Chapter 4: A Mother's Regret

(Bijuu Home)

Halibel smiled as she thought about her children. All of them were wonderful. All of them were special in their own ways, all but one. Her smile went away as she thought of Naruto. She had almost forgot about him. And then it hit her he was at Yokai Academy.

The more she thought about the, the more she frowned. She didn't know her son that well. He was so quiet, not speaking unless spoken to. She got up from her chair and went to his room, pausing outside of it. She didn't even know what it looked like! Guilt welt up inside her as she opened the door.

His room was clean, really clean. He had grey colored walls with posters of Green Day, Cage the Elephant, and Breaking Benjamin on his walls. On his desk was a notebook and a computer. He had an art easel with a painting halfway finished.

It was a landscape painting. It pictured a man standing at a cliff edge, the sun setting in front of him. A sea of trees spanned out from the cliff. It was titled 'Force Edge'. Leaning against the wall was an acoustic guitar.

She walked further into the room, when she saw the notebook. She opened and read it, tears spilling from her eyes. It was his daily thoughts. She read about how he would experience pain when he got angry, sad, happy, or excited. How he was silent in the hopes of someone reaching out to him. How his siblings bullied him, sans Gaara who seemed to be the only sibling Naruto had that was kind to him, and that they just didn't care. She saw the scratched out suicide notes.

And she finally understood what she had missed. She finally saw her son for what he was. She saw how he would come to her for something, even recognition, and she would push him away for Yugito or Gaara.

And finally, she saw his pain: The pain of not existing.

In that moment, Halibel made up her mind to visit him at Yokai, to show that she cared. But, how could she? How could she talk to the son that looked like her ex-lover, The man who was the father of Naruto. She had tried to cover it up, for the sake of the Bijuu, but Madara refused. He demanded he be given the right to visit his son.

She married Aizen, her other lover and the father of her eight other children. She had married Madara two years before Aizen, getting divorced after one year, three months after Naruto had been born. After, she had married the man she had had an affair with, the reason for Madara divorcing her. Granted, Aizen had given her children before Naruto, but Madara had been much kinder to her. He had cared greatly for her.

And she took all of the resentment she had for the man who had helped conceive him on Naruto. Aizen had not cared for the black haired youth, choosing to ignore him over his siblings, his actual children. It was a complicated mess and she felt horrible after cheating on her then husband. The man had treated her far better than Aizen had. She was young and had to choose, for a while she chose Aizen, having eight children with him, but then she chose Madara, having one child, the child that she now realized she knew nothing about except his pain.

She would try to fix this, try to make it up to him. And by God she would. She would try to reach out to her son, try to show she cared.

But first, she had to get to Yokai Academy.

(With Madara and Miss Nekonome)

Madara thought that Shizuka Nekonome was a breath of fresh air. She was kind, liked kids, and loved ramen, a trait shared by him and his son. She didn't even care that he was a father and divorced. He honestly thought that she was a wonderful woman.

He enjoyed spending time with her, and he loved that she threw herself into her work. Much better than his last wife, she had had a lover named Aizen who had given her eight kids, whom she spoiled, and then she married him for his strength. She had one child from him, named Naruto, and after divorced him. She tried to not let him spend time with his son, but thanks to the laws he was able to. He taught the boy of the Uchiha branch of the Bijuu, about the Sharingan and Mokuton abilities that they used. He told the boy to never forget your name, protect your precious people, and never spit into the wind.

Naruto had grown into a very good young man, taking his lessons to heart. Now, he may get the mother he always wanted and needed. At that moment, he felt a yokai signature he hadn't felt in years near his son's.

His ex-wife's.

(With Naruto and Moka)

Naruto sat with his back against a tree, Moka between his legs as he napped. His eyes snapped open when he felt a familiar yokai signature appear directly in front of them.

Looking up at his mother's stern face, Moka paled as Naruto said in a tone that could freeze water. "Hello Halibel."

Halibel winced at that statement, and felt hurt that Naruto no longer called her 'mom'. She then looked at the pink haired girl in her sons lap. Her eyes narrowed when she saw the sharpened fangs. A Vampire. Her son was friends - potentially more than friends - with a vampire. Her eyes snapped to a man she hadn't seen in years as he appeared with a blonde woman with her hair in the form of cat ears, looking at Naruto as if she was his mother.

Madara Uchiha.

Naruto spoke again. "Halibel, this is Moka Akayashi, my girlfriend. And that is Dad and his, girlfriend I think, Miss Nekonome. Now, what are you doing here?"

Halibel looked at Madara with sharp eyes, slipping into her half form. Her tails extended behind her and her nails sharpened. Madara's normally kind face became hardened as he turned to Shizuka, speaking softly but firmly. "Shizuka my dear, please take the kids away from here. I must have a word with my ex-wife."

Shizuka nodded as Naruto and Moka stood. At that moment, Halibel launched forward, her claws extended to strike Madara while he was distracted. Rage filled her eyes. This man, this beast, was going to take her baby, her son. She wouldn't allow it. Couldn't allow it.

In the flash of an eye, several things happened.

Moka screamed, Shizuka ran for the nurse, Madara's face filled with rage, Halibel's with shock and fear, while Naruto took the full brunt of his mother attack to his chest and stomach.

He coughed up copious amounts of blood. He would not allow his mother to attack his father. He refused to have him taken away when he just gained some form of parental connection. He didn't know why, but he would not allow his mother nor his stepfather to dictate his life anymore.

He collapsed on his side, curling in pain. Moka was soon cradling his head, trying to help him. Tears hit his face as she cried, pleading with him to stay alive.

Halibel looked at her son in shock. Why did he do that? Why? She looked on as the pink haired girl cradled her sons head, worry etched on her face. She felt a grip on her shoulder and turned coming face to face with a pissed off Madara.

Now, many didn't know it, but Madara didn't lash out when angry. His face didn't contort to weird images. No, his would shut down all emotion. He became a blank slate. That is what Halibel saw as the Nurse, with aid from Moka and Shizuka, put her son, her neglected son, on a gurney, wheeling him away. And all she could do was stare into the spinning red eyes of her ex-husband.

The one who got away.

Madara spoke, his voice as cold as Naruto's was. A voice she had heard him use only when he fought Aizen for the right to marry her. A voice that made her remember why he had divorced her. He had known about her affair with Aizen, about her children. But the straw that broke the camel's back was what she tried to do to their son. She had tried to explain, tried to make him understand the necessity of why he had to die.

When Naruto was three months old, he grew ten tails. Ten. Not nine, but ten. When she found this out, she had tried to cut one off, but Madara had stopped her. He stated how his son would be the first of the ten tails, and that she should just accept it.

It had turned into a fight, which Madara won, allowing him to tell Naruto the necessity of the multiple mates in the future.

However behind Madara's back, she put the seal on him that hurt him when he felt extreme emotions, and sealed his tenth tail of power away.

Now as he spoke, she feared for her life as she gazed into his Sharingan. "Halibel, why are you here? And you better have a good reason."

And so Halibel told him. Told him of her guilt. How she came to wipe her conscious. And through it all, Madara listened. After her explanation, he set her down and walked away. As he left he said one thing. "You still are that selfish."


Naruto lay in his bed, unconscious, as Moka rubbed his hair. The Nurse said he would be good to discharge after his healing abilities kicked in, a testament to the power of a Bijuu. She was so worried about him. She now knew what it was she felt.

She loved him.

She loved Naruto Uchiha Bijuu.

Moka felt a hand grasp hers and looked as Naruto smiled at her. She smiled back, tears coming down her face as she kissed the ma she loved. And he gladly returned it.

Madara looked in on them, and despite the situation, smiled at the sight of his son and his girlfriend. He turned and saw Halibel standing there, a guilty look on her face. He sighed. He had expected her to attack him, but did not expect Naruto to intervene on his behalf. Then again, he did teach him to protect his precious people.

"Halibel." He spoke firmly. "I understand you feel guilty. I get that. But that's no excuse for what you have done to our son. Because of your blindness Naruto has suffered greatly from what he has told me. Bullied by almost all of his siblings, unable to feel raw emotion without feeling excruciating pain, and cast aside by you, his own mother. But since you here, I need to inform you of some things. I removed the seal, he has multiple girlfriends, Moka Akayashi is his alpha, and finally, he is coming home with me. If you remember, the deal we set up stated that should either one of us strike him for any reason he would go to the other parent. Now before you leave I have some questions for you that I want answered. Firstly why did you allow Aizen to place that retched seal on Naruto? Secondly, why did you choose to ignore Naruto's suffering for the entirety of his life? And thirdly, why do you feel so guilty about it now?"

Halibel stayed silent.

"I want answers Halibel…" Madara said in an emotionless tone, with his Sharingan set in a piercing gaze "…I want them now, and I want the truth. I'll know whether you're lying to me or not so don't even try it…"

(Naruto and Moka)

Naruto laid on the hospital bed, thinking. He now finally understood what he felt for Moka.

He loved her. He loved all of his girls.

And he would fight to protect all of them.

To the last breath.

Chapter End

AN: For those who are wondering why Naruto didn't call Halibel 'Mom', it's because he doesn't consider her his mother anymore, and for good reason. Naruto has been through hell: bullied by his siblings (besides Gaara), cast aside by his stepfather, and ignored by his mother. So he doesn't consider any of them family, except Gaara. If you've gone through what Naruto's gone through because of your mother, would you consider her your mom? Anyway, next time Hallibel confronts Naruto and pleads for forgiveness, will Naruto forgive her…I wouldn't haha. Hope you enjoyed the chapter and I hope you'll enjoy the next one. Peace out guys.