Harry Potter/Star Wars Challenge

Plot: Having heard that his old friends Lily and James Potter were in danger, Jango Fett fakes his death using a trained clone of himself to take his place and takes a handful of Kaminoan scientists as well as some of the Clone army such as Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Commander Fox, Commander Wolffe and Commander Gree. He goes to Earth only to find out he was too late. He found out that Harry was still alive. He swore that the new Clone Army would be loyal to Harry and him alone. He continued to train the clones and formed Hogwarts Defence Army. Having lived under the Black Lake for eleven years, Harry comes to Hogwarts at last! He placed Harry as Supreme Commander of Hogwarts Defence Army and becomes his willing subordinate.


The story of Harry must remain to the canon but slight au being there is the Clone Army and the pairings can be the same or different. Side Femslash pairing is good but no male-male pairing. Nothing against it but I just can't picture it in Harry Potter story. No offence. Also, no bashings

Role of the Commanders:

Captain Rex: Leader of the 501st Legion. 501st Legion also, houses the Air Corps which includes Z-95 Headhunters, Arc-170s as well as LAAT/Is. Every Division has its own LAAT/Is groups

Commander Cody: Leader of the 212th Attack Battalion (Same as Star Wars canon) Mostly have AT-TEs, AT-RTs and AT-MPs. Cody is loyal and one of the few Commanders to be on par with Jango Fett.

Commander Fox: Leader of Hogwarts Guards. A no-nonsense commander and a fierce one. He follows any orders given by Dumbledore and Harry. He's very loyal and his skills as the Guard Commander is on par of that with Jango Fett. He protects Harry with utmost fierceness even if it's at the cost of his life

Commander Gree: Leader of the Aid Corps (The concept of the corps is to give aid to any wizards/witches civilians that did not fight as well as to be part of any political campaigns on behalf of Hogwarts such as Tri-Wizard tournament) and the Recon Corps, which deploys AT-RTs and BARC Speeders as scouts. Gree has a keen interest in wizarding world. This makes him ideal for the job of leader of the Aid Corps. Loyal to the heart and expressed interest in learning every dark art spells so as to counter it with technology of the Kaminoans.

Commander Wolffe: Leader of the Wolfpack. Quick Reactionary Force and have the most AT-RTs in the Defence Army. Also, have training with Jetpacks. Fearless and his loyalties knows no bound. Wolffe has proved himself from time to time on his loyalty to Dumbledore, Jango Fett and Harry Potter.

Jango Fett: Trainer of the Clone Army and General of the Wolfpack and Recon Corps. Noted for his quick reactions to enemy spells and a known bounty hunter of the wizarding world. He's passed off as a legend in the Wizarding World. No wizards or witches have seen him except for few such as Dumbledore and McGonagall. Close friend of James and Lily Potter, he swore an oath to protect their son from any dangers even at the cost of his own life.

Harry Potter: Supreme Commander of the Hogwarts Defence Army. Answers to Dumbledore and later on, has Ron and Hermione as his lieutenants. Dumbledore's Army can be made officers in the Defence Army.


The writer must NOT treat this story as crap and such

Writer must be dedicated to making this story good.

Start from Philosopher's Stone to the Deathly Hallows and through to the epilogue.

Genuine English. Grammatical error is accepted but no broken English except for other characters speaking Mando'o or French and other languages as well as Hagrid's way of speaking

Can break it up into separate stories following each year or treated as one whole story

Other Notes:

As I said, no bashing although bashings on characters such as Umbridge and Malfoy is approved only because it was done so in the canon as well.

No Jedi or Sith. Just Jango Fett and his clones as well as a few Kaminoans.

DC-15A and DC-15S blaster rifles

Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon

Rocket Launchers

DC pistols

Stun grenades except during major battles

Can have clones pairing up with Harry Potter characters if desired

No Order 66 purge of something. Clones are loyal to Harry and his allies. Will treat his nemesis the same as Harry would.

Clones from the TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Can appear. Such examples would be Wolffe and Fox.

Can integrate book lines and movie lines

Harry can use blasters as well if you want to have him have the skills

Clones in Year 1-3 are in Phase I

Clones in Year 4-7 and so on Phase II

Clones first appears in Philospher's Stone. Not before.

Come and Take the Challenge! I would love to read it. I haven't the time due to my commitment to work. However, the Star Wars AU series and other works are not abandoned! Just delayed!