"Dinner is at 6:30 I expect you to be there"

"Wait but you do kn-" He cut me off and chuckled.

"I know, I know you don't eat anything with a face on it. How could I forget?"

Meanwhile somewhere deep in to the green depths of the ghost zone...

"All the pieces are falling together perfectly, my time frozen friend"

The black haired girl said to her best friend clockwork. Her friend could only mange a nod. He was suffering from a major case of 2nd thoughts. The girl eyes were glowing from evilness and the desire to kill.

"I should have sent him back. I shouldn't of let him sleep in peace. I shouldn't have drove him nuts."

The girl squinted her eyes and walked skillfully over to the now teenage clockwork, and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind.

"You're saying this as if you don't want to be normal again. These were the conditions and you agreed. You knew you were messing with someone else life, can't back out now."

She tossed her long perfect hair over her shoulder and smiled in a villainous way and continued her long seductive speech.

"What's done is done instead," she turned and looked at him in the eye "Let's focus on what you are going to do for me"

Clockwork rolled his eyes and shook away from her. Walking towards the now destroyed future.

"Anna you know I would stop the world to help you feel better... I really truly would. But this time I just can't. Anna, why can't we just live together in peace? Do we really need to terrorize the poor boy?"

"You and I know the answer to that one. I-I-I mean we have to take vengeance against him. Someone has to teach them a lesson! Some has to teach them all a lesson!"

"Don't let revenge take over your heart, sweetie"

"How can't I? I lost everything"

"It was your own fault Anna, it wasn't his fault you went down the wrong road. You could've fought for the good side, we could have had a family by now, maybe?"

"It was a chain reaction!"

"The cause was you and the effect was you being dead."

Clockwork closed his eyes and hugged Anna as close to him as physically possible, she accepted the warm embrace and the smile breaking through all the emotions.

"Vengeance, no I don't think you that, now closure? I think you need that."

"Closure and revenge is the same thing. You get the same satisfaction, the same amount of happiness. That void that you thought would forever empty, is filled with the satisfaction."

Clockwork sighed and pulled away from the hug. He looked down on the endless time and space. Despite his known ability to look into the future, he didn't know this time what would happen to Anna. Anna looked at his face, it was serious and he was thinking hard, his creases on his face more defined after every second. Suddenly his facial expression eased.

"Anna, I love you to death, but I can't do this. I can't take down a person for another person's pleasure. I just can't."

No other words were exchanged for several minutes.

"I thought we were forever"