Standard disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. This should come as no surprise. I am simply a teller of stories that occasionally claw their way desperately out of my head.

Series Notes

"Sailor Moon: Between the Lines" is an ongoing fanfiction project that I'm doing because I needed more projects in my life. Over on Tumblr (keyofnik dot tumblr dot com) I've been rewatching Sailor Moon for the first time in about fifteen years and liveblogging each episode as I rewatch it. This series, begun shortly after I started S, adds something to each episode, something that we could've seen but didn't. They're intended to slip easily into canon (effectiveness varies).

Each story is likely to be one of the following:

1. Scene(s) before the episode starts.

2. Scene(s) between scenes of the episode.

3. Crawling into a character's head during the episode.

4. Scene(s) after the credits roll on an episode.

5. Something in the future that relates back to the episode.

The length ranges from drabble-size (100 words) to a couple thousand.

Installments will be posted in the order of the episodes I liveblogged, so sometimes I'll jump back to something from an early season. Once I have a Between the Lines for each episode (as that's the goal), I'll go back and put them in chronological order.

Stories will be posted once per day, until I catch up with myself, at which point there are typically two to three per week.

(12 June 2013)