Infinity 1: You're Ultraman Mebius!

-Ultraman Mebius opening song-

On a sunny day, Naruto Uzumaki failed his graduation test and this allowed him to be manipulated by one of his 'sensei', Mizuki, to steal the Forbidden Scroll and in doing so, his dark unknown secret is known and a new legend has appeared!

"Hey, brat! Do you know why the villagers hate you?" asked Mizuki.

"No, don't listen to him, Naruto!" shouted Iruka.

"You're the Nine Tailed Demon Fox!" shouted Mizuki.

Naruto just stood there shocked to the core. Unable to move, Mizuki threw a windmill shuriken at Naruto. Iruka tried to get in front of Naruto but it was already too late.

In M78 Universe

"That boy has the Nine tailed fox in him. We were right on time to save that boy's body and take away his burden as well as give him a family that he wishes. Mebius, will you copy this boy's body and take it as your own. You may suffer the same way this boy has been treated but it's for the world's best interest. Protect the Earth with all your heart" Said Ultra Father.

"I got it. I will be going". Said Mebius as he raises his left arm to show the Mebius Brace.

"Go forth, young hero! Go to that planet we treasure, Earth!" commanded Ultra Father.

And a new Legend was born!

AN: Sorry, this is short. This is just a prologue. So, I'm just getting started.

Also, I'm still rewriting Ultraman Nexus: The Last Dunamist so it will take a while until the first five renewed chapters come up.