As promised, here's chapter six! Did anyone figure out the code from the last chapter? I thought I was pretty clever xD Anyways, thank you to everyone who had reviewed my story! Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater... :( Enjoy chapter six: the code, his message

"Why do we need a code?"

"So we can talk to each other, without having to worry about other people knowing what we're talking about."

"Why can't we just talk in private?"

"Because this is smarter. And this way, we won't have to worry about people eavesdropping."

"Maka, you're making things hard."

"We're partners, right?"


"I'm the meister, right?"


"That means you have to do what I tell you."

"What?! No it doesn't!"

"If I say we're making a code, then we're making a code! Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah... it's just so uncool."

"It'll be cool once we start using it," she assured her new partner. Soul looked at her and smiled.

"We need to make one first," he told her. Her answering smile almost blinded him.

The duo sat underneath a tree in the park.

"Should it be based on numbers or letters?"

"Both," Soul said halfheartedly.

"You're right, that'll be better," Maka agreed. "Oh! How about the number of syllables?"

"Yeah? And what are we going to do with that?" Maka was stumped. She sat deep in thought as her partner stared up at the clouds.

"What if the number of syllables determines how many words there are in the real sentence?" Soul offered.

"But where are we going to get the number of syllables?"

"We could count the number of A's or something?"

"No, it needs to be something quicker than that…" They sat in silence for a while, Soul actually thinking seriously about it.

"Oh!" Soul exclaimed, sitting up. "The greeting! However many syllables the greeting has is how many words are in the real sentence!" Maka stared at her new partner in awe. He was smarter than he looked, apparently.

"That's brilliant!" she exclaimed. "So now, how are we going to figure out which words are in the sentence?" Soul was stumped there. He lied back down and, this time, Maka joined him. The young duo stared up at the clouds, thinking.

"How old are you, Soul?" Maka asked randomly. They had been paired as partners only a week ago and she was curious.

"Nine," he answered. "You?"

"I'm eight." Soul snickered.

"My meister is younger than me? That's so uncool," he mumbled. Maka chose to ignore that. It was just around lunch time and the sun was at its highest point. It was warm. The young duo was starting to see why they were paired together. Lying on the ground, not saying anything, on a warm spring day, it was peaceful. There was no awkwardness. It felt as if they could go on like that forever…

"What if it also has something to do with the greeting?" Soul offered. Maka thought about it.

"I don't know," Maka mumbled. This code thing was turning out to be harder than she had originally thought. "Oh!" Maka finally figured it out.

"What?" Soul asked as he looked at Maka getting up from lying down into a sitting position. Might as well sit up too, he thought as he did so.

"So the number of syllables determines how many words are in the real sentence, right?" She waited until Soul nodded. "What if that number also determines which word in the fake sentence is a word in the real sentence, in numerical order?" Soul stared at her.

"What?" he asked after a while. Maka repeated herself and Soul shook his head. "I don't understand," he said finally. Maka sighed. Maybe he isn't that smart, Maka thought and sighed.

"Let me show you an example." Maka found a stick and crawled over to patch of dirt by the tree's base. Soul silently followed her. "So the greeting is: Hello, how are you?, right?" She waited until Soul nodded. "So, there are five syllables. That means there are five words in the real sentence, right?" Again she waited for Soul to acknowledge that he understood. "Now what I'm saying is this," she trailed off as she began writing in the dirt. Soul looked over her shoulder and read.

"Hello, how are you?" it began.

"I am doing well. I really hope you are as well. Do you like to go swimming? I always eat chocolate when I go swimming. I hold onto the bars when I'm in the deep end."

"What are the underlined words?" he asked.

"Those words are the real message," she said triumphantly. "The first word of the first sentence is the first word in the real message. The second word in the second sentence is the second word in the real message-"

"-And the third word in the third sentence is the third word in the real message, until it reaches five," Soul said finally understanding. Maka smiled.

"Yes! Exactly! And then, if the letter is longer it would start over!" The young duo smiled at each other.

"Are you sure you're eight?" Soul teased Maka. She laughed.

"Papa asks me that too." Soul sat back against the tree.

"Maybe we should have one more rule," he thought out loud.

"Another rule?" Maka was starting to become confused with the boy next to her. Sometimes he was smart, then he wasn't, and then he was again. Soul nodded. "Like what?" she asked.

"I think there should be a way to write a real message without it looking like one." Maka was in awe again.

"Are you sure you're nine?" Maka teased back. Soul smiled at her.

"What's that two-dot thingy called?" Soul asked nonchalantly.

"A colon?"

"Yeah, that," Soul said. "What if, whatever comes after that is part of the real message?" Maka thought about it. It didn't seem too bad, just a little risky.

"We don't have to do all the time," Soul added quickly. "Just sometimes." Maka thought about it some more before coming to the conclusion that she like Soul's idea. She smiled.

"I like it," she said before quickly adding, "But we can only use it once in a letter and it has to have the same number of words as the greeting syllables. AND it has to come at the very end of the letter." Soul made his way to the patch of dirt. Maka read over his shoulder.

"I hold onto the bars when I'm in the deep end," it read until Soul added the next sentence. "I want you to know something: I can't swim." Soul smiled. Maka looked at what he wrote and smiled back.

"I don't think the colon is used right but, let's go with it," Maka said. Soul extended his hand.

"Agreed?" he asked and the young duo shook on it. Suddenly, Maka tightened her grip on Soul's hand.

"We have to swear to never, ever, tell anyone our code." Her grip tightened even more. Soul squirmed.

"Yeah," he said quickly to prevent his hand from breaking. "I swear. I won't ever, ever, tell anyone our code." Maka released his hand. She smiled. Soul rubbed his hand. "You have to swear, too," he reminded her.

"I swear to never, ever tell anyone our code," she said sarcastically as she placed her right hand over her heart. Soul chuckled. He was liking this new girl more and more…

"So that's the code," Maka finished explaining it to her friends. A little part of her felt horrible as she broke her promise to never, ever tell anyone their code, but, I need their help, she reminded herself. Black Star took the letter and read it.

"Eh, I still don't get it," he said and passed it off to Tsubaki. Tsubaki read it and looked up at Maka.

"Is it really from Soul?" Tsubaki asked. Maka took the letter and sighed.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I really hope so."

"Why didn't he just see you?" Black Star demanded.

"Because he didn't," Kid started, "Means that whatever is going on is dangerous. So dangerous that he can't be seen with us…"

"That doesn't explain the mess in Maka's apartment," Liz stated. The entire group, except for Patty, was stunned. How could they have forgotten about that?

"Dammit," Maka cursed. Just as she thought that they were getting somewhere, they had forgotten that someone searched her entire apartment.

"Ah! Damn it all!" Black Star yelled. He ran his hand through his hair. "Can someone just tell me what the stupid letter actually says!?" Kid almost snickered. Maka looked at the letter in her hands before reciting,

"Hey Maka,

I saw everything. I will explain. Can't come back. I need time. Our first kiss. I love you.