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King Arthur's ward Chapter 1

The knights of Camelot where out on Patrol in the forest. It was a rainy day in the kingdom and everything in the forest was normal until they heard crying. " What's that?" A wet Gwaine asked. The others shrugged. They all got off their horses and headed in the direction of the crying.

When they got onto the scene they saw a drenched little girl who was abandoned. The little girl had long blonde hair and doe like brown eyes. She looked that she could be no more than five years old and you could see that she was under weight. She was wearing a blue piece of cloth that could hardly be called a dress as most of it was ripped, Plus it was also too big on her. Gwaine crouched down to her level and said "Hello my name is Gwaine and these are my friends" She whimpered and backed away until her back hit a tree. Her eyes held nothing but fear. The knight's exchanged worried looks and they where all wondering the same thing. What happened to the little girl?

"We won't hurt you, we just want to help" Percival said softly while slowly approaching the terrified child.

She hesitantly stepped forward "Please don't hurt me" She said in her small childish voice.

"What happened to you?" Leon asked, shocked at how scared she was.

She sniffed and said "My mummy and I was taking a walk in the forest when a pretty lady came over to us. She started to talk about how she needed my mummy's help and that if my mummy didn't come with her she would kill me and make mummy watch" The knights gasped in horror. "Then mummy started to shout at me and say how she wished that I hadn't been born and that I was a mistake" By the end the poor child was in tears.

Percival slowly held his hand out to the girl " I promise that my friends and I will not harm you" He vowed. She bit her lip.

"Okay" She whispered and took his large hand in her tiny one.

Percival led her to where everyone else was. They gave her a comforting smile The Knights where thinking the same thing. How can someone say that to their child? But then again the mother was being threatened.

" What did the woman look like?" Elyan asked. The child wiped her eyes and said "She was tall and was really pretty, She had black hair and her eyes can turn gold and she was dressed in black" . She described.

The Knight's knew that they had to take her to safety. " What's you name?" Gwaine asked.

"Megan" She sniffed.

"Your safe now" Percival said. Together they made there way back to the horses.

When Megan saw the horses her eyes lit up."Pretty!" They all let out relived chuckles. Thank god they got her mind off the traumatic events she had recently been through.

Percival helped Megan onto his horse and started to go to Camelot. During the short journey Megan started to get cold so he gave her his spare cloak. When they arrived in Camelot they all went to the throne room to talk to the king and queen.

Then entered and when Megan saw the king and queen she hid behind the knights. Megan was still holding onto Percival's hand. "It's okay, nobody will hurt you" Elyan said. Arthur slowly stood up and shot the knights questioning looks. Why did they come back from patrol early? And why was there a child in his throne room?

As the king got closer he noticed that the child was wearing one of the knights cloaks and looked terrified. He crouched down so he could talk to Megan. " Hello my name is Arthur" He said gently, trying not to scare her even more. The queen had also gotten up from her place on her throne and crouched down next to her husband.

She slowly came out from behind the knights and said "Hello, I'm Megan" Arthur smiled at how cute she was. Arthur was trying to think of a good way to find out what happened to the child as he didn't want to upset her even more.

Gwen gently smiled at Megan " My name is Gwen" Megan waved.

" Leon what happened to her?" Arthur asked.

The knights started telling him about how they found Megan and told him about what happened to her mother. When the knights where halfway through the story Megan started to cry. So Gwen took hold of the small girl and gave her a hug. By the end of the story the king and queen where appauled at the ordeal that Megan had gone through. Arthur vowed that he would do whatever he could to help the child. He also wanted to give the mother a piece of his mind. How could she say that to Megan? He knew that she was being threatened but there must have been a way to not be so cruel to Megan.

"Megan?" Gwen asked.

"Yes?" Gwen put a hand on the little girl's shoulder and said "Did you hear the woman's name?" She nodded.

"Morgana" Arthur and the fellow knights clenched their fists. Arthur was appalled. He knew that his sister had gone over to the bad side but he didn't think that Morgana would put a child through all of this. Arthur looked at the floor sadly.

Suddenly Megan gave Arthur's legs a hug. "don't be sad". Arthur picked up the child and hugged her.

"How old are you?" Gwen asked curiously.

Megan then said "six!" Everyone looked surprised. She looked younger.

"Wow your a big girl" Arthur said. Megan stated to giggle.

"Gwennie?" Megan said holding her arms out for a hug. Gwen looked touched that the child wanted a hug from her.

Gwen took Megan from Arthur and hugged her. While the queen was hugging the child she wondered how much did the child weigh? Surely she is under weight.

"We need to find out where the mother is, Leon look for sources that will tell us where Morgana is" Arthur said. They nodded and left.

Then the doors opened again and Merlin came stumbling in. "When did you get a child?" He asked in shock. What a clotpole Arthur thought.

Megan jumped out of Gwen's arms and hid behind the queens legs. Arthur was annoyed at Merlin for scaring Megan and said "Merlin, this is Megan and she was found in the woods" Merlin was surprised. "Hello Megan" He said. She smiled and greeted him.

Arthur told Merlin about how Morgana and Megan's mother where working together. "How could someone do that to their child?" Merlin wondered when Arthur had finished explaining.

Megan started crying. "I'm bad!" Gwen sat down on her throne and sat the child on her knee.

"Why would you think that sweetie?" Gwen asked.

"why else would my mummy leave me?" Megan sobbed.

"Megan your not bad, you are very good" Arthur said, standing in front of the child.

She sniffed and looked at him. "Really?" He nodded.

Merlin started making funny faces which was making Megan giggle. "Your funny!" Megan said.

Merlin grinned. "Why thank you!" Arthur rolled his eyes.

"Megan Merlin is a idiot" Gwen gave Arthur a disapproving look. He needs to set a good example, after all there is a child present.

Arthur then said " Megan you will stay here until we can find someone to look after you" She nodded.

After a couple of minutes of Merlin entertaining Megan her stomach started rumbling. "Hungry?" Arthur asked.

She nodded. "Merlin take her to Gaius so we can know if she is hurt in any way, oh and get her something to eat" Arthur said realising that the poor thing must be starving.

Merlin took Megan's hand and lead her out of the throne room. Time to get some food for Megan.

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