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Chapter Four:

Monroe had been sitting at the bar for hours now but was not drunk. For a blutbad to get completely intoxicated it took much more than a few beers.

However he was tired and annoyed and feeling pretty sorry for himself.

He had no idea what had come over him. He had been doing so well in hiding his feelings for his friend thus far. He was one hundred percent sure that Nick had no idea how he felt and had been happy with that.

Well maybe not overjoyed but content at least.

It meant that he could keep the detective in his life.

But for some reason hearing Nick on the phone with Juliette made his fears all the more real.

He had known that there was a possibly that they might get back together. He also knew that if they did not, then Nick would end up with some other girl down the line.

He was just enjoying all that not happening, he was enjoying the time they had spent together lately.

Added to that was the worry that Juliette was not good enough for Nick. He kept that feeling at bay because he knew it was definitely a biased opinion.

Unfortunately he and his wolf had grown so used to having Nick around that he could not help but think of Nick as his.

He was certain that Nick was his mate. It had heard stories of blutbads who had been rejected by their mates and were forced to live a life forever alone and wanting that one thing they could not have.

It seldom ever happened and Monroe of course had never once, even in his most self-loathing states, guessed that that was to be his fate.

However he had never before thought he could feel anything for a Grimm but hate and fear and look how that turned out.

He had almost lost control today when he had seen Nick coming home looking so happy and smelling like her. He had had to get out.

So now he sat in a bar drinking and trying to prolong going home and hearing all about Nick's lunch date.

He felt so frustrated and just terrible. He could not stay in the bar any longer for fear of ripping one of the other patrons heads off.

Doing something he had not done for months, he walked out, ignored his car and started to run towards the woods. He had already transformed into his blutbad form.

It was too late and dark for him to have to worry about anyone noticing.

He ran as fast as he could, traveling through the forest over rocks and through streams, he felt better than he had all day.

Monroe knew he had to be careful and not run anywhere near his own house. He did not want to take a chance that his wolf would take over completely and do something drastic. Especially when Nick was probably safe in bed.

He ran until his legs burnt, he chased animals and howled and tried his best to keep any and all thoughts about Nick from his mind.

As the sun started to rise above the trees, Monroe started to slow down.

He could hear some early morning hikers over a hill about twenty miles away from him and so he decided it would be safer to turn back to his human form.

He walked back slowly through the woods to his home.

He went through the back door hoping to avoid Nick's attention until he could get himself cleaned up.

Hopefully he could play off his little episode yesterday to Nick as stress or a blutbad thing or something.

Truthfully he was not sure what he was going to say but a shower might help clear his head a little bit.

Unfortunately he had no such luck.

Nick was already up and drinking coffee in the kitchen.

"Monroe what the hell?" questioned Nick dropping his cup into the sink and walking over in shock at Monroe's state.

Monroe looked down at himself with a little bit of embarrassment. His shirt and trousers were torn and covered in blood. He knew he had cut his lip and probably had some blood on his lip and chin not to mention one or two other cuts decorating his body.

His hair was a tumbleweed after his run and he knew he had taken his shoes off at some point in the night.

By the look on Nicks face he was taking everything in and would remember every detail.

"Hey man sorry I was out late" said Monroe going to the sink to grab a glass to fill up with water.

"Are you kidding me, that's what you have to say as an explanation? You stormed out of here yesterday after being moody all morning, stayed out all night and now turned up like this?" asked Nick getting mad.

"It's nothing Nick ok. It's just a blutbad thing. I'm fine" said Monroe heading towards the stairs.

"I'm going to have a shower" he called running up the stairs two at a time.

Monroe knew that he had really messed up. He could smell the worry pouring off of Nick and his inner wolf was urging him to go back down the stairs and comfort him.

He ignored it and hopped into the shower. Once he was clean he felt better.

He knew that Nick was off today so he decided if the Grimm was still down the stairs when he went down, he would offer to make breakfast and pretend like nothing had happened.

Hopefully he could salvage their friendship at least.

However nothing was going his way this morning. Entering his room he was confronted with a very angry looking Grimm pacing in front of his bed.

Monroe really regretted not getting dressed in his room before coming in.

As it was, he stood in his towel dripping wet unable to stop noticing how good Nick looked standing there glaring at him.

"Nick…." Started Monroe.

"No Monroe let me speak. I am so mad at you. I can't believe you just left like that without a word. I know I'm not your mum but I would have appreciated something letting me know you were ok."

"Wait now…" tried Monroe.

"Especially after everything's that has been happening lately. Have I done something to annoy or upset you is that it?" interrupted Nick.

"No Nick…." Sighed Monroe trying to stop the Grimm.

"Is it that I've over stayed my welcome? Did something happen when I was out at lunch?" asked Nick "cause I've been racking my brain trying to think what it could be".

Monroe's eyes changed colour at the mention of Nick's lunch.

"So it was the lunch?" asked Nick noticing the change as he stepped forward looking triumphant.

Monroe was trying to control himself but with Nick standing so close in nothing but a t-shirt and sweat pants and looking all ruffled from sleep and getting into his personal space it was becoming increasingly difficult.

"For god sake Monroe please talk to me" said Nick with frustration.

And it was that, that look of desperation, of upset that he could not figure out what was wrong with him that broke Monroe.

He grabbed Nick around the waist and kissed him.

He kissed him with all the passion that he had and that had been building up for the last few months.

He was about to pull away at Nicks stiff response regretting what he had done but then something incredible happened.

The younger man reached up to wrap his arms around his neck and pulled him down to deepen the kiss.

It was Monroe's turn to be shocked but he quickly got over it and wrapped his arms around the Grimm's waist to pull him up against him.

Nick wrapped his legs around the older man's waist as he was brought to the bed.

Monroe laid him down as gently as he could before lying down over him as he started to kiss down his neck.

He started to nibble Nick's collarbone which made the other man grown loudly.

"Nick are you sure you want this?" asked Monroe sitting up slightly.

He was so hard and there was nothing more in the whole world that he wanted more then to have Nick under him but he wanted it for good.

"Monroe I've been in love with you for ages. I was at lunch the other day with Juliette because she was starting to get her memories back and to end our relationship. I've never felt this way about anyone before, man or woman. I just never thought you'd feel the same way" said Nick grinning up at the blutbad.

"Nick I'm so sorry that I stormed out yesterday, I was just upset that you might be getting back together with her. I've chosen you Nick for my mate and for blutbads, that's it.

I don't want and will never want anyone else but you" said Monroe looking into Nicks eyes meaningfully wanting the Grimm to know that this was not going to be a one night stand.

"Monroe, I feel the same way. I want to live with you, eat your food and love you for as long as you'll have me" said Nick sitting up slightly so he could capture Monroe's lips with his own.

"Nick I want that too, I want to fight at your side, bandage you up afterwards and cuddle with you on the couch" said Monroe kissing Nick and making him laugh.

Soon neither of them could talk anymore but simply moan.

Nick made the first move by stripping Monroe of the towel. The blutbad allowed his eyes to turn red slightly as he felt Nick begin to stroke him gently.

He was delighted to feel Nick twitch at this instead of showing any fear.

"Oh god Monroe please" moaned Nick squeezing Monroe slightly and making the blutbad growl.

Monroe chuckled darkly as he allowed his dominate side out.

"You may be in charge outside Grimm, but in here you're mine" growled Monroe as he held the moaning Nicks hands above his head with one hand and started to slowly strip him with his other.

He kissed every piece of skin that was revealed making Nick moan in almost desperation.

Monroe was conscious that Nick had never done something like this before and tried to be as gentle as possible.

However Nick was having none of it.

"Monroe, I won't break just please" he begged as he thrust upwards against nothing. Monroe decided to take pity on him and took the younger man's member into his mouth letting his beard scratch against him.

Nick moaned loudly as he started to thrust up into the older man's mouth making Monroe have to grip his hips to pin him down.

"Monroe I'm close" begged Nick dying to touch the blutbad back.

"Nick you're killing me" said Monroe moving back up to give Nick a wet, dirty kiss that had both men panting.

"Ok Nick, are you sure" whispered Monroe as he reached into his side drawer to grab the lube he kept inside.

"Monroe just do it" said Nick as he spread his legs wider.

Monroe had to grab himself to stop from coming at the sight. Slowly he started to prepare the younger man, enlisting more moans from the Grimm.

"You're so tight" groaned Monroe has he took his fingers from the younger man and lined himself up.

"This might hurt but I'll stop whenever you want" said Monroe kissing along Nick's neck.

"Ok, just please" whimpered Nick.

Monroe thrust in as gently as he could. Nick groaned slightly in pain making Monroe stop immediately to let Nick get used to him. Once Nick started to wriggle his hips impatiently Monroe pulled out completely before thrusting back in as far as he could go.

Soon Nick was clawing at the blutbads back in pleasure and Monroe was unable to control himself any longer. He began to thrust into Nick making him scream out the older man's name.

Once they had both come down from their highs, the two men couldn't help but hold on to each other.

Monroe kept tracing up and down Nicks arms and torso and anywhere he could reach for fear that this was simply a dream.

Nick who had is eyes closed while curled up in the blutbads arms was more than enjoying the attention but he wanted to comfort Monroe as well since he could guess the other man's thoughts.

"Monroe stop worrying. Not five minutes after a spectacular orgasm and already you're getting all frowny" huffed Nick still keeping his eyes closed.

Monroe chuckled but did not stop touching the Grimm.

"It soothes my inner wolf. I need to know my mate is ok and happy" said Monroe kissing the younger man on the forehead.

"Oh he's happy alright" grinned Nick cheekily up at Monroe before pushing the older man beneath him so he could lay on top.

"And what's going to make him and you even happier is the day's only just begun! We have all day to stay in bed and get acquainted with the new dynamic to our relationship" at this Nick waggled he eyebrows suggestively which made Monroe roll his eyes before flipping Nick back on to his back so he was on top.

"Well I guess I can't complain with that. Although I don't think a whole day is going to do" growled Monroe licking down Nick's neck to his chest making him squirm and groan at Monroe's ministrations.

"No? Two days?" groaned Nick which earned him a nip on his collarbone.

"More?" groaned the detective as Monroe moved his thigh between Nick's legs to rub against him.

"More" confirmed Monroe.

"Well I guess I have some holidays saved up" said Nick desperately wanting Monroe to stop with the teasing but being unable to do anything about it since his arms and legs were pinned.

"Nick I'm never letting you go now. I love you now and forever, you are mine. But two weeks seems like an agreeable amount of time for me to do to you some of the things I've wanted to do for the last few months" said Monroe biting down on Nicks ear lobe as he started to whisper some of the ideas he had in mind.

Nick was so hard but he had to get one thing out first before he let Monroe have his way.

Looking into the blutbads eyes he said "I love you" smiling with all the love and affection he felt for the man above him, feeling for the first time in a long while like he was on the right path.

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