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I practically waited for the rest of the week to end. Days dragged. And, as everyday I saw Katniss, the determined I got to tell her everything. I've practiced, talking to myself while baking at the bakery, imagining what I should do during class. My friends were all and supportive. And I never told anyone in my family besides Marcus.

"Really?" he said, after I told him.
"It's just" he paused, as if thinking of the right words to say "Peeta, I knew that you've always liked Katniss. And I'm really happy that you've finally worked up the courage to tell her. But telling her you like her isn't the best thing to do. She is Katniss Everdeen. The whole district knows that."
He was doubting me.
"I know what Katniss is capable of." I told him. "I don't care what she may do to me. She has to know. Things may happen."
Marcus kept quiet after that. He what I meant. He may be free of the burden, but I wasn't. The Hunger Games.
"Alright Peeta."

Saturday finally comes. I was at the bakery then, which was nothing new. It was still early, but I already baked a tray of bread with nuts and berries in them. I put them out for the world to see, when I saw through the bakery's dusty old window my father, talking to a small figure. I could only make out the faint outline of her braid when I knew who it was.
I went straight to the door of the bakery, close enough to her them, yet far away for them not to see me.
"Probably a bigger one." she said, and suddenly a warm feeling has spread throughout me.
"No, that's alright." my father said. "I'd take that one, and give you a nice new loaf."
Negotiating. My father's buying squirrels again.
"No." she said "Take the bigger one. The small one's far too less for a fresh loaf."
"Alright." I moved out of the way as my father went in to put the squirrel in and get Katniss' loaf of bread. He got the one I baked. He gave it to her, said his thanks, and went back inside. Katniss was about to walk off when I went out of the bakery.
"Katniss." I called out.
She turned around and faced me. On her face was a big question mark.
"Can we, uh, talk?" I asked.
It was clear on her face that she was confused. I let her think, then. At least I got her attention.
"Okay." she finally said.
I lead her the old apple tree, in front of my family's pig pen. Where I gave her the bread.
I looked at her, she was taking the surroundings in. She flinched as she touched the old tree, and it was clear to me what she was thinking.
"Hi." I started. It was a way to start a conversation. She looked up at me.
"Hi." she said. I stayed quiet for awhile.
"Do you remember?" I asked.
She gave me a faint nod. Of course she did. She flinched.
"I'm sorry." I said.
She looked up at me again.
Hearing her say my name, I swear I could've just lost it right there. But I had to tell her.
"I'm sorry." I repeated, putting a hand up as Katniss opened her mouth to say something. "I'm sorry I threw it at you. I should've went to you. I should've went under the rain, and went to you, and stayed with you right there. I just had to be so weak and threw it at you."
I was practically shouting, but admittedly, it felt good to finally let it out. I looked at Katniss. Her face was calm, but it was evident that she was against what I said.
"No, Peeta." she said.
"No, no." I threw back at her. "Katniss, you have no idea. I should've-"
"Peeta." she cut me. "You saved my life."
It threw me aback.
"But-" I started to say, but again, she stopped me from talking.
"Peeta, I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for what you did. If it wasn't for the bread. I can't stop owing you for that."
She just kept looking at me.
"Katniss?" I said, after awhile.
She just looked at me.
"I love you."

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