Naruto: Son of Dr.K

By Fireshadow45

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Chapter 1 rewrite

Story start

Location-Venjix factory

There stood Venjix in newly built body he looked like a cool-headed chauvinistic warrior ready for battle. Sitting by his side were his generals Shifter, Crunch, and Kilobyte. Now in front of him were Tenaya 7 and his new evil ranger to finally put an end to power rangers. "Tenaya 7 is are ranger ready" said Venjix. "Yes Venjix he is but I'm worried that he will get hurt he is still a just a child and my kid brother", said Tenaya 7. "I know but I know that he is ready to fight for me", said Venjix. "Oh okay but I get to help him" said Tenaya 7. "That is fine with me", said Venjix. "Ready the armies for battle today RPM will fall", said Venjix.

Corinth city

Right, we see the rangers fighting off Venjix attack bots when Ziggy says "Is it just me or are the attack bots weaker this time." "Yeah they are what give", said Dillon. Just as he said a blaster shot at them but it wasn't a blaster from the attack bots no but a blaster from them. None of them did it then; just then a weird looking ranger appeared he looked like a turbo ranger but something was just off about him. Then Tenaya 7 appeared beside him and said "Ready little bro". "Yeah let's show the traitorous rangers what it means to be a power ranger ", said red turbo ranger. Just then the turbo ranger went after all the RPM rangers as they were run he took out his turbo sword with his turbo blaster and slash the blue and black. Then blasted the red and yellow RMP rangers and while the rangers were on the ground Tenaya 7 was getting ready to make her make her but just the here came doctor K in the silver RMP with blaster in hand. Then she blasted tenaya 7 while red turbo dodge the shot that when K ask who he was? Then he asks if she doctor k and she said yes then he stop his attack on the rangers. "You're the person I'm been looking for doctor k. "power down", said the demorph ranger. He had spikey sun-kissed golden blonde hair with blue sapphire eyes and he look to be about 16 years old but the real weird part he looked like doctor K in the face plus he had six whiskers marks on each cheek. While all the were looking at him not paying no through to doctor K because she through she saw a ghost of her died husband and stole son in one. She through it was a dream until she said his name "Naruto is it you", said Doctor K. "Doctor K do you know him", asked Scott with a questionable look in his eyes but all the rangers were in for a surprise for the answer they were about to get. "Yes I know him he is my long lost son Naruto", said Doctor K.


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