Captains Log Stardate 3951.5

On a routine return trip to Earth following the Babel Conference we have been knocked out of warp by an unknown force. The ship has sustained damage to the weapon systems, warp engines and the shields are down - I have instructed Lieutenant Commander Scott to initiate repairs...

"Sound red alert Mr Sulu"

"Aye Captain"

The alarms sounded all over the USS Enterprise but in amongst all of the noise and flashing warning lights the bridge crew worked without betraying the sense of urgency they all felt.

Kirk turned from the view screen, "Report Mr Spock".

Spock studied his instrument panel for a moment then replied "Initial scan is inconclusive captain, the entity is giving off fluctuating readings.

The captain turned back to the screen - ahead of them he could see a large translucent shape. It reminded him of a huge pulsating jelly fish.

"Best guess Mr. Spock ?" He implored.

"Captain, I hardly think this is an appropriate time for speculation..."

Kirk interrupted his first officer "now, Mr. Spock !"

Spock looked slightly stunned for a second, but he continued, "very well captain...the entity appears to be composed of an unknown gelatinous substance, generally round in shape and if I were to...guess.. it is approximately 1324.7 miles in diameter. It is also growing rapidly and heading toward us. Without warp engines we cannot outrun it, without weapons we cannot fire on it and at its current density and speed we will not survive the impact. It will engulf us in two and a half minutes."

Despite this information Kirk could not help but smile "1324.7 miles Mr. Spock? time...try to make your guess work more accurate. Options?"

Spock thought for a few seconds, "Well captain, my scan indicated there is a small hole in the object. With the careful use of impulse engines we should be able to align ourselves so that we pass through this area as the entity reaches us...but captain", Spock paused, "the stars beyond this hole do not appear to be in their correct positions"

"Something we'll have to worry about later Mr Spock. Mr Sulu plot a course for that hole!"

Sulu carefully looked at the readings given to him by Spock and then moved his hands quickly over the navigation controls as the rest of the crew felt the Enterprise lurch downwards, the Lieutenant continuing to make minor adjustments as the entity rapidly approached.

As the Enterprise started to pass through the hole Kirk notified the entire Enterprise crew to brace for impact, but instead everything seemed to momentarily shimmer and slow down.

"Good work Mr. Sulu" Kirk exclaimed as soon as they were through the gap, "Switch viewer to aft".

Through the rear viewer the gelatinous entity could been seen - the hole through which they had just come was shrinking. Kirk ordered the viewer to be switched forward, immediately they could see a blue and green planet ahead.

" that..."

"Earth captain" finished Spock.

"But that's impossible!", The Captain exclaimed, "we were light years away !"

"Never the less", continued Spock, "that is Earth."

"Move us into orbit Mr Sulu. Uhura, contact star fleet command"

After a moment Uhura said with some distress "Captain, star fleet command is not responding on any frequency, and I am picking up some strange signals on an old broadcasting range. It is on an old 'radio' frequency, but I must have intercepted a story or something sir...", Uhura froze.

"What is it Lieutenant?" Kirk asked.

"Well sir...the broadcast keeps mentioning 'the undead'..."