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Deep breath in, deep breath out. The calm before the storm. The quiet before the attack.

She could hear them coming closer. The fleeing footsteps beat an irregular pattern through the quiet wood. The sounds of cracking twigs and rustling leaves interrupted the gentle silence of the trees. A whimper reached the ears. It was time.

Pan swung down from her perch in the oak tree, landing softly on the dry ground. Her muscles flexed as she stood, nocking an arrow fluidly.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

She raised her bow and drew the string back to her jaw, waiting patiently.

Breathe in.

The crashing noise became louder, closer. Pan could feel the ground vibrate beneath her booted feet.

A blonde head bobbed into sight, followed by a sea of decaying faces. They broke into the clearing Pan stood in and the small girl being chased let out a muffled scream as her legs gave way and she hit the floor, fingers scrambling to pull herself away from the drooling dead.

Crap. Pan wasn't expecting that, but her instincts made the arrow in her bow fly into the nearest head. One by one, the walkers around the sobbing girl dropped to the floor.

Silence reigned once again in the wood.

Breathe out.