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Here is the Script of the scene Blair and Chuck are acting today :

John: I love you Claire! Will you marry me ?(propose)

Claire :This is really big. I have to think.

John : If you say no. I will jump off the empire state building !

Claire : Oh! No! I love you ! (Kiss scene)

( Go down to car , sex scene)

Alright... here you go...

Blair POV

"Hmm...this is a bit close for a proposal" my voice is barely a whisper as those dark brown eyes bore into mine. Shaking my head to clear my thoughts , i tear my eyes away from those brown orbs.

"You should kneel down " i add quietly. Chuck chuckles .

"Well... im changing the rules"he whispers softly.I lean back when i feel his breath hitting my face.

"You stink " i snap . A lie. He smells awesome. He smells like mint cologne and something sweet. He cocks his head , a smirk on his face.

"Really? Then why are you blushing ?" he whispers and leans in closer.

"Im not blushing! Stop talking ! Get on with the script ! " i hiss at him. He chuckles again and takes a small black box from his pocket. He takes my hand and opens the box with his free hand.

"I love you Claire ! Will you marry me ?" he asks aloud.I wince. The sound of Chuck saying i love you Claire makes my heart clench. It should be Blair not Claire. I know it's just acting but...

Am i still in love with Chuck ? No. Definitely not. Im famous now. I don't need to depend on a man. I don't.

"Blair?!" Chuck hisses in my ear. I jump and jerk from my thoughts. I run a hand through my hair as i try to remember my lines.

"This is really big. I have to think." i say. Chuck drops my hand and steps back from walks over to the railing and leans over it.

"If you say no. I will jump off the empire state building !" He calls over at me.

Oh shoot. The line i have been dreading.

"Oh!No!I-" i pause in the middle of my mouth opens and closes but no sound comes out. Dan grunts from behind the camera obviously annoyed by my pause. I take a deep breath and walk towards Chuck.

"I love you" i say. Chuck smiles and leans away from the railing. He comes over to me and stands infront of cups my cheek gently.I shiver.

"Wha-what are you doing ?" i stammer when he starts to lean down. He presses his lips down on mine

"Im acting"he murmurs against my lips. Oh yea. The kissing scene.

And the sex scene.

He pulls me closer to him and our bodies crush together. My thoughts start jumbling together , all i can think about is him. My tongue explores the sweet paradise in his mouth greedily. I'm about to forget everything and just kiss him forever when he ruins the moment. He starts pulling me to the elevator. His hand grabbing at the zipper of my dress .I start to pull back , but he pulls me back against him.

"We don't have to do the sex scene for real " i protest against his lips. He pulls back and holds me tighter. His mouth travelling down my neck. I moan.

" You don't want to do it for real ?" he asks slyly as i continue to moan.

"No" i say through my moans. He stops kissing my neck and reaches back to press the elevator button behind elevator opens and he throws me into the small space. He presses the level one button before turning back to me. He kisses me briefly before the doors slide open again. He picks me up and starts carrying me out. I resist the urge to scream and turn my head to glare at him.

"Why are you carrying me?" i hiss.

" I'm a gentleman" he says simply with a shrug of his shoulders.

" Gentlemen don't do this " i snap.

"Ok, maybe i just want to feel your sexy body" he smirks. I feel a brush creeping into my cheeks and turn away.

His body shakes with silent laughter at my response. I groan inwardly. What am i supposed to do ?!

Soon, we are outside where my glossy black limousine is parked. Chuck opens the door with one hand and tosses me into the car . He is about to go in too when Dan yells 'cut' from behind. I heave a sign of relief as i sit up and stumble out of the car.

"Well done guys ! You guys can go change now. We're shooting scene one tomorrow, kay ?" Dan asks as he comes over to us. I nod eagerly. Scene one is when John and Claire first meet ,so there are no annoying scenes. Chuck frowns.

"What about the sex scene ?" he asks in a slightly irritated voice.

"I think the audience can guess what happens in the limousine" Dan says. Chuck's frown deepens.

YEAH! Sighing with happiness , i walk to the changing room.

I change into a strapless blue dress that Violet had prepared from me and put on a pair of silver sandals. I walk out of the room feeling quite nice until i notice a dark shadow looming over me at the entrance of the changing room. I look up.

"What are you doing ?" i snap at Chuck. He gives me his signature smirk.

"Remember you promised me to let me meet my son ?" he asks.

"I didn't promise you" i point out.

"I know. "

"Then why are you here ?"

"To let you take me to your house to see your son"

" I said i didn't promise you!"

"But you didn't say you won't."

"Im not taking you to see my son and definitely not to my house !"

"You really don't want me in your life?" his voice turns serious as he says this.

I want to tell him how much i want him. How much i wish i could kiss him forever ...but i can't. I'm Blair Waldorf , a strong woman. I don't need a man. I can't.

"I...i don't" i whisper. I hear Chuck suck in a sharp breath.

"Fine" he snaps and walks away.

My heart clenches as i watch him. I keep telling myself what i did was right , but i know it was wrong.

So very very wrong. I don't want him to hate me. I want him in my life.

Chuck POV

I know Blair still has feelings for me. I need her to stop hiding them. I have to let her see that we belong together. I have to get her back to me. I have a plan. Let's just hope it works.

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