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A damaged Forte falls before a cave in the Undernet, his pursuers close behind. He glares into the depths, his own crimson eyes greeted by a feral version of the exact same pair.

"Copycat!" He hisses through the pain, "Help me, you disgusting excuse for a program!"

A shape sifts out with jerks and twitches, covered entirely by a black cloak and hood, and sweeps around the Navi before his lair. Wide, curious eyes examine its parent program before picking him up and silently taking the black navi into the dry cave. Needle-like fingers move quickly to repair what they can before it hears the sound of Forte's pursuers.

As it whips around to face the entrance, Forte is enough in his right mind to cover his ears before a bone-shattering, error-like squeal escapes the creature above him. The sound is akin to the squeal of one of the first computers starting up, but much, much higher, with a background of grating white noise. The Navis outside collapse in pain, and their operators all manage to pull them out, but not before permanent damage is done. Those Navi will never hear again with out their entire audio receptors erased and started from scratch.

After the noise stops, the cloaked thing jerks when a hand touches its back. It turns back to its parent program, who motions for the thing to continue repairing him. A low purr comes from the creature, and it nods, going back happily to its appointed job.

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Sorry for the short prologue. Chapter one should be uploaded today or this weekend, so keep an eye out!