" Blair! What are you doing?! We are late!" Serena, my best friend shrieks from the other side of the door. I groan and stuff the picture under my pillow.

" I'm coming!" I yell back at her. The door swings open, and I leap up from the bed. Serena sighs and comes into my room. She goes over to my bed and sticks her hand under my pillow.

" You're staring at his picture again?" she huffs and pulls put the picture of Chuck. I look out the window.

" I just miss him" I whisper. Serena sets the photo on my bed and grabs my arm.

"I know you miss him , but it's time to move on ! You're winning 2013's best actor award !" Serena says trying to cheer me up. I shake my head.

"Whatever , let's just go " I say quietly. Serena shuts up and walks to the elevator with me trailing behind her.

"Don't forget to call your secretary to get someone to babysit Charlie" Serena says as we walk into the elevator. I shake my head and press the button for level two.

" I'm bringing Charlie with us " I say simply. Serena gasps .

" What ? You can't do that ! "She shrieks.

"Why can't I bring my son ?"

" No one knows you have a son ! What will the media think ?"

" The media ! The media ! That's all you care about ! Serena ! I've put up with the stupid media for one year already ! I am going to start spending quality time with my son ! " I start yelling at Serena. Serena sighs and crosses her arms .

" Fine , but if you get less movie proposals than me , don't come crying to me ! " Serena huffs.

The elevator doors slide open and I storm into the nursery . I pick up my son tenderly and storm back into the elevator . Serena fumes as she presses the button for level one. Suddenly , Charlie starts crying . I gasp and try to calm him down , but he keeps crying. Serena sighs and comes to stand beside me.

"Rock her in your arms. Not shake her. Whisper. Not shout. " She says. I rock Charlie gently in m arms and he starts to calm down a bit. I smile at Serena thankfully as we walk out the elevator to our waiting Limo.

As soon as we get out of the car , millions of fans start screaming. I clutch Charlie to my chest and try to smile at the paparazzi.

"Oh dear ! Blair ! You look beautiful !" Violet, my secretary greets me as she scurries over to me .She ushers me and Serena into the makeup room.

" We just need to freshen up your makeups a bit " Violet says as she takes Charlie from my arms.

"Put him in the crib " I say to Violet . I apply a new layer of lipstick and is about to put on some more blush when I see a man walking into the room from the corner of my eye.

"O-M-G" me and Serena whisper at the same time. I grab Serena's hand and run out the room.

"Violet ! We're finished ! See you after the ceremony ! " Serena calls over her shoulder as we exit the room. We walk over to the seat provided for the award winners , and plop down.I turn to Serena with wide eyes.

"HE WAS HERE !" I nearly shriek at her . She stares at the seat beside me and keeps quiet. I frown and look at the chair beside me. I gasp when I see the name tag. There ,written in big bold letters : CHUCK BASS.

"OMG!OMG!" I shriek . Serena clamps her hand over my mouth.

"Shush ! " she hisses.

" GOD ! What shush ? What am I going to do ?" I ask frantically.

"Ok , here's the plan , we get the award and go , ok ? "

" I was really looking forward to the after party !" I whine .

"Ok . We'll come back later for the after party , kay?"

" OK" i say nodding my head nervously.

" Now ! The winner of 2013's best actor award goes to Blair Waldorf ! " a man announces on stage. I smooth down my black empire waist dress and put on a dazzling smile. I sashay up the stage and shakes hands with… whatever his name is. I get my award. Nearly run off the stage , and bolt with Serena.

"I can't believe this !" I shriek once we are in the limousine.

"Are you going to tell him about the baby ?"

"No way ! He never answered any of my calls , and he never called me !"

" You told him to keep away from you "


"I know , but that was when he thought you didn't like him"

"But he shouldn't have done it !"

"I think he deserves to know his own son !"

"No ! He doesn't ! He left me !"

"Come on Blair, calm down " Serena says and checks her watch.

" It's time , come on , after party " she says as cheerily as she can.

"I'll just go get Charlie and we can go home. I'm not in the mood right now." I say grumpily . Serena shrugs and opens the door for me .

"I'll just wait here for you then " she smiles. I ignore her and half run half walk to the makeup room.

"Violet ! Violet ! " I call as I walk into the makeup room. No answer. I sigh and take out my phone. I press the speed dial button and press the phone to my ear .

"Blair ?"

"Where's my son ?"

" Oh , he's with a someone named Chuckles or whatever"

"What ? Where IS MY SON ?" I yell.

"A producer wanted you to do this show , and he told me to sign some papers outside , so I asked the nearest person to help me take care of Charlie."

" Do you know what kind of people are in the make up room ?"

"actors ?"

"DO you think actors bother to help other people take care of a baby ?"


"Where is my son ? "

"Just go to the crib room , he might be there. And Chuckles seemed like a nice man . I'm sure he took care of Charlie while-" I slam my phone shut and storm to the crib room.

I freeze at the entrance of the crib room when I see a familiar person holding my son. Now it makes sense. Chuckles . Chuck. God . Stupid me.

"Blair ?" Chuck whispers. I shake my head and walk to him, holding out my arm. He stares at me .

"It is your baby ?" he asks in bewilderment.

"HE is my baby " I growl and grab my baby from his arms. Something shifts in his face and his eyes widen.

"What's his name?"

I turn around .

"It's none of your business" I hiss. A warm hand touches my arm , sending a familiar spark through me. I shiver.

"Is he mine ?" Chuck whispers behind me. I shake off his arm.

"Yes, but I don't need you in my life , and he doesn't either " I whisper and run out the door.

"Wait!" Chuck calls.

I don't turn around , but I stop running and stand with my back facing him.

"Three words , eight letters!" he yells at me.

"I don't love you ! " I yell back. I shake my head and start running again. I run all the way back to the limousine and throw myself into the back seat. I collapse into the seat and tears start rolling down my cheek. I hand Charlie to Serena and start to bawl like a baby. All of my past memories , those wonderful days with Chuck, starts flooding back to me.

Our first kiss. Our first… I look at the empty seat beside me. The first time we did it in the back of his limousine. I can still remember the feel of his arms around me , the passion, the love. My heart ached for him then, and it still does now.

"Three words , eight letters " I whisper.