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Two girls stood in a too-small bathroom, one tying her hair up while the other dried her's off. Ariel unplugged her blow-dryer and tossed it in the cabinet, reaching for her small makeup pouch. Belle had just added a ribbon around her studious-looking bun and wandered out of the bathroom, looking for something to wear. Ariel sparred a few peaks as Belle's towel fell away and she slipped into a bra and undies.

"Ariel, stop peeking," Belle chastised, not even looking at the red head. Ariel snorted, turning to her reflection. Quickly powdering her face and lining her eyes, she turned off the bathroom lights and closed the door after herself. Belle was already in a yellow, off the shoulder shirt, so Ariel took the chance to stare at her ass. Ariel groped for her bra and underwear, never taking her perverted eyes off of Belle. "Stop," Belle said, still not looking at Ariel.

"You can't just prance around half dressed in front of me and not expect me to stare," Ariel sang, a smirk obvious in her eyes. Belle pulled a pair of orange shorts out of closet, shimmying into them before turning to Ariel. "You do it constantly and I control myself," she chimed. "Not everyone is such a saint," Ariel muttered.

"Not everyone is such a huge pervert. Now toss me my shoes," Belle joked, gesturing to a pair of navy and white pinstriped heels under Ariel's bed. Ariel rolled her eyes, kicking them into Belle's grasp before turning to her own outfit she had picked out the night before. A plain, lavender camisole, tucked into sea blue shorts, with sea green heels to match. She slipped into her clothes before gesturing for Belle to come over to her.

Belle did as expected, sitting down next to Ariel. Reaching across Belle and onto her nightstand, she produced a stick of eye liner and tube of mascara. "Let me fix your makeup." Belle relented, knowing Ariel would get what she wanted anyways. Closing in on Belle's face, Ariel quickly re drew her eyeliner, adding a light touch of mascara. Smiling at the quick touchups, she placed a kiss on Belle's pouty lips, smirking.

Belle gasped, allowing Ariel to maul her face. "You act deprived," Belle said in between kisses. "I am," Ariel responded, pushing Belle into the comforter, "We haven't had sex since last night." Belle snorted, pushing Ariel off. "Maybe your over developed sex drive is the reason why you're failing a third of your classes – too much focus in the wrong places." Ariel huffed, wrapping her arms around Belle's waist, pressing her face into her girlfriend's now-exposed stomach.

"I love you," Ariel sang, smiling. Belle blushed, looking away from her red head. "I love you too, but you're not getting sex until the lunch break. Now get off of me," she snorted. Ariel huffed but did as ordered. Belle grabbed her book bag, tossing Ariel's hers as well. "At least you're getting some," Bell scolded, "Come next week, you aren't getting any."

Ariel moaned, trudging after her girlfriend. Belle opened their room door, gesturing for Ariel to follow. All of the rooms were all connected to the café, a small room with enough tables to seat all of the students, and then some. In front of the tables was a buffet table, a small drink machine that no longer required people to insert money. Ariel and Belle sat themselves at an almost-full table, with only one seat open. Ariel sat herself down, pulling Belle into her lap, pressing her lips against the girl's neck.

Already seated were two blondes, one with short, curly hair, the other with long, straight hair. Cinderella was wearing a baggy blue button up and white shorts, with black flip-flops. Her lazy attire was proof that Megara and her got in another fight. Aurora on the other hand wore a tight grey vest, obviously to improve her breast size to impress Native-American transfer, and a black skirt with white roman sandals.

Next to them sat a black haired girl with impossibly pale skin and bright red lips. Snow wore a white, baby doll dress with an empire waist, tied under her breasts with a bright purple ribbon, with a matching heels. Holding her hand was a black girl, her black hair tied into a curly bun with an orange ribbon. Tiana wore a green button up with orange shorts, with thigh high brown socks and orange heels. She looked half asleep, most likely helping in the kitchen late again.

Two caramel skinned girls sat in side by side in the last seat, making out furiously. The one on top, Jasmine, wore a blue camisole with a pair of grey skinny jeans and purple high tops. Under her, Esmeralda, wore a white button that was left unbuttoned at least halfway done, with a purple skirt that violated too many dress code violations, and gold heels.

The group was already eating (though most people wouldn't count Esmeralda and Jasmine's faces proper meals), so Belle got up and went to grab something for herself and Ariel. Ariel turned to Cinderella immediately, throwing a discarded straw at her. "Meg being a bitch?" she asked once she grabbed the blonde's attention.

Aurora snorted. "I think Cindy is at fault this time." Cinderella shrugged, looking longingly to where Megara sat with four red heads and a two brunettes. "I thought she and Hercules were getting a little too close… I cracked a joke, seeing what she would do, and she got mad because she thought I didn't trust her," she let out a weary sigh, her head smacking the table. "Oww…" she muttered as she turn onto her cheek.

Belle returned with two plates full of bacon and eggs and two bottles of iced coffee. "Ya know, maybe you should just go apologize, say it was a misunderstanding, and end it," Ariel suggested. Belle nodded, guessing who the combatants of the current fight were. "She loves you, you love her, just get this done," Belle quipped.

Cinderella shrugged. "I'll apologize when during lunch," she moaned into the table. Belle snorted but uncapped her drink to prevent herself from speaking again. "Speaking of lunch," Ariel muttered into Belle's hair, causing her to blush. Esmeralda and Jasmine pulled away from one another, smirking at the couple next to them.

"What's going to happen at lunch?" Jasmine teased, running a hand through Ariel's hair. Esmeralda cackled, squeezing Belle's thigh. "I think we know exactly what's going to happen during lunch, mi amour."

"Yall leave them alone now!" Tiana joked, cracking her eyes. Snow nodded, "You two are always kissing! Let them do what they want in their free time!" Esmeralda snorted. "We're just joking," she huffed, before eating Jasmine's face again.

As Ariel was about to retort back, the bell rang, forcing everyone up. Belle shoved a handful of bacon in her mouth before putting her coffee in her bag. Ariel stood up and stretched, leaving her food on the table. "Time for gym," she sighed, "God pray Gaston is in a good mood." Belle moaned, smacking her forehead. "If that prick 'accidentally' grabs my ass one more time, I will shove one of those mats down his throat." Esmeralda nodded. "That boy is too touchy for my tastes." "Thank god he's straight. He would be raping Peter or Robin in the equipment room in a heartbeat otherwise."

"Great, so we suffer," Tiana huffed. No one could argue with that.

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