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Arthur's ward chapter 2

Merlin lead Megan to the kitchens. Her mouth hung open at the size of the castle. Merlin had to have a strong grip on her hand so she wouldn't run off and go exploring. Merlin was smiling in amusement as the small blonde was practically bouncing in excitement. When they got into the Kitchen Merlin started making Megan a sandwich.

"Megan do you like cheese Sandwich's?" Merlin asked. She grinned and nodded. He gathered the ingredients and made Megan the Sandwich. Megan's stomach rumbled as she smelt some of the ingredients. Merlin frowned. How long has it been since she last ate? He decided not to ask as she has been through a lot. Merlin cut the Sandwich in half and then he put it onto a small plate. Then he gave it to the starving child.

Megan took the plate in her tiny hands and grinned at the plate. Suddenly Megan gave Merlin a hug. Merlin chuckled at her actions and he gently hugged her.

"Thank you Merlin!" She shouted. Megan pulled out of the hug and started to eat. Merlin watched in shock as she quickly ate the sandwich. He didn't think that it was possible for someone to eat at that speed ... Well maybe Arthur could.

When she had finished eating Merlin took her hand again and together they headed to Gaius. Megan was looking around the castle in awe. "Wow! This is so big!" She mumbled. Merlin laughed. He started to ask what Megan likes to do and found out that her Mother had already started to teach her how to write her name and how to do simple sums. He realised that Megan was very intelligent for her age. He also learned that she loves to hear stories and learn new things. Gaius and Megan will get along very well he thought.

When they got to Gaius's chambers Megan quickly hid behind Merlin. "Hello young lady" Gaius said gently, bending down to her level. Megan stepped out from behind Merlin. She smiled at Gaius.

"Hi! I am Megan! Arthur said that I am a big girl!" She spoke. Gaius grinned at her and ruffled her hair. He looked at Merlin and listened to Merlin explain about what happened to Megan. By the end of the story Gaius was angry at Morgana. How could she do this to an innocent child? She has changed drastically and will never be the same kind hearted ward she once was.

Gaius then realised that Megan could be hurt as she has been in the forest by herself. "Megan my child are you hurt in any way?" She shook her head. Gaius frowned. Sometimes children lie when they are hurt because they are too scared to get seen to.

"Megan can you be a brave girl and let me check to see if you are harmed in any way" She pouted. She hates getting checked for injuries. Megan nodded as she knew that she could trust her new friends.

Gaius then started to examine her. Merlin watched in concern the whole time. After Gaius had examined the child he saw that there was only a few things to worry about.

He looked to Merlin and said " She is fine all I can say is that is a bit small for her age and a little under weight" Merlin nodded but his eyes still glistened in concern.

"What should she eat then?" He asked. Gaius thought for a minute and told him to make sure she eats more fruit and vegetables. Megan noticed some of Gaius's potions and started pointing at them.

"Can Megan pwease help you?" She asked. Gaius smiled at her and nodded. He couldn't say no to her as she was too cute.

For the next couple of hours they worked together to make the potions. Every now and then Megan would comment on how pretty some of the colours where. Megan's important job was to pass the required ingredients to the skilled physician. When they had finished brewing all the potions Gaius started teaching Megan the basics of science. The 6-year-old seemed to be having the time of her life.

When it started to get dark out Gaius said " Come back when ever you want, it is a pleasure having you" Megan grinned and hugged him.

"Thank you! Meggie had tons of fun!" She exclaimed. Gaius grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and gave it to her.

"That is for your hard work" He said. she grinned and yawned. She hugged him goodbye. Merlin took Megan by the hand and together they started to walk around the castle.

"Merlin can we go and see Arthur and Gwennie?" She asked. He looked into her big doe like eyes and nodded. Together they started to head to the throne room. Every time they would pass a member of the court they would smile and wave at the child.

When they a few minutes away from the throne room Megan yawned and stopped rubbing her eyes. Merlin nearly slapped himself. Of course the child would be sleepy! He should have made her take a short nap. He mentally sighed. Too late now.

"Do you want me to carry you?" Merlin offered. She nodded and held her arms up in the air so it would be easy to pick her up. He picked her up and started to carry they got to the throne room they saw all the members of the round table in the same room. It would seem that Arthur was already making a plan to get Megan's mother back.

When Megan saw Arthur and Gwen she jumped out of Merlin's arms and ran towards them. "ARTHUR! GWENNIE!" She shouted with a sudden burst of energy. Everyone in the room laughed and a couple of people 'awwed'. Gwen stood up from her place by Arthur and picked her up and gave her a hug.

"Hello" Gwen said sitting down by Arthur again, with the child sitting on her lap.

Arthur then noticed the apple in the childs hands. "What's that?" He asked.

She grinned and said "Meggie helped Gaius work and then he gave me an apple!" She showed the apple to everyone in the room. They all smiled at the sight of the king and queen having a conversation with the young girl.

"Wow good girl" Arthur said. She started yawning again and snuggled up to Gwen.

"I'm sleepy Gwennie" Megan yawned. Gwen kissed the childs hair and Arthur dismissed the council. Arthur gently picked up Megan and carried her to the room next to his and Gwen's chambers. Gwen opened the door and Arthur placed Megan on the bed. Together the king and queen made sure that Megan was warm enough.

"Good night Megan" Arthur and Gwen said.

"Night" Megan whispered as her eyes shut.

Arthur and Gwen kissed Megan's head and then left the room hoping that they will find Megan's mother soon.

( Meanwhile with Morgana)

Morgana was pacing around the abandoned castle thinking about ways to take over Camelot and to get the small girl into her clutches. There has to be a way. Morgana looked at the middle-aged woman. She looked a lot like the young child. The only difference was that Helen had greying blonde hair and blue eyes. Helen was leaning against the wall and was biting her nails in worry. Is her baby still in the scary forest? Has someone found her and took her in?

"Oh stop worrying about the little brat!" Morgana snapped at her.

The woman glared menacingly at her " The only reason I am helping you is to keep my daughter safe!" Morgana laughed.

"Oh Helen I don't care about the brat I only care about the Magic she will posses" Morgana said. Helen looked enraged.

"You said that if I come with you,you would leave Megan out of this" Helen shouted. Morgana smirked.

"Yes I will for now that is" Morgana said laughing. As if she would leave the child out of this for long.

Helen looked like she was going to slap Morgana " If you harm a single hair on my Daughter I will kill you" She growled.

Morgana rolled her eyes and said " for now you are good enough, now we have much to discuss" Morgana gestured to a table which has two chairs. Helen sighed and sat in the chair closest to her. She hoped that Megan was somewhere safe.

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