"Ah, so that's what I did with the garage!" the Doctor exclaimed as he popped through the door and found row upon row of gleaming vehicles from several planets and eras.

One vehicle in particular caught the Doctor's eye. A vehicle that brought a nostalgic smile to the Time Lord's face. Almost boyishly, the Doctor raced towards the car that he'd driven back when he'd worn ruffled shirts and jackets made of crushed velvet rather than of leather. The engine promptly turned over on the first try.

Impulsively, he moved the vehicle into position and raced for the control room. The Tardis dematerialized and shifted slightly leaving a beautiful yellow classic standing in the alleyway that the Tardis had been parked in.

"So Rose, would you like to go for a ride?" the Doctor asked his companion.

"Well, alright then." Rose said, running out and jumping into the passenger seat.

It had been both centuries and decades since it'd been out on the road, and it still turned heads. Probably because it had been decades, and such cars were few and far between, fewer than there had been a generation before. Bessie had been turning heads since the 1970s however, so it wasn't really new to the Doctor. What was new - though not so new - however was the driver.

Bessie, being as distinctive as it was, naturally called attention to itself as did the people inside the classic car who very much didn't look the sort who would be driving or riding around in such a vehicle. Despite the relaxing of the rules of attire which marked the portion of society to which one belonged in recent decades, the driver's close-cropped hair and black leather jacket marked him as most likely not being of the social strata that tended to own and/or drive a vehicle that looked as if it had been manufactured in the early part of the 20th century. Considering such things, it was only natural that Bessie also attracted the attention of the local law enforcement.

"Six blocks." Rose said as the officer led her to a different car. "We didn't even get six blocks because you forgot to renew your registration."

"The Psychic paper usually works for these things." the Doctor who was being pushed into the back of another car replied. "It's not my fault that the officer who pulled us over was mildly psychic and therefore immune."

"Well, if he was psychic, he should've seen that we didn't steal the car." Rose snapped as an officer shut her inside the car she was led to.

After a phone call, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart sent someone out to pick up the Doctor's car and pull him out of jail.

When he was done laughing himself sick that was...