Chapter 5: My Daddy Knows Everything

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Sakura sputtered from shock and indignation as soon as the elderly lady hobbled off, she couldn't believe the nerve of Itachi-san! Gripping Setsu's hand a little tighter she turned to Itachi.

"What was that supposed to mean?" Sakura asked pointedly, her green eyes blazing.

"She asked how long Setsu and I were together..." Itachi said, turning his gaze to her. However serene and genuine he was being, Sakura was sure she caught a glimpse of something mischievous about him. But that was only her imagination, right? Uchiha Itachi was most certainly not mischievous. Right?

"But your answer implied that..." Sakura continued, her sentence trailing because she couldn't bring herself to finish it.

"Implied that...?" Itachi queried, his dark gaze on Sakura. The pinkette heaved a sigh and waved her pale hand in the air.

"Argh," she growled. "Never mind." Even as she continued walking, Sakura could feel the Uchiha's eyes on her... or she thought they were, because when she chanced a glance, he was not actually looking at her at all, but at something to her left.

"Setsu-chan," Sakura said, breaking the silence, which, for her, had begun to get increasingly uncomfortable. "What ice-cream are you going to order?"

"Vanilla! What are you getting Sakura-chan?" Setsu asked innocently, his dark eyes upturned towards the babysitter.

"Ano...what do you think I should get Setsu-chan?" Sakura smiled sweetly, completely ignoring the toddler's father.

"Why don't you ask Tou-san? 'cause he knows everything!" Setsu grinned, spreading his arms wide in an attempt to show how much he thought his father knew. Itachi smirked, times like this he was even more eternally grateful for Setsu.

"You are correct Setsu. I do know a lot of things, so what shall it be Sakura-san?" he asked, his obsidian eyes staring pointedly at Sakura. The pink haired babysitter shifted uncomfortably as Itachi's gaze traveled down her frame. Why was he so determined to get a rise out of her?

"I don't...Setsu I'm sure your suggestion would be much more...much better!" Sakura said, trying to sound as cheerful and carefree as possible. Itachi raised one eyebrow and Setsu crossed his arms in a cute attempt to copy his father.

"Sakura-chan my Daddy knows everything!"

"Will you deny Setsu this pleasure, Sakura-san?" the older Uchiha asked, sending Sakura a smug smirk over Setsu's head.

"What? You...that's unfair!" Sakura shrieked while pointing a finger dangerously at Itachi. Setsu looked up at Sakura and began tugging insistently on her sleeve, a hit of impatience in his brown eyes.

"Sakura-chan just ask Daddy please! 'Cause he always knows the best, 'cause he is old!" There was a long, silent pause, interrupted only by their feet as they walked. Sakura bit her lips and turned her face away to avoid bursting into laughter.

"Setsu, I am not old. We already had that conversation," Itachi said calmly, but his left eyebrow gave one, minute, annoyed twitch. Sakura smirked, finally she had gotten a leeway, and she was not going to waste it.

"Technically you are old Itachi-san...I mean since you are nearing your thirties..." Itachi scowled and fixed Sakura with an icy glare but didn't say anything. Thinking that she had finally gotten the upper hand Sakura grinned triumphantly, but lo and behold her victory did not last long. Itachi waved a hand in the direction of a waitress, motioning for the woman to approach them.

"My son here will take a vanilla single scoop, I will have a chocolate sundae and my wife here will have a strawberry sundae," The waitress nodded in reply and walked off to place the orders. Itachi turned to a fuming Sakura, who was still frozen with horrified shock, his expression infuriatingly smug.

Sakura could not believe the nerve of this guy! What the hell was he trying to do to her? She couldn't even pretend to leave because she had foolishly spilled the truth of her attachment to Setsu, so he would know it was fake. Damn him.

"Uchiha Itachi, what the h-"

"We will get the family discount," Itachi interrupted smoothly.

"Yay! Family discount-what is a family discount daddy?"

"Don't worry about that Setsu-chan, let's go and find a table to sit at," Sakura chirped but Itachi was not to be deterred and neither was Setsu.

"But I want to know what a family discount is! Is it ice cream?" Setsu asked insistently, his lower lip poking out slightly in an adorable pout.

"A family discount is a special price for families," Itachi supplied. "Do you know what a family is Setsu?" Sakura wanted to scream and bang her head against as much tables as she could find...and then do the same to Itachi. The man was positively infuriating.

"I am sure Setsu knows what a family is because he is such a smart boy! Now let's get a table!" Sakura insisted and took Setsu by the hand and headed to a comfortable looking seat near the large glass window at the right hand side of the ice cream parlour.

"A family is a mommy, a daddy and a baby, isn't it Sakura-chan?" Setsu asked, tugging gently on his babysitter's hand.

"Yes it is," Itachi replied, resting a hand in Setsu's hair. "You are very smart, Setsu." Setsu stopped walking, a pout pushing to his lips.

"B-But... but my mommy is gone. Daddy I want to be in a family, but I don't have a mommy..." Setsu's eyes were watering by now. Sakura knelt, pulled Setsu into her arms and glared at Itachi over the boy's head.

"Hey, Setsu," she cooed, stroking his hair and batting Itachi's hand off the boy's head in the process. "You can be a family with just a daddy and a child," she reassured him, one hand dropping to soothingly rub his back.

Itachi had taken it too far. He'd been enjoying teasing Sakura so much he'd gone and said something to upset Setsu.

"I'm sorry, Setsu," he said quietly. "Sakura is right. We are a family, just you and me." Setsu was far from appeased though, and was obviously a true Uchiha.

"B-But Daddy, I want the family with the mommy in it! Please? All the other kids at the daycare had a mommy... Please can I have one?" Setsu pleaded, looking up at Itachi with shimmering chocolate eyes.

Setsu wanted the best.

"When we find a woman we both like, we will-"

"Daddy, Daddy! Guess what, Daddy!" Setsu interrupted, all traces of sadness gone from his eyes in a split second, only to be replaced by incredible hope. He snuggled closer to Sakura and wound his slim arms around her neck.

Itachi knew where Setsu was going with this from just that action alone, so he lifted the boy into his arms.

"We will speak about this some more later. For now, let us enjoy the ice-cream." Setsu drooped noticeably at that but nodded his head to his father's words.

"Okay Daddy," he mumbled listlessly. Itachi did not miss the way his son stretched out a hand for Sakura to hold while they walked.

Sakura's chest squeezed strangely when she noticed Setsu's slightly withdrawn countenance.

"Setsu-chan, the ice cream is here," Sakura squeezed the toddler's hand in an act of silent comfort. The waitress rested the tray on the table and Sakura handed Setsu's ice cream cone to him.

"T-ank you," he said sweetly, snuggling further into Itachi's chest.

"Your welcome sweetie, now eat your ice cream before it runs away," the pinkette smiled playfully at Setsu.

"Silly Sakura-chan the ice cream can't run away, it can only melt, right Tou-san?" Setsu asked while happily licking his dairy treat.

"That is correct Setsu," Itachi answered but his eyes looked a tad bit sad. Sakura wanted to feel angry at Itachi for teasing her and then making Setsu sad by going too far with the whole 'family' thing but she couldn't find the amount of fire she desired. She could see that Itachi felt a little bad for bring up family when both he and Setsu had just lost their wife and mother. She refused to let herself dwell on the matter however, because she knew that if she did...well she had promised Tsunade that she would be careful.

"Uwaaah! Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan this ice cream is yummy!" Setsu said excitedly, throwing his hands up in the air, momentarily forgetting that he was still holding the cone and caused a bit of the ice cream to smudge Itachi's nose.

"It is, isn't it?" Sakura smiled and nodded understandingly. "When I was little, like you, I used to love vanilla too!"

"Really? Yay! Sakura-chan used to like the same ice cream as me! Did you hear that daddy?" Setsu squealed, twisting around in Itachi's lap, his eyes widening when he noticed the smudge of white ice cream on his father's nose.

"Ooopsie, sorry daddy," Setsu giggled and Itachi blinked confusedly. He had been lost in his thoughts and hadn't even noticed when Setsu's ice cream had landed on his nose.

"What? Sorry Setsu...I was distracted," Itachi answered. Sakura, now noticing the ice cream on Itachi's nose, pressed a hand over her mouth to stifle hysterical giggles but it didn't work and before she knew it she was in all out hysterics. Setsu joined in leaving Itachi feeling rather puzzled and a bit left out.

"What is it?" he bit out coldly.

"Y-your nose..." Sakura trailed as she wiped her eyes and tried to control her laughter. It was then that Itachi realized that he had ice cream on his nose. He removed it with as much dignity as he could in such a situation and sent a mock glare at a giggling Setsu.

"There is only one person at this table with vanilla ice cream, so it seems as if Setsu is the naughty culprit," Itachi growled before attacking his son with tickles.

"S-Stop it daddy! It was an accident!" Setsu streaked gleefully, squirming in Itachi's grasp.

"Do you promise?" Itachi smirked and Setsu nodded enthusiastically in return.

"I pr'mise!"

Sakura felt her heart lift as she watched the father and son interact happily. She didn't have to like the older Uchiha but she had to admit that he was a good father. She smirked when the image of Itachi with ice cream on his nose filled her mind again. She definitely would not forget such a scene. Noticing Sakura's smug expression Itachi scowled.

"It was not funny, Sakura-san," he said coldly and the pinkette, along with Setsu grinned.

"It was actually, wasn't it Setsu?" Sakura asked and the toddler nodded happily.

"It was! You looked really funny daddy! And silly!"

"Really?" Itachi drawled, eyeing Sakura as she erupted into another bout of laughter. She however didn't notice the mischievous gleam that suddenly appeared in his dark eyes and Itachi smirked before leaning over and calmly swiping a spoonful of his chocolate sundae on Sakura's nose.

Sakura gave a little squeal of surprise, turning a shocked expression to Itachi.

"You didn't..." she gasped.

"He did!" Setsu declared happily.

"Oh, I am going to get you for that," Sakura threatened, sticking her ice-cream spoon in her sundae and flicking a glob of strawberry ice-cream right at Itachi. She was laughing even as the glob was in mid-air, but then gave a little shriek of surprise when Itachi casually shifted his head to the side, causing the glob to miss his head and hit the wall behind him instead.

"You missed," he said flatly, a glint of challenge in his eyes.

"No, I didn't," Sakura denied, reaching over quickly and wiping the ice-cream that was on the back of her spoon onto Itachi's forehead.

She would pay, Itachi decided. If she wanted a war, she would get one.

"Uchihas versus Haruno," he declared, knowing Setsu would love playing on his side.

"Yay!" Setsu squealed, bounding around the booth to sit on the same side as Itachi, his warm little body wriggling with uncontained excitement

"Wha- That's unfair!" Sakura protested. "Setsu-chan... please come on my side. Look how big and strong your daddy is!" she added with a pout. "I need you..." she pleaded.

Itachi frowned, dropping his gaze to Setsu. Even he would have a problem resisting that. If she had turned those shining green eyes in his direction and told him she needed him...

Setsu looked up at Itachi, and then looked to Sakura, indecision clear in his eyes.

"Umm..." Setsu murmured. "Okay, Sakura-chan!" he said with a smile, sliding back from the booth and running over to Sakura's waiting arms.

"Setsu... you would abandon me, for her?" Itachi pressed, raising a brow. Setsu giggled.

"Well, Daddy... you are really big and strong... and I'm strong too. It would be unfair to Sakura-chan," his son said from the comfort of Sakura's arms.

"Exactly right, Setsu-kun," Sakura agreed, snuggling him closer and sending Itachi a look filled with green-eyed mischief. What was she planning? He didn't have time to ponder the thought much however, because Sakura leaned down to whisper something in Setsu's ear and they simultaneously launched a double attack of ice cream on the unsuspecting Uchiha.

Itachi dodged the first glob of ice cream but the second hit him square in the face. The war had commenced. Itachi leaned over the table and easily swiped Sakura's sundae from her and slid it beside his own. He picked up both sundae and poured either one on a squealing Sakura and Setsu. Itachi folded his arms triumphantly and smirked smugly at the son and babysitter duo who were dripping with ice cream. They could never win against him. His son was an Uchiha but he was the Uchiha and Sakura was far from either.

"You cheated Itachi-san!" Sakura laughed, sending Itachi a mock glare.

"Yeah! What Sakura-chan said daddy!" Setsu chimed, folding his arms over his chest and giving Itachi his best 'Uchiha glare'.

"It was not. I simply used strategy, and won," Itachi smirked "Now admit it, Sakura-san, I do know everything, including ice cream fight strategies." Sakura rolled her eyes and glanced at Setsu.

"Tell your daddy that he cheated, Setsu-chan!" she insisted, smiling triumphantly at Itachi. Setsu's head swiveled as he tried to make up his mind. He did think his daddy knew everything but he also thought that Sakura-chan was right because his daddy cheated.

"Ummm," Setsu hesitated, chewing on his lower lip. He was saved having to reply however because an irate staff member from the ice cream parlour stomped over to their table, practically glowing with righteous fury.

"What do you think you are doing?!" the man yelled, causing the rest of the customers to stare even more than they had when the ice cream fight had been taking place. "You are disturbing the other customers and vandalising the place!" Itachi raised one dark eyebrow and clenched his jaw when he saw Setsu fearfully press himself into Sakura at the man's blasting tone.

"You are disturbing the customers far more than we were," Itachi said coldly, his black eyes piercing the man before him. "This is a family restaurant so I would think that such occurrences are normal." The man opened his mouth to speak but Itachi pinned him with a cold glare. He couldn't believe the nerve of this imbecilic peasant. "I also happen to own this store so I am entitled to indulge my son in an ice cream fight if he desires it."

The man's eyes widened as he suddenly recognized who Itachi was. He was new and hadn't seen Itachi before but had heard the other workers talking about him.

"M-my apologies Uchiha-sama I d-didn't recognize who you were. Please accept my humblest apologies...I really need this job," he begged as he bowed low for forgiveness on his hands and knees.

"Hn," Itachi grunted, turned on his heel, hair swishing behind him dramatically, grabbed Setsu's wrist in one hand and Sakura's in the other then stalked out the door of the parlour. The rest of customers stared pitifully at the grovelling staff, shaking their heads in exasperation.

When they reached the car Itachi paused to get his temper under control and Sakura cleared her throat to catch his attention.

"Umm Itachi-san my hand..." she trailed and he looked down at her wrist which was till in his grasp. He hadn't realized that he was still holding her hand but decided to pretend as though he didn't know what she was talking about.

"What is wrong with it?" Itachi deadpanned, looking directly into Sakura's eyes.

"Y-You!" Sakura growled, eyes flashing in annoyance.

"Tousan, why was that man being so mean?" Setsu piped up, interrupting Sakura's sputters.

"Because he is a peasant," Itachi supplied, his face completely serious. He turned to Sakura, a smug smirk on his lips.

"Sakura-san remove your hand from mine. I need to put Setsu into his carseat." Sakura's eyes widened in disbelief and she looked just about ready to explode.

"What? You big idiot! You are the one holding my hand!" she yelled, waving her free arm around.

"Daddy, Sakura-chan called you an idiot! I thought that word was rude, and what is a peasant?" Setsu asked confusedly.

"You are correct Setsu, that word is rude," Itachi answered smugly, fixing Sakura with the stern glare he usually reserved for his son when he was misbehaving. "And a peasant is someone who is not an Uchiha or Sakura-san."

"Okay! And Sakura-san shouldn't you apologize to my daddy? 'Cause he always tells me to 'pologize when I am rude, don't you daddy?" Setsu asked solemnly while Sakura gaped in shock, unable to believe what she had heard Itachi tell Setsu a peasant was.

"I-I..." she stuttered, trying to gather her thoughts while both Uchiha's pinned her with identical expressions, although Setsu's had way more pleading that Itachi's.

"Fine!" Sakura harrumphed and Setsu clapped his hands and patted the pinkette on the arm.

"Yaay! Good girl Sakura-chan! See daddy? Sakura-chan is a good girl!"

"She hasn't apologized yet." Itachi insisted and Sakura clenched her jaw, trying to control her massive temper.

"I'm sorry!" she snapped, green eyes burning with anger. "And a peasant is a someone who is poor!"

"But daddy said it is someone who is not...not Uchiha or you, Sakura-chan!" Setsu insisted worriedly, unable to understand why Sakura could not get that his daddy knew everything, including what a peasant was.

"Indeed, I did say so Setsu," Itachi smirked, feeling extremely self satisfied at the frustrated blush that reddened Sakura's cheeks.

"Oh! You-" Sakura began but was interrupted when Itachi finally released her wrist and scooped up Setsu in his arms, turning to place him into his car seat.

"I think Sakura-san needs to go home for nap too," he said to Setsu and the little boy nodded sleepily.

"Uh huh 'cause she doesn't understand what a peasant is. Its okay Sakura-chan you can take a nap in my bed with me!" Setsu cheered, grinning at his babysitter.

She had failed. She was supposed to respond gracefully to his baiting, but she had completely forgotten. Itachi was quite fun when he let loose, but he seemed to find it especially amusing to tease her. Sakura would not go down without a fight. She was determined to put everything about Itachi out of her mind. She would not rise to his baiting any more.

She would ignore him as best she could.

'Setsu,' she murmured to herself. 'Focus on Setsu.' That should be an easy enough task, right? Sakura purposefully ignored Itachi, even though she was conscious of his gaze on her several times during the car ride back to the house.

"Sakura-chan, are you going to take a nap with me?" Setsu asked from the back seat, straining forward to see Sakura's face.

"Definitely," Sakura said, giving the little boy a grin. "You give the best cuddles, Setsu-kun! We'll just have to clean up first, okay?"

"Okay!" Setsu cheered happily. "What about you, Daddy?" Sakura felt to slap her palms to her face.

'No Setsu! Please don't invite your dad to cuddle with us!' Sakura pleaded mentally, her hands clenched into fists at her sides. 'He will accept just because he knows I will get pissed off!'

"Will you come and cuddle with us, Daddy?" Setsu asked eagerly, wanting his two favorite people in the world beside him.

"If you want me to, Setsu," Itachi said smoothly, turning a corner.

'I knew it!' Sakura screamed mentally. 'Look at that smug twist of his lips! How the hell am I going to ignore him in a bed with me and Setsu?'

'You could always turn the tables on him,' Sakura's Inner chimed in, making her presence known again. Inner Sakura always seemed to appear at moments like this.

'We could try to make him a little flustered while appearing not to have the slightest clue what we are doing,' Inner Sakura supplied deviously, with an equally devious chuckle. Sakura liked it. What else was there to do? She could try her damned best to throw the Uchiha for a loop and keep him off balance. It was dangerous, considering her promise to Tsunade, but floundering around like a helpless fish was not something Sakura wanted to do at all.

"That sounds like a lovely idea, Setsu-chan," Sakura found herself saying. "We can all have a nice little nap and then do something fun when we get up." She noticed, from the corner of her eyes, that Itachi looked sharply at her, but she didn't pay him any attention.

"Since Sakura-san seems to agree, we can all take a nap then," Itachi said, apparently hiding his slight confusion at her lack of protests behind his impassive mask. Sakura swallowed. Damn! he wasn't supposed to continue with his notions! But it was too late to dissuade him now. Shit. It looked like she would actually have to go through with it, much to her Inner's delight.

"Yaay!" Setsu cheered happily, clapping his hands together. Sakura smiled, or more like smirked, feeling extremely satisfied when a flash of confusion passed over Itachi's face.

"You will sleep really well then Setsu-chan, because both me and your daddy will be there to protect you from bad dreams!" Sakura said lightly, refusing to spare Itachi even a slight glance. She knew he was wondering why she wasn't protesting and she liked that. He was going to get a taste of his own medicine!

They drove up the driveway to the Uchiha house a couple minutes later and Sakura wasted no time removing Setsu from his car seat and heading inside.

"I'll give Setsu a bath, Itachi-san, you can go ahead and rest if you like," she said cheerfully, easily stepping around him and heading into the house. He watched as she moved through the front door and she caught him looking slightly unnerved.

"Sakura-chan we will have to all take a nap in Tou-san's bed 'cause mine is not big enough!" Setsu said, his little forehead wrinkling with worry.

"Okay," Sakura agreed, feeling extremely vindictive, knowing that Itachi's mind was in turmoil trying to figure out what she was up to.

They had all showered to get rid of the sticky ice-cream residue upon reaching home, and Itachi's mind had not yet stopped reeling. This calm, collected behaviour was highly unusual coming from Sakura, as he'd already pegged her as a spitfire.

Itachi stood at the doorway to his room, watching Sakura approaching him as she walked down the hall with Setsu's hand in hers. They were talking quietly, Setsu grinning up at her with blatant adoration and clutching his favorite teddy-bear shaped pillow in his free hand. As they approached, Itachi's eyes were only on Sakura, and he noticed that her hair was damp and curling from the shower. She looked up at him and gave him a small, innocent smile before slipping past him.

He could smell her distinct scent as she passed, the clean, freshness filling his nose. She smelled good. Itachi watched warily as she entered his room, feeling an uneasiness pooling in the pit of his stomach at the sight of a woman in his room.

This was the first woman since... since Akane to be in here, and Itachi was unsure of how he really felt about that. It wasn't quite a betrayal, but... For once, Itachi was completely at a loss.

"Daddy, daddy, aren't you coming?" Setsu asked, already underneath the covers, his hair messy and his eyes a little excited even though he was obviously sleepy. Itachi blinked absently for a moment as he noticed that Sakura was perched at the side of the bed, obviously waiting for him to get in first. She was wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a black tank top that showed off her shoulders and neck.

Why was he even noticing her shoulders and neck?

Itachi frowned slightly before closing the door and moving over to the bed. He slid in under the covers, smiling a little when Setsu inched closer to him. The smile fell, however, when he felt the bed sink a little under Sakura's weight as she joined them. He could smell that peaches and sunshine scent from where he was, suddenly conscious that she was rather close.

Especially when she shifted closer to Setsu.

"I like this the best," Setsu sighed happily, thereby squelching any thoughts Itachi might have had of distancing himself before they were even conceived.

"Mmm, get some rest, Setsu-chan," Sakura murmured softly, the sound sending a small shiver down Itachi's spine. The good kind, therefore, in this case, the bad kind. Sakura laid on her side, her front to Setsu, one arm under her head and the other looped loosely over the boy's waist... which left the back of her hand to press lightly against Itachi's stomach.

Itachi contracted his stomach immediately, clenching his abs so that her hand no longer touched him. Itachi swallowed uncomfortably, his brows knitting together slightly when Sakura gave a soft kittenish sigh which sent his thoughts - considering Setsu was in the room - to a place they had no business going.

Then he felt something brush the wrist of the hand he'd placed above Setsu's head. His gaze slid up slowly, only to see Sakura's index finger brushing absent circles against his skin. Itachi moved his hand, albeit a bit reluctantly, and sent a look in Sakura's direction, fully expecting to see her grinning sneakily or mischievously at him.

But no. Her eyes were closed, and there was a peaceful expression on her face as she pressed her cheek closer to Setsu's hair. Was she not conscious of what she was doing? Was she not doing this purposefully? For the first in a long time Itachi felt utterly befuddled; he couldn't figure out just what Sakura was trying to do and he hated it. He couldn't even accuse her of trying to hit on him because she was sleeping, or appeared to be.

Time passed by quickly and before Itachi knew it an hour had gone and it was time to head to the park. He hadn't even gotten five minute of sleep. His skin was still tingling from where Sakura had been brushing it with her fingers and he couldn't seem to remove the image of the pink haired babysitter cuddled in his bed. If he remembered correctly, he hadn't even felt...whatever this was, when Akane had slept beside him...when she did, that was.

'What am I thinking? Is she trying to undo me with her feminine wiles?' Itachi thought, feeling slightly angry but not completely. He would never admit it but he liked having Sakura in his bed. The thought was definitely not repulsive.

"Sakura-san, Setsu, if we are to reach the park you need to wake up," Itachi said while gently tapping Setsu on the shoulder, the back of his hand brushing against Sakura's soft rose hued hair. Both Setsu and Sakura stirred at the same time, the toddler rubbing his eyes while Sakura yawned sleepily.

Itachi forced himself to turn away from the sight of a sleep clouded Sakura. He had to keep his control. Her eyes were slightly lidded and her hair fell around her face, the back sticking up slightly. She rubbed her eyes and looked around blearily, her pink lips parted and she licked them as she slowly tuned in to her surroundings.

"What? Oh Itachi-san!" Sakura exclaimed when she finally noticed where she was. Itachi smirked, it was his turn to torment her now.

"Did you sleep well Sakura-san? Was my bed sufficient?" he drawled, his smirk widening when a small blush dusted across her cheeks. This was where he was comfortable.

"It was fine," she snapped then turned to Setsu, hugging his to her chest.

"Did you sleep well Setsu-chan?" she asked cheerfully, dismissing Itachi wordlessly.

"Uh huh! 'Cause you and Tou-san were there to protect me from the bad dreams!" Setsu exclaimed happily, throwing his skinny arms around Sakura's waist then turned to Itachi.

"Tou-san, can Sakura-chan sleep in your bed to keep away your bad dreams?" Setsu asked innocently, his dark brown eyes shining hopefully.

"I...there is no need for that, your daddy is strong enough to fight off bad dreams!" Sakura chirped, forcing a smile.

"I do not have bad dreams," Itachi deadpanned but tried not to think about the pinkette snuggled up to his side with her arms around him like she did with Setsu.

"Yes you do! 'Cause I remember!" Setsu pouted indignantly and for once neither Itachi or Sakura had any idea of what to say. Setsu nodded to himself when neither adult replied.

"Well I guess you will have to think about it, like what daddy always tells me when I ask him something. 'Cause it is a big de-deshison, right daddy?" he asked, feeling rather pleased with himself for 'figuring' it out.

"Yes it is, so let us think about it, and it is decision," Itachi answered, feeling rather relieved that his son was smart enough to realize that his suggestion wasn't exactly suitable, even if it was in his own childish way.

"T-That's right it is a big decision. Wow you are so smart Setsu-chan!" Sakura smiled and patted the toddler proudly on his head.

"T'ank you Sakura-chan and that is what I said daddy!"

After freshening up the trio headed to the car and made their way to Setsu's favourite park. As soon as Itachi parked Setsu bounced impatiently in his car seat.

"Hurry up daddy and Sakura-chan! I have to get to the sandbox!"

"Okay, okay! But remember that big boys must be patient," Sakura laughed happily and got out from her side of the car to unstrap Setsu from his car seat.

"Sakura-san is right Setsu, you must be patient because you are a big boy now," Itachi added in mock sternness.

"I remember! B-but I still need to get to the sandbox even if I am a big boy!" Setsu protested and eagerly scrambled out of his car seat when Sakura unbuckled him. He grabbed one of Sakura's hands and one of Itachi's and pulled them along with him.

"Let's play! Tou-san can you build a sandcastle with me and Sakura-chan? We can make a big one!" Setsu chattered and the two adults let him pull them along because they couldn't bear to interrupt his moment of pure glee.

Itachi slid a glance over at Sakura, who was laughing happily at something Setsu had said. Something he hadn't heard because Sakura was filling his mind and it was too soon. He would have her in his house almost every day from here on out, and Itachi was not at all sure what he was going to do about it and the way she was...

What the hell had he gotten himself into?

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