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Chapter One:

Nick had been driving for what felt like hours. They had finally solved the case of the psychotic gamer who was cutting people in half in both reality and the virtual world.

After Hank had helped him get Wu back to the safety of the building's roof they had left for the precinct straight away leaving the paramedics to deal with the mess left for them on the road.

The captain had thankfully sent them straight back out though, on seeing how exhausted they both were. Nick had said his goodbyes quickly before jumping into his car looking forward to getting home.

He knew he shouldn't really be calling Monroe's house his home. After all he had only been living there for a little while.

He couldn't help but recall how he had come over to the house that night a few weeks ago to find Monroe nervously waiting for him, he had already drunk a few cold ones to try and get through the uncomfortable conversation that was to ensue.

Monroe had told him about Juliette and the Captain's kiss at the spice shop even though it was embarrassing for him and put him in an awkward position.

Nick had felt a surge of gratitude for the blutbad like never before. It had also helped somewhat to numb the pain of what he had just heard.

It wasn't like he was surprised, Monroe always seemed to put Nick's needs ahead of his own but still it had made his chest tighten knowing that Monroe was watching out for him and knowing that he would always be honest with him.

Now a couple of weeks later he found himself using the clockmakers cosy spare room and he had to admit he didn't just like it because it was more comfortable than a couch or his trailer.

Still he felt guilty. In the last few days he had barely thought about Juliette or tried to contact her.

Hank had looked at him with an odd knowing look when he had asked him the other day how things were going between the two of them and he had to admit the truth.

However before Hank could voice whatever was on his mind they had been interrupted by another development in the case.

Now after getting stuck in traffic and being hindered by a tree having falling in the road he was truly ready and eager to get home to coffee, bed and fingers crossed some of Monroe's home cooking.

He finally pulled into the drive and got out rubbing his tired eyes as he walked to the door, grateful Monroe had given him a key so he didn't have to waste time knocking.

When he opened the door he found Monroe sitting on the stairs wearing one of his comfy white cardigans fidgeting slightly with his hands.

His stomach dropped slightly.

"Hey Nick" he said giving a half smile that did not reach his eyes.

Nick sighed. "What's happened?"


Monroe had never been so annoyed in his life. He had been home for only twenty minutes when he realised his clocks weren't enough to calm him down.

Taking a small walk in the woods behind his house cleared his head a little but it wasn't until he threw himself in to cooking his and Nick's dinner that he really felt confident he wouldn't break something or someone.

He knew he was a little all over the place lately and he had had to step up his Pilates to four hours every day ever since Nick had moved in but he wasn't ready to go in to why that was at this moment in time.

He had decided though to tell Nick about Juliette's request the minute he got home.

He had spent the day and most of the evening at her place with Rosalie, trying to help her figure out what her hallucinations or visions were about.

However by the end of the evening he was ready to tear into her just like the old days and it was only by no small amount of restraint that he had not.

Too be fair he didn't mind Rosalie making demands of him. She was one of his closest friends besides Nick but he was only really beginning to get to know Juliette.

For her to stand there and demand for him to take her to the trailer and then threaten to forget Nick forever was infuriating.

He knew she was having a hard time and felt sorry for her. Hell that's why he had gone over there in the first place and why he had kept her recent condition from Nick.

But there was only so far that he could be pushed before he pushed back.

After he had made dinner he had a beer while he waited anxiously for Nick to come back, his Grimm or rather the Grimm Monroe's inner thoughts corrected, normally would have been back by now.

However after living with the younger man for the last couple of weeks he knew that with his profession it was difficult to keep a regular routine.

That's actually one of the things that Monroe still found quite strange. He was a man of routine, of habit.

Nick on the other hand was anything but. Well to be fair that wasn't quite true. On his days off Nick stuck to a fairly regular pattern.

But still, Nick's crazy hours and behaviour didn't grate on Monroe's nerves. They actually seemed to work well together. As roommates of course his treacherous mind interjected.

Dam he thought to himself, he was annoyed at himself for getting sidetracked with these ridiculous ideas of Nick when he had another difficult conversation awaiting him with the man.

He went to sit on the stairs and then that's when he heard it: the now very familiar sound of Nick's car pulling up in the drive way and the Grimm getting out and slamming his door.

Monroe rolled his eyes at that; the man could never close a car door gently. His poor yellow bug could attest to that.

Nick walked in through the doors a couple of minutes later his eyes tired but a grin was already in place before it dropped when he took in the sight of Monroe.

Nick seemed to have a sixth sense for when something wasn't right, which could have been a detective or Grimm thing. All Monroe knew was that it was definitely a Nick thing.

He sighed before asking Monroe what had happened.

Monroe didn't bother holding back this time and just came out with it.

Once he had told him about Juliette's visions and her threat of forgetting Nick forever he was left with a very stunned looking Grimm.

He felt the urge to pull the other man towards him into a hug to comfort him but he resisted. Just because Nick looked like he needed taking care of, did not mean he needed Monroe to take care of him.

"Well" said Nick after awhile looking a little lost.

Monroe's anger towards Juliette increased tenfold but he would never take it out on Nick.

So instead he held back the growl that was building deep in his chest and got up to direct Nick to the couch in the sitting room.

"Hey come on man it's not so bad we'll figure it out" he said trying to reassure Nick and to dislodge that sad look on his face.

Nick was quiet for what seemed like forever to Monroe.

He really wanted to get Nick to talk but he knew it wouldn't be polite to rush him.

So he sat and waited.

It wasn't until Nick turned slightly on the couch to face Monroe that he realised he had been rubbing the younger mans back in soothing circles.

"Monroe I…"

"Look Nick we don't have to make any decisions tonight man. I mean it's a huge thing" said Monroe soothingly.

Nick nodded but he still didn't move. If anything he got closer to Monroe's hand as if seeking the contact.

Monroe knew this was so not the time for noticing things like that and knew that it was definitely not the time to be imagining what would happen if he picked up the smaller man and placed him in his lap.

But he couldn't get the image out of his head. Nick always smelled fantastic but Monroe needed him closer, needed to bury his head in Nick's neck to see if the smell was stronger there, the smell of coffee, soap and something that Monroe could never place.

Shaking his head he forced himself to focus.

Nick needed him.

"Do you want me to get you something to eat? You probably haven't eaten all day"

"No I'm not very hungry" said Nick.

Monroe however knew by now that the man got through his days on sugar and coffee and if it wasn't for the good breakfasts he made him in the mornings he would seriously be worrying about the Grimm's health.

"Hey come on it's already made and I just have to heat it up, it'll make you feel better" urged Monroe getting up to head to the kitchen.

He let out a breath when he heard Nick following him.

Nick sat down at the table and Monroe followed once he had his food set out.

After a few tentative bites Nick started to devour the food enthusiastically and even managed a real smile when he was done.

"God Monroe, thank you! I really needed that" said Nick making Monroe shift uncomfortably in his chair.

The grateful smile Nick threw him, his words and his obvious enjoyment of his cooking was making Monroe feel really good in a very wrong way.

"No problem man" said Monroe gruffly. He got up to put the other mans dish in the sink.


They moved into the sitting room with a couple of beers and turned on the television. Nick had no idea what to do about Juliette. If he were being honest, he didn't want to think about it. He was tired from work and now after the delicious dinner he had had and his comfortable seat on the couch with the warm blutbad next to him he was finding it difficult to focus on it.

After all he didn't like feeling backed into a corner and that's what she was doing.

He realised that the question he really should be considering was not should he allow Monroe to show her the trailer but really whether he was as eager as before for them to go back to the way things were.

After all when they had first met he was a different person. He knew that he had been naïve in the past when he thought that being a Grimm wouldn't change him.

It had. He was living a different life and although some things like his friendship with Hank had been able to stay the same even grow, he was beginning to see how many things had changed from his old life to his new Grimm life.

Looking over at Monroe sitting so close to him, in his protective way and thinking about all the good he felt he could do he knew he wouldn't change it for the world.

And that's when he knew he had his answer. He loved Juliette but not in the same way. His aunt had been right. She wouldn't survive in this world, his new world and he couldn't afford to be selfish and try and pretend like they could get through it.

Even if she did try to understand and believed him, that wouldn't stop her from being in danger from the thousands of threats out there for both a detective and a Grimm.

He felt very tired and couldn't help closing his eyes and snuggling deeper into the couch.

He felt a bit better now that he had made his decision and much more peaceful with the Monroe smelling cushion that he now found under his head.

He smiled he had gotten into the habit lately of falling asleep on Monroe whenever they stayed up late watching movies but the blutbad hadn't said anything to him so Nick assumed he didn't mind too much.

The man was just so cosy.

Tomorrow he would fix things he thought to himself but for now he just wanted to sleep.

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