalent of that would be. He smiled when knowing he could at least expect no criticism or hateful glances from these people.

Sadly, the feast seemed to be coming to an end, the food having mostly disappeared into hungry stomachs. Unlike the banquets he was used to, everything from soup till dessert had been placed on the table at the start, not in courses, and he was full to the brim. The Dwarfs got up in clusters, the friendly group Harry had spent his time talking to lingering a bit before also finally leaving the hall. Harry pondered on the conversations he'd had, his head spinning with all the new information. Why didn't they learn more about Dwarfs in History of Magic?

"I don't want to overstay our welcome here…" He suddenly heard Marvolo say, and he looked up, noticing that his lover had not spoken to him, but was looking at the King, who wore an oddly grim smile .

"You will not. I have long considered you my friend… During dinner I did much thinking upon the topic… You have not changed, you probably preferred men before I knew of it, and during that time I also liked you. You are welcome under my roof for as long as you like. I will ask you though, to not provoke my people by bringing your lover again."

"My apologies… When I did decide to take him here I had not realised how it would look… I had not even realised how the general view here is on same-sex relationships, and only remembered when talking to your guard on the bridge. In our society it's considered normal, so I didn't think much of it."

"Apologies accepted." The Dwarf King grunted. "For now though, enjoy your stay… both of you. Now you're here anyways you might as well make it a nice trip. If you're interested in animals, you could visit the stables. Beware of the dragon though as you roam around. Dangerous creature, ancient too, and he doesn't seem to want to move to another place, now and then coming into the caves when he's hungry for a snack… We try to keep it happy so it won't go rampage…"

"A dragon, you say?" Harry inquired, curious. "Here? I thought they preferred mountains, not caves beneath the earth…"

"Most do, but this piece of hellish demon decided it liked to live near a food source… us.''

"I know someone who's good with dragons… if you want, I could ask him to pay you a visit…" Harry said. "He might be able to convince it to live somewhere else. We currently have a hoard of dragons living on our grounds, but after the battles are over I'm sure they'll want to find a more suitable place to live. We might as well seek your dragon a new home as well."

The King looked at him, his hand stroking his beard thoughtfully. "That's not a bad idea," he finally said. "But why would he help us out?"

"He's a personal friend of mine… Also, he's a follower of Marvolo, so he can just command Charlie to do so." The king looked confused for a moment, before he threw Marvolo a strange look.

"From the context I understand that he is referring to you?" he asked curiously.

"Ah. Yes," the man answered. "Harry tends to forget that my real names aren't very well known. Like they should be," he continued, glaring at his young lover, who winced slightly.

~Sorry, I keep forgetting. But really, even your friends only know you by 'Voldemort'?~ Harry hissed.

~Of course... I see no reason for them to call me by any other name. And switch back to English, this is horribly impolite.~ Harry merely shrugged at that.

~Didn't want the Dwarven King to think you admitted to having friends,~ he cheekily said, on which Marvolo rolled his eyes.

"Brat. Ard-reiltagh Clagh, I will personally see to it that my dragon keeper will visit you here. I could, of course, also try to communicate with it, but not all dragons can speak Parseltongue so it might be dangerous to try and get him out of his cave and ending up with having no way to calm him down."

"Very well… How is your dragon keeper going to accomplish this task though?"

"He taught one of his dragons human speech… I'm sure he is more than capable." The King's eyes widened at that, and Harry was sure he was pretty impressed.

"That is… quite an accomplishment," the Dwarf said quietly. "I will see. Now, I shall retire to my chambers, and bid you to do the same. We have to rise early again after all. Will I see you at breakfast?"

"Most likely not. I tend to rise much later than Dwarfs are used to… We won't leave without a word though, and I do plan on showing Harry some more of the caves tomorrow morning. I do also have an appointment tomorrow though so we can't stay too long. Now, goodnight."

"Nos da, Za Voldemort, Nos da, Za-Cariad," While Harry had no idea what it meant, Marvolo's reaction was unmistakable, though someone who didn't know him as well as Harry did might not have seen any difference. But the straightening of his shoulders, the miniscule movement of cocking his head and the widening of his eyes told Harry he was shocked, even if the surprise had not flowed through the link.

"Nos da," Marvolo muttered, placing a hand at Harry's back, guiding him towards a corridor to the left that had been hewn into the rock, quite a long time ago judging by the stalactites –which he could finally tell apart from stalagmites- that hung from the ceiling. Harry stared in amazement as glow-worms lit up the tunnel, and Marvolo hushed him so they wouldn't startle the animals and lose their only source of light. Harry wondered how the boisterous Dwarfs had ever come up with such a system…

What did he just tell you that surprised you so much? Harry asked, using the mind-link so he wouldn't have to make sound.

He wished us both goodnight… but I was shocked at how he addressed you. Lord-lover… with which he basically recognised our relationship and indicated that he sees you as a full equivalent of what a Dwarven Lord or King would call his betrothed. I had not thought he would say something like that after his rant of before.

That's... surprising. Is it that big of a deal though?

For him? Yes. Nothing he says is unpremeditated, unless his emotions are running high .

Harry did not get a chance to answer as he was suddenly steered toward another short tunnel that ended in a round cave with three doors. "That is our bedroom," Marvolo said, pointing at the middle one while Harry admired the woodwork, hundreds of small golden ringlets hammered inside of it, making it look as if it moved in the flickering light of the two torches that hung on the opposite wall.

"And the other doors?"

"One leads to a bathroom, though it can also be accessed from the bedroom, the other one is a closet for cleaning supplies," Marvolo answered, placing his hand against the door. The ringlets all lit up blue for a moment and the doors swung open. It reminded Harry strongly of the Gringotts vaults and the doors that opened only under a Goblin's touch, but when he took in the room he forgot any other thought. For a place so deep in the earth it was surprisingly open and comfortable, and if the colouring hadn't been off he could have thought he was back in the Gryffindor common room, with a bed instead of a sofa. He smiled at the cosy bed and fluffy pillows and, with a laugh, jumped on it, snuggling into the warm blankets.

"You..." Marvolo said, shaking his head and sitting down on the edge of the bed, ruffling his hair. "It is a bit cramped as it's a single, queen size bed instead of what we're used to but…"

"I don't mind… it's large enough. And now I have an excuse to fall asleep on top of you," Harry smirked, running his hand suggestively over his love's, still sadly clothed, chest. His hand was grabbed tightly and Marvolo twisted his arm in such a way that Harry had no choice but to move a lot closer to avoid pain, ending up with his back pressed against his fiancé's front and and arms wound snugly around him, his wrist still held in a tight grip. "It's a bit hard to undress like this," Harry smirked, tipping his head back to look at the other.

"While I could easily disprove that statement by vanishing your clothes off of your body, I'd rather have a striptease… so I suppose I shall have to let you go," Marvolo replied, pressing a quick kiss to Harry's temple.

The teen gawked as he processed the words. "I'm not going to perform a fucking striptease! I-Ah!" He squeaked when a hand landed in his lap, curling around him and squeezing a bit too tightly.

"Aren't you?" the man breathed, a dangerous, teasing tone in his voice. Harry gulped quietly as the fingers dug into his flesh and he released a whimper as pain took over pleasure.

"You're evil…"

"So I've heard. In comparison to what I can do and have done though, this is absolutely nothing, love."

"You're in a sadistic mood all of a sudden…"

"State the obvious. I've wanted to kill a few dwarves today but sadly was unable to fulfill my murderous intent because they were our hosts. Now strip and put up a good show or I shall make you pay for it by torturing you with pleasure and pain for the remainder of the night."

Harry had no idea why that prospect turned him on so much… He definitely had to be crazy, because the words that should have sent him running only made his cock twitch with excitement. If he'd been a girl he would probably be leaking all over the place right now. He avoided Marvolo's burning, knowing gaze and dropped his flushed head, hiding his flaming cheeks with his hair, which had grown out quite a bit over the past months.

"No need to be embarrassed about being turned on by the thought love," he heard, the words muttered softly in his ear while the grip on his crotch became softer, gentler and far more pleasurable, the fingers stroking lightly over the material that hid him from view, nails now and then joining until Harry felt like he was on fire. "It's just the two of us… you don't have to hide." Harry made a soft, mewling sound that seemed to amuse Marvolo greatly, and a hand landed on his arse, pushing him a bit forward. Taking the hint, Harry climbed of of the bed, still not far enough past the point of caring to not be self-conscious about this, but far enough gone to go through with it anyways.

Slowly, he started swaying his hips, reminding himself of that this was Marvolo, who thought that whatever Harry did was sexy, whether he made a graceful dive on a broom or stumbled up the stairs… And judging by the arousal that nearly crashed through the link and left Harry breathless, he was doing something right with this. With an excruciating speed, he removed his cloak and outer robe, displeased by how much he was wearing. His shirt soon followed, and he prayed to the heavens in thanks for not having chosen one with buttons today. He smiled shyly at his lover, who lay lazily sprawled over the bed, his back against the pillows that were propped against the headboard to get a good view, one hand making slow, circular movements around his own nether regions.

Harry groaned at the sight, his eyes flashing in lust. He took a few steps towards the bed and bent over while removing his pants, his lips brushing the still hidden cock, the strong, unique scent of Marvolo already wafting off of the man, making Harry feel slightly light-headed.

"You're gorgeous," the man hoarsely said, a hand nestling its way into Harry's hair, gripping the locks tightly and pressing him against the other with more force. The teen nuzzled the warm robes and licked them, the shape of his lover's member becoming more prominent as the material became damp. "My pretty love…"

Harry's blush returned at the words, and he didn't answer, instead trying to push the robes out of the way until Marvolo grunted in annoyance and got up, making quick work of his clothing. Harry seized the opportunity to climb on the bed again and lay down on his stomach, his legs spread and his arms under him, a smirk appearing on his face when Marvolo's eyes landed on him again and a low, animalistic groan fell from his lips.

A hand drifted over his back, making him shiver and close his eyes, though the image of his love's form was burned on his eyelids, the lean, graceful figure that loomed over him with the promise of pleasure in his eyes. He felt goose bumps spread over his body despite the warmth as perfectly manicured nails raked over his back –something Harry had teased the man about more than once.-

Marvolo growled, most likely having caught that thought, hands suddenly gripping Harry's waist tightly, pinning him down before his love lowered himself on the teen's back, straddling him effectively. Harry bared his throat, shaking his head so his hair fell away from the skin, and the man practically dove down on it, teeth sinking into the flesh as hips grinded down on his arse. Harry moaned as hard, slick flesh slid in between his cheeks, and when he found a pair of fingers at his lips he sucked them In greedily, coating them with his saliva, thrilled already at the pleasure he knew he would receive from them.

He gasped as the man roughly pushed in, his hole stinging painfully for the first time in months at this stage during sex. He grimaced and elbowed the other to make his displeasure clear. A soft kiss was dropped at the base of his neck in apology and the other slowed down, slipping one finger out of him again to build it up more slowly. Harry released a deep sigh as he relaxed, starting to push back on the hand, soft moans and whines torn from his throat as the finger rubbed him from inside. He fisted the sheets when another hand found its way around his hips and curled around his cock, pumping it slowly.

"More," he finally gasped, jerking his arse backwards, and with a low chuckle, Marvolo pushed the other finger in again. "Such a lovely sight you make… All spread out over the bed for me…" The words made Harry shudder. Marvolo had slowly revealed some of his kinks during the past months, opening up more during sex, being himself without being afraid of what Harry would think of him, but he didn't know if he would ever get used to the running pervy commentary as they made love. He preferred sex to be mostly silent, usually too far gone to say anything coherent anyways, but he wasn't about to ruin the man's mood.

The fingers were pounding now and he arched off of the bed when they found his prostrate, the hand on his cock nearly painfully jerking him off, precum spilling on the sheets. "Inside," he choked, his whole body quivering.

"Beg for it," the man said, a wet, thing tongue tracing the shell of his ear. ~Beg your Lord to grant you mercy.~ Harry's eyes rolled upwards as the hissing words went from his ear straight to his groin. He was so close, so fucking close…

And then the weight was gone, the hands no longer on him, and he actually screamed in frustration, turning around furiously, not in a state to be reasoned with. He attacked the man behind him and pressed himself against the hard chest, licking and biting every piece of skin he could find. He made a choking noise when a hand was suddenly around his throat, squeezing until he couldn't breathe anymore, and he was pushed back down on the bed, his back hitting the blankets as he struggled to get some oxygen.

"I said… ~beg~

The teen took a huge gulp of air as his throat was released and he coughed a few times, his heart beating wildly. He had no idea what had gotten into the other… While they'd had rough sex before it had been nothing compared to this… and what frightened him most was how much he enjoyed this, enjoyed being completely dominated. He wondered where the limit of pleasure lay for him and he honestly didn't know.

"Please…" he rasped out when his breath had gone slightly back to normal. "Please Mar.. My Lord. I need you, I need you to take me, to fuck me until I can't stand, to fill me with your seed until I won't be able to take anymore… I'm yours… completely yours, so use me, fuck me, have me…" he choked, hoping it would satisfy his lover.

Marvolo's expression changed instantly, from cold and hard to something that reminded Harry of a hungry animal. "That will suffice," the man answered in a suddenly smooth, silky voice, and hands slid over his chest and trembling sides, softly caressing him and leaning over to press a sweet, gentle kiss to Harry's lips. The softness confused him, and just as he was thrown off, his legs were jerked open and Marvolo pressed in, taking him by surprise.

He cried out loudly, his spine bending in an impossible angle as the man thrusted into him, not giving him time to adjust, instead taking him just as roughly as he had begged for. He was very, very sure that he indeed wouldn't be able to stand without the help of some potions or spells… both of which he certainly wouldn't be receiving from Marvolo.

It took a pathetically short time for him to be back at the point of climaxing, and with a few more thrusts and strokes of those graceful fingers, he came violently, his sperm spurting over both their stomachs.

A tongue found its way into his mouth again while he couldn't move from the intensity of his orgasm, the man never ceasing his movements, wet slapping sounds and harsh pants the only thing Harry could hear. He spread his legs a bit wider, liking the feeling of the hardness moving inside of him despite being spent himself, and he rolled his hips upwards as well as he could, finding a slight reserve of energy. The other tensed suddenly and Harry was pulled upwards until he lay against the other's chest, sitting on his thighs. Arms wrapped tightly around him and his love rested his damp forehead on Harry shoulder as he thrusted upwards a few more times with difficulty before the teen felt fluid fill him, the wet sensation making him shiver in pleasure.

Completely exhausted, the man lowered Harry on the bed again, wrapping himself snugly around his fiancé, too tired to do anything else. Harry smiled and pressed a kiss to the man's brow, rubbing his cheek affectionately against the other's face. "That was… different," he muttered, smiling softly.

"I love you," Marvolo answered in a slightly slurred voice... "Now sleep… talk in morning."

Harry nodded, fully agreeing with that. He briefly touched the other's mind, smiling at how content it felt, and snuggled deeper into the arms of his love. Tomorrow would be an interesting say, but for now he had other things on his mind… Sleep being the first and foremost.


Well met, we are going to meet the king.

For what purpose?

To give a gift. To receive the help in the war with thanks.

a gift?

Lucky gold. Magical lucky gold.

Who is the boy?

My Spouse.


Enter and leave.


Lord Voldemort! Welcome

King Clagh, please excuse my rudeness, but can we proceed in the human language


No, young wench, get lost.


Goodnight, Lord Voldemort. Goodnight, Lord-lover

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