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It was going to be a bad day.

She could feel it in the very air, but then again, it could just be the blood lust that always surrounded the infamous Ishiyama High.

'I can't believe this is the only high school that would accept me.' Kagome thought, staying near the front gate until she deemed it time to go inside the tattered building. It's not like the school had a bell or anything similar since it didn't even hold regular classes.

All in all, it was a sad state of a school.

'But,' She glanced up, watching as two boys made their way to the school building and her eyes locked onto the small baby that was clinging to one of the two males, 'It sure is interesting.'

How many high schools had demons in the vicinity?

"Ah~ Kagome-chan!" A voice called out and she noticed that Furuichi was almost right in front of her and he grasped her hands as soon as he was close enough, "You're as beautiful as ever this morning~!"

Kagome blinked as Furuichi crumpled to the ground under the force of Oga's punch, "Idiot," He snorted, before glancing up at her, "Oi, Higurashi – you want my baby?" He asked with that same flat voice he did every time.

To other ears, it probably sounded perverted, but she finally understood what he meant after a week of attending the school, "Good morning, Beel-chan!" Kagome cooed and the baby bounced excitedly at the sight of her, "You can at least try to phrase it another way, Oga-kun."

Oga shrugged, "Why? I'm asking you exactly the way it means." He certainly didn't see any need to sugarcoat things.

Kagome let out a sigh, but the smile on her face could almost be called that of fondness, "I don't think–!?" She suddenly paused, glancing over towards the gate when her senses buzzed at the familiar feeling.

Oga raised his brows at her abrupt pause before following her gaze to the school gate where three males were standing. It was obvious they did not attend Ishiyama High with the different school uniforms they were wearing.

Kagome and Furuichi watched with wary eyes as the three approached them and Oga took a step forward; his fists clenching with anticipation, "Can I help you?" He asked mockingly, but he was surprised when Kagome stepped up beside him and uttered a name in shock.