Things definitely took a different atmosphere in the regularly blank white room, now decorated with party favors, the huge food table which Joey, Ryou, and Tristan were fond of. Marik and Bakura being somewhat distracted as their attention was completely focused on the projector, the white haired thief commenting on the burning wreckage.

"And this is when we set fire to Lindsey Lohan's car."

The authoress had her face in her hands as her OC was currently munching popcorn, offering it to her creator.

"Want some?"

"No. Why did I let them go without a chaperone?"

Marik then pointed to the picture of them getting chased.

"And this is us running for our lives after we played around with those cardboard cutouts from the Twilight franchise that was apparently hanging out in some window display of some electronics store. Apparently, mocking those two by drawing on their faces and mokingly pretending to be them makes fans with the males but not with the female demographic."

V.E. looked ready to have a headache, finally sitting up to address the audience.

"Dear Lord, may my cousin and aunt never find about that. They like the books. Hello, I'm V.E. and this is the last chapter of this fic. It was fun while it lasted, but since it's winding down it makes sense to end this before the New Year starts. So before we get started, no gothicprincess982 there is not going to be a sequel. This is it. So I won't be doing your dares. Now that's out of the way we can finally end this."


Hahaha, this is so funny! Anyway...


1. Yugi, would you like to have Atem as a twin brother?

2. Atem, what did you do after you went to the afterlife?


1. This is a game for Atem. Put him into some kind of unknown area with other twenty three people and tried to survive in that area. There, he can gather his supplies (foods, matches, water, ropes, weapons, etc) and live there for a couple of days, depending on how long will this game last. There's no rule in this game, except to fight for the fittest...and don't step off the plate before the game start. Otherwise, he'll be killed by the land mines. Anyway, last one standing wins! (Yes, I put him into a Hunger Game where only one person can live. Anyway, good luck.) ;)

2. Joey & Tristan. I want you two to go on the quest and gather 8 pages in the woods and bring them back to V.E. Beware of a mysterious man who lurks around the forest. (Yes, this is another Slender Man Game. I want to see their reaction once they get back, safe and sound... hopefully) :D

3. Put Mahad into a cage full of snakes.

Thanks :D

Yugi shrug as he smiled at his yami.

"In all honesty, he practically is."

Atem nodded as he went on to answer his own question.

"Same here. As for what I've been doing, I've been trying to fill in the gaps of my memory by catching up with my friends and family in the afterlife. The Millennium World wasn't completely accurate and it only covered a specific period of time."

V.E. nodded in acknowledgement and addressed the cameras.

"Now, I have to cancel the Hunger Games dare because this is the last chapter which means dares involving Atem and I really don't approve of mindless bloodshed. The other two are doable."

The three young men in question were about ready to protest.

"OH, HELL..!"

Once again, with a snap of the finger the three disappeared to their respective zones as the authoress sighed at her accomplished work.

"Remind me to pay the therapist's bills when they come. Those three are definitely going to need some time with them after those experiences."

Marik shared an evil smirk with his partner in crime.

Want to bet who will be the most messed up?"

Bakura's smirk certainly agreed before the two were promptly whacked on the back of the heads by the resident authority of dealing with troublemakers, Ishizu.


V.E. got a smile at that.

"And that satisfies my need to see someone in pain, just enough to laugh at. Let's move onto the next dare."


Hello! :D how did I not see this?! Anyway, here are your dares and questions!:3

Bakura: What if you DID get all the millennium items? What would you do then? And I dare you to be polite to Yami for the rest of the chapter:D

Yami Marik (if he's therexD): When you were created from Marik's hate, what was the first thing you thought of when "born"? And I dare you to act flirty with every girl reviewer and character there!xD

Kaiba: Do you ever regret bullying Joey? If not, why? And your dare is to make Joey a cake!

Ryou: You are so cute! Why?! And I dare you to just sit there and look adorable! !:3

There are my questions for the day!:) have a splendid day!:D

Bakura thought before replying.

"Take over the world in a fiery fury and lay waste to everything. Though I really have no interest in ruling it. In the words of the butler from The Dark Knight, 'There are some men who just want to watch the world burn' and I am definitely one of them. I delight in destruction for the sake fo destruction."

Marik smiled eagerly to that.

"Can I be your second in command?"

Bakura pondered the blond Egyptian with a thoughtful expression for the Thief King.

"Personally, I always thought of you of more as a Chief Torturer."

V.E. winced as she saw the storm look on the Ishtar sister's face."

"Let's move on before Ishizu blows a gasket. As for Yami Marik, after the last time he was on here, I am NEVER repeating that experience. So now we move on to Seto Kaiba."

Seto semed to be his traditional standoff attitude as he 'hmped'.

"Why would I be sorry to a mutt who doesn't know his betters?"

V.E. sighed as he turned towards the cameras.

"I think that sort of speaks for itself. Now about the cake…."

Mokuba cringed as he looked at his brother.

"Yeah, does Seto really need to do that? I mena he's great at Kaiba Corp, but I'll be the first to admit he can't exactly cook."

V.E. nodded sternly.

"Yes, yes he does."

Seto sighed as Kisara patted his back.

"I'll help you out with it later."

Ryou was quite taken aback by the question.

"Well, I don't exactly know how I can be 'cute' as you say. I just am."

"So true. With that finished, time to move onto the next request. But before that…"

A finger snap later, Mahad was back in his usual place curled up in a tiny ball before he noticed he was back in the room and sighed with relief. He fixed a glare at the authoress who raised her hands in peace.

"Don't blame me, it was a legitimate request. Now it's time for the last request form one of my favorite reviewers."

Aqua girl 007

Mahad: Go on and kiss Ishizu right on the lips.

Atem: wear one of the battle outfits you wore in the Capsule Monster arc.

Kaiba: wear the Iron Man suit for the rest of the chapter.

Marik, Ryou and Bakura: what qualities would you like in a girlfriend

Mahad was completely and utter stupefied and was silent before the babbling began.

"But we're just…I'm not…it's completely awkward and…"

Luckily for him, Ishizu was the one to take the lead which led into a rather lengthy make out session before her brother interrupted with clearing his throat.

"Excuse me."

The two looked at each other, a hint of blush still present on their faces before they resolutely stared elsewhere as V.E. began speaking.

"Yeah, I haven't really watched that series, so I'm going to have to let that one go. The superhero thing is completely doable though."

As it was said so it was done, Kaiba looking rather out of character in the golden red metal suit. He examined it before giving his opinion.

"Needs different colors, blue and silver."

Kisara smiled as she admired her love's costume.

"I think it looks good though I agree about the color change for you."

The three glanced at each other and simultaneously shrugged, Bakura taking the lead.

"I honestly no idea, I've had much bigger things to think about than that."

Marik pondered that.

"I definitly want someone who could live a little, though not as crazy as me."

Ryou answered thoughtful to the question.

"I don't know, I don't think you really know what's attractive to a person until they discover it themselves. I've never dated so I honestly don't know what I want in a girlfriend."

Bakura looked ready to open his mouth as Royu cut him off sharply.

"Aside from physical appearance."

That got his yami quiet as Keira shook her head at the thief.

"You're so predictable."

Her creator nodded in agreement.

"Too true. Let's get onto this next dare then."


aww. it's a shame you don't take questions and dares anymore. how about one final dare? I just had such a funny idea... "Yami Bakura getting transformed into a Fluffy Kitty for a week." (and yes, that was a YGO Abridged reference

Bakura's face was pure fury.

"Oh no, there is no way you are doing the same thing to me you did for the pharaoh and..!"

He didn't get to say much as the fluffy white kitten sat on his chair, red eyes that were sullen and angry.


Marik pointed to the kitten-fied Thief King.

"Now that is one evil looking cat."

V.E. nodded in some shock to that before straightening up with excitement.

"Well, we finally come to the last review. Let's see how good this story ends on."

Random Fan

Okay I can't take it, I have to write these questions and dares down so I can take them of my mind*sniffs*I'm sorry I have no account so I can't answer the questions of my imagination.(Your story is really good)


Mahad, what events lead you to hating Seto?

Who is physically stronger?Mahad or Seto?

Atem and Mana how do you feel about Mahad?And how much about Mahad do you know?


I dare Mahad and Seto to be nice towards each other for the rest of the chapter.

I dare Mahad to call the Pharaoh by his name for two weeks

I dare Mana to dye Mahads hair purple

oh!...Good luck in college. I'm sorry to have bugged you but I really needed to type those down just to get them out of my head

Mahad and Seto glanced at each other for a moment before the brunet preist answered while the CEO seemed to deny that he was even looking.

"Well, I wouldn't say there was an event. Seto's past life and I just simply didn't get along. It was a miracle the two of us didn't kill each other sometimes. In question of strength, Seto's physically stronger, but I'm stronger in magic."

Atem and Mana were close enough to each other as Atem took the first turn in speaking.

"He's practically like our older brother. Mahad was often in charge of the two of us when we were younger to make sure we didn't get into that much trouble."

Mana pondered that.

"Aside from the personal stuff, I can't say I know all that much about Mahad's family or where he come from."

To that, the two of them stared at the magician who gave a solid look that revealed nothing.

"And that's all you're getting."

V.E. moved on to dares as she addressed the two rivals.

"So, how about we take care of the dare."

The two looked at each other and simultaneously looked away.

Keira leaned into to whisper at her boss.

"Does 'not speaking to each other' count?"

V.E. shrugged to that.

"Well, as long as nothing hurtful is said or done."

Mahad sighed as he looked at his pharaoh.

"I'll try, but it is a hard habit to break. Forgive if I mess up Phar..Atem."

The smile on the pharaoh's face didn't seem to mind at having his name said by one of his best friends.

Mana pulled out her wand with a gleeful smirk.


A few waves later, the hair matched Mahad's Ka, though he had a resigned face to it.

"Well, I suppose this is better than the Afro wigs."

V.E. sighed as she slouched back into her chair.


Mai looked at the empty chairs in concern.

"What about Joey and Tristan?"

The authoress waved it off.

"They'll be fine, once the dare is over they will return. Then I will wipe you guys' memories and send you all back to your universe with no recollection of this whatsoever."

Kaiba muttered under his breath.

"Thank goodness."

V.E. pretended not to hear him as she addressed the show/fic's audience.

"Well, this is the end my friends. No doubt there are other such stories so it won't be too bad. But all things come to an end and I hope you will keep reading me. Thank you for making this story special because this is really you guys' story with your ideas. I'm Valkyrie Elysia and thanks again for everything."