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Wreck It, Ralph

She closed her eyes as the annoying little boy began kicking the back of her seat.

"Stop it, Ralph, that's rude." The kicking stopped, but then—

"Are we there yet?"

"No, Ralph."

"We need to get there, now!"

"Just sit tight for a few more seconds, we're almost there." Ailee opened her eyes and glanced out the window. She frowned as the earth sped by in a massive blur of green and brown. It was an obvious lie, but it was one that the boy believed it, for silence ensued. Perhaps she could use this time to—


Her head whipped around as a tall, gaunt young man of perhaps five-and-twenty stretched out in the seat beside her. She wrinkled her nose as he pushed his lank blond hair out of his face and took out a box of cigarettes. When he saw her eyeing it, he sighed and held it out to her. "You want one?"

"No, thank you."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Fine. More for me."

"I'm sorry, sir, but this seat has been reserved for Mr. Chandler—"

"Oh, my bad. Lemme introduce myself." He stuck his hand at her, and Ailee strongly—albeit reluctantly—took it and gave it a firm shake. "Quince E. Chandler. And you, pretty lady?"

"Ailee Luna, Mr. Chandler—"

"Call me Quince. Seein' as we'll be partners for a while, might as well get used to one another."

Ailee frowned. "Right... Quince."

"I see you're a real stickler for polite society and whatnot," Quince muttered as he planted the cigarette on his lips and took a lighter out of his pocket. "Me, I don't quite care for that any of that crap."

"I can tell," Ailee replied, looking at his lips as he took a deep breath. She grimaced when he exhaled an enormous puff into the air. Ailee looked up at Quince, who'd stood up now that the train was slowing down. "You know, really should stop smoking—"

The rest of her reprimand was interrupted by the little prick. "Mommy! Can we do it now?"

"Yes, dear."

There was a great rending noise, and Ailee vaulted over the seats before her as the one behind burst into splinters of plastic and wood.

"Exorcist, get over here, now!" Ailee turned at the now-familiar, petulant voice and grimaced at the enormous baby-like doll that affronted her. Thankfully, it was only a weak Level 2 akuma, albeit with an especially repugnant appearance, one that spilled out the top of the car and made it impossible to get past.

"You annoy me," Ailee calmly enunciated, brushing bits of dust off the red and black uniform that utterly clashed with her short bubblegum blue hair.

"Get over here now!" it cried, crawling towards her at a mad gait.

Her eyes narrowed, and she put a foot back to brace herself for the collision. "Activate—Angel's Lunular, Demon's Solaris—"

There was a loud crash as she flew through the side of the train and into the side of the train station.

The bulbous akuma doll crawled out of the remains of the train and giggled, rushing over to where she'd landed. "Take that, and that, and that!" it madly shrieked, pummeling its meaty fists repeatedly into the walls. When it stopped, it laughed and clapped its chubby hands. "Heeheehee, now no more exorcist!"

"Wrong, big bothersome crybaby."

Its eyes widened as Ailee stepped out from the broken mortar, unhurt and smiling, clad in feathers, blood, and starlight.

She delighted at the blatant fear in the akuma's eyes as it scuttled away from her, and she raised the silver broadsword higher as it blazed with a warm golden light.

"G-Get away…" it shrieked, throwing broken cement blocks that she easily deflected them with a languid backhand, sending it sailing back at the baby-faced akuma. She stilled when it pointed its hand at her, palm flat. She tilted her head curiously when a purple glow emanated from its upraised hand.

Faster than the human eye could discern, she leaped forward and, with a flick of the wrist, lopped off the monster's hand. It gave an unearthly screech and threw its other hand at her, but Ailee quickly made off with that one as well, deftly chopping off its legs in the same blow.

She raised her blade. "Stop!" Her eyes flicked over to the little boy standing watch, tears running down the side of his face. "Don't hurt her, please!"

"I won't." And the blade came down, piercing the akuma in its decaying black heart.

"Let the Lord's Penance sear you with its holiness," Ailee intoned, smiling grimly as the akuma clawed at the blade and screamed in raw agony and pure hatred.

Ailee looked up as slow, deliberate claps filled the silence left behind of the destruction. "I see you're enjoying yourself quite finely, Ms. Luna."

She stood up and calmly, efficiently dusted the grit and dirt off her uniform. "Please. Call me Ailee."

Quince raised an eyebrow. "Well, Ailee, I see that you don't quite care for children. I'd even go so far as to say you hate them."

Ailee sighed and massaged her temples. "Hate is a strong word. I just really, really, really don't like them." She emphasized her words by kicking a large piece of rubble into the akuma's crumbling remains. "A lot."

Her lips twisted into a small frown as Quince laughed. "I see we're going to get along quite strangely, Ms. Ailee." He turned and looked at the crowd of humans who'd stopped to watch the show. "Well, we'd best get going. Three's a crowd, and this lot's already exceeding the limit."

Ailee waited for Quince to turn away before she turned to look back. All she saw was a faint glimmer and a soft giggle before Ralph and a little girl dissipated into white light.

She turned away, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips.


Ailee is the (stage?) name of some kpop singer.

I don't think Ailee's gonna like Kumori much, now that I made it so that she don't like kids… wonder how she's gonna react to the adorable twins~? Oh yeah. The original pairing for this was Wisely (Ailee wasn't Ailee at the time, but someone else with a different name and personality) but then I switched the pairings for AA and EA, but now I'm switching EA's pairing with NP's.

How old does Ailee sound? Gotta ask, since I originally made her about one-and-twenty-ish(that's how Brits say it apparently, back in the 19th century, but without the "ish" part, obviously… do they still say it like that now?), for Tyki, but I changed it and all that, since the pairing changed. Good thing I changed it when I only had about one page written, hahah, and not, like, three chapters (like AA).

Anyone recognize that line Ailee said~?

Was doing research for Ailee's Innocence about angels and demons and stuff, for rankings, and came across this strange site called Spiritual Enterprises, and apparently, they sell demons of all different ranks, and… I got a little freaked out. Anyways! Some of the research (the angelic portion) was helpful, while some (the demonic half) wasn't that really.