Rosario Vampire and Bijuu Chapter 1

AN: originally Rosario Fox and Kitsune Monsters by Rigbutter 96

(Chapter 1: The First Few Days)

Naruto didn't know why he was here. Well, he knew why, but he didn't see it as necessary. Yokai Academy was not his ideal school. He was not into the whole, large group thing. Yes, he could tolerate his large family, but only because they honestly left him alone. His red, comma filled eyes looked out the window of the bus at the demonic energy whirling outside.

His mother had forced him to go. She had stated how he needed to be more, normal. He had snorted at that. Normal doesn't matter in his family. They were all monsters. His youngest brother, Gaara, didn't have to go on account he was already a genius. Every person in his family went to Yokai, all of them. Bee had been in a monster rap band, Utakata captain of the chess team. Yagura, Han, and Roshi had all been expelled for pranks. Fuu had graduated as the lead cheerleader, and Yugito had graduated as the top of her class all her years in the school.

Now, it was his turn. He swept his black hair back (think Pain (Deva Path)), his headband doing a fairly good job of holding it back. Naruto had refused to wear that idiotic uniform. Instead opting to wear a form fitting grey jacket, with a white shirt under it, his trademark swirl in the middle. He had black cargo pants, taped off at the end, with black converse. Around his head was a black headband with a metal plate, the mark of his family on it, a single, swirling leaf.

Halibel, his mother, had insisted he not wear it, but he refused. He would never take it off, simply to remember. His eyes spun lazily as they came to a stop, the Driver grinning creepily at him as he disembarked.

Naruto remembered the real reason he was here: To find himself a mate, or mates. He was the youngest of his family, but the most powerful. His Dragon wings and 9 tails were hidden in his human form, as is the rules for the school. He looked over at the school. He was not impressed.

He walked toward it, only to here a scream of "Watch out!"

He turned, analyzing the situation. He saw a very attractive pink haired girl on a bike, wearing the normal uniform, and a weird cross around her neck. He grasped the handlebars, stopping the bike. The girl went flying, and he quickly caught her bridal style.

She blushed and began sputtering apologies until he held up his hand. "It's alright. My name is Naruto. And you might be?"

The girl blushed more, feeling his muscles through his jacket and shirt. "Moka Akayashi. I am so sorry, I'm anemic and get dizzy often!"

She leaned forward, closer to his neck as he raised his eyebrows. When she latched to his neck and started to drink his blood, his eyes gained an understanding look in them. She was a vampire. He smiled at that. His family, as they were to everyone, were accepting of all races. He had been raised to understand all creatures, even having lived in a village of Yuki-Onna.

Moka moaned. His blood was amazing. It was so strong and rich, yet sweet too. She drank greedily, savoring the taste as she remembered where she was. Pulling back, she noticed the handsome man waiting patiently for her to finish.

When she was done, he put her down and said. "Well then Moka, care to accompany me to the orientation?"

At her nod, he began to walk away.

(The next day)

After the orientation, Naruto and Moka explored a bit, finding all of their classes, which they shared a homeroom. Their teacher, Miss Nekonome, asked for them to introduce themselves. After Moka finished with hers, and Naruto learning more about her, it was his turn. "My name is Naruto Uchiha Bijuu. My likes are Ramen, my brothers and sisters, peace, my guitar, and pranks, also my friends. My dislikes are perverts, racists, arrogance, and formal events. My hobbies include reading, writing, singing, playing my guitar, learning, cooking, and getting perverts beaten. My dreams for the future are to have a family and to break away from my family."

Moka was in awe of Naruto. He had so many skills! She blushed at the part about the family, and absently wondered what children between them would look like. Across the classroom, other girls had similar thoughts.

'Could he be my Destined One?' A brown haired girl thought.

'He seems like a good mate. Strong, and with a good head on his shoulders.' A black haired girl thought.

"He seems strong, but he seems to give off a warm feeling…a good candidate for a mate, dattebane", thought a red haired girl.

Then his last name rang through their heads. BIJUU? He was part of the Bijuu family? They were incredibly powerful, even fully grown vampires were hesitant to fight the One-Tailed sand beast. And he was one of them?!

Miss Nekonome asked the million dollar question. "N-Naruto, which one are you?"

Naruto looked uncomfortable, and answered quietly. "I am number 9."

Nine! He was the most powerful of the Bijuu, and he was here! Any doubt the girls had of him being a potential mate were gone. They HAD to have him. Not just because of his strong Youkai type, but because something about him screamed, peaceful. While everyone had heard that other members of his family were, chaotic, he exhumed a calm, serene aura. Beneath that though, was a torrent of power, making all the males recognize him immediately as an Alpha male, the king of all Alpha males.

Saizo was already re-thinking his plans of going after the pink haired girl if the black haired boy already claimed her.

Moka looked at him in a new light. He had the power to destroy her for running into him today, but he didn't. She felt safe and secure when near him, as if he was a warm blanket. She liked her Naruto.

Her Naruto.

She could get used to saying that.


Naruto ate his ramen calmly, casually reading a blue book s he did. Soon he was joined by four girls, one of which was Moka. They all glared at each other, as if trying to stake their claim in him. He sighed internally at this. His mother wanted him to produce strong grandchildren for her, so he needed to find strong mates.

Moka was his first choice, obviously. The next one, Shizune if he recalled correctly, was a very good option. Next was Rin, who possessed amazing beauty. The last, Kushina, was gorgeous. All of them seemed to be good choices, but he wanted to get to know them better before any consummating happened.

Had he been his perverted brother Roshi, he would have ravaged them all without restraint.

But Naruto isn't his perverted brother. He looked at the girls and smiled, causing them to blush. "Hello. Care to join me for a bite to eat?"

When they nodded, he went to the seal on his arm, poured his youki into it, and out popped a bowl of potato soup. He had log since realized that he would have to take care of himself, what with his mother focusing on his siblings and his stepfather deeming him a failure. His stepfather was never a really good father to him, preferring his other siblings to Naruto. He did train the Maelstrom in his tailed beast abilities, but that was it.

Naruto had to pretty much raise himself, teaching himself to read, write, cook, do laundry, and fight. He even went and looked up his special Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan in their library, training himself in the techniques and powers of the eyes. He went to Killer Bee to teach him how to use a sword, but was blown off by the big man. After that, he refused any help from anyone, preferring to do it on his own, even training in the art of the sword.

It was only recently that his parents had taken notice of him. When they did, they offered to help him, but he refused. Why would he need their help? He was fine on his own. He always had been, and he always would be.

His mother's heart broke at that, as she realized that she had all but abandoned him. She tried to make it up to him, but his siblings always got in the way. Whether it was Gaara's science fairs, or Yugito's dance recitals. The only time she would really have for him was when Yokai Academy would host its talent show.

The girls smiled and brought out their individual lunches as they started to talk. Well, more like trying to get to know Naruto. It went on like this until a shadow enveloped their table. Standing over them was Saizo, and he was leering at all the girls.

"Hey ladies, why don't you ditch this guy for a real monster?" The Orc said.

Moka responded. "Excuse me?"

The Orc leered at her, lust clearly in his eyes. "Yeah, leave this pathetic excuse for a monster and come hang with me."

He made to grab her when an oppressive aura surrounded him, suffocating him. He looked at the black haired boy, whose eyes were shadowed by his hair. He saw himself dying by the boys hands in multiple ways. He backed away, fear etched on his face as he saw a massive nine tailed black dragon behind the guy.

All the girls felt the aura, but not as condensed as Saizo. When it stopped, Naruto stood and walked away, his hair still shadowing his eyes. Moka and the girls looked after him worriedly, before they ran after him.

(Naruto's Dorm- That Night)

Naruto laid on his bed, his eyes staring up at his ceiling, deep in thought. Why had he done that? Why did he lose control then of all times? He sighed as he sat up, looking at his room. It looked like all the others, except his desk was already filled with papers. Some of them seal designs he had come up with, others letters to friends of his.

A knock on his door grabbed his attention. He stood, not caring that he wore nothing but pants and socks. When he opened his door, Moka stood there, worry etched on her beautiful face. Naruto noticed the blush on her face as she looked at him.

Moka looked at the man in front of her, his muscles tight and sculpted. Not like a body builder, his looked as though he got them through hard work, like farming or heavy lifting jobs. She shook the perverted thoughts away as she looked at him with concern.

"Naruto, what was that earlier?"

Naruto looked down. "That was a Bijuu technique. It uses our natural born killing intent to frighten our foes. I'm sorry if you felt it, but Saizo was a pervert and would have hurt you. It seemed appropriate at the time. I understand if you don't want to continue to be my friend."

He closed his door after that, leaving Moka to her thoughts. Why would he say that? Did he really think he was unworthy of friends? Moka resolved then and there to find out more about the mysterious black haired boy, who always had the saddest of looks on his face.

She leaned against the wall as she thought about what she knew of Bijuu. The males had to have strong mates, and females had to have a strong alpha. The, something occurred to her. She remembered that some males, ones above seven tails had to have more than one mate.

A plan formed to help the man. All she needed was some help from friends.

AN: In this story, Naruto will be paired with Moka, Shizune, Kushina, and Rin. All of them are age 15 so don't bitch about like "why are they in school? Shouldn't they be older?" Also, I have promised the original writer of this story that I would keep his storyline, for the most part, intact. Also I promised I would not change who Naruto's mother, father, or stepfather are. Those were the terms and I happily agreed to them. However I am changing which girls he's with, but Moka (inner and outer) would be in it no matter what. I do have a feeling that I'm going to be bitched at making Naruto a "dragon tailed beast" instead of a fox. What? I wanted to do something different! Some of the other girls from Rosario Vampire, such as Kurumu, will also make an appearance, but will more or less have minor roles in the story. Like Kurumu will be the bitch trying to have Naruto for herself. *shrugs* Hope you enjoyed this chapter.