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Harold POV

"What're you going to do then?" I asked Fabrizio. It was late at night, and Rose had already gone to bed.

"My friend is moving to California. He say you can earn lots of money there, yes? Well I will ask Rose, but I would like to go there."

"She told me the other day she'd love to go to California." I could've kicked myself as soon as it had left my mouth. I couldn't let her slip away from me – not when I was so close! Goodness, when had I become so jealous?

Fabrizio left to take a bath and I sat in the dimly lit room reading the newspaper, the clock rhythmically ticking. I looked up at it. Half past nine. I read my paper, and the ticking distracting me again, I looked back up. Still half past nine? What?

It was starting to annoy me; just the way it carried on, that constant noise, and how nothing made it change the way it ticked. I looked over to the two chess table in the corner, and the two cups. I sighed and dropped my head backwards, knowing full well what I was supposed to do. Determinedly, I stood up and headed towards the cup. I picked mine up first, poured the contents down the sink and placed the empty cup there.

Then, I headed towards Jack's. I suppose to anybody who didn't understand would be confused by the way I kept his cup there. Now that I considered it, it was silly. I needed to let go to keep myself sane. Gulping, I grasped his cup with trembling hands and transferred it to the sink, trying my best to not give this any second thoughts.

The chess pieces were arranged so that a match was ready to begin. 'Life must go on,' I told myself.

Jack POV

I flicked through a few more drawings until I found one of a small child. Ponting, I said "baby." She repeated, "baby!"

"Yeah, that's it! Good Job Helga!" We high five'd and began to laugh. Stashing my drawings under my arm, I stood and helped her to stand as we began to walk the decks. It was odd, the wind blowing my hair from my face and the sun shining off everybody's faces. I felt… alive, which is kinda odd.

It filled me with a sense of happiness. I hopefully had a long time to wait until Rose came, but Helga and Tommy were proving to be good company, and the least I could do for Fabrizio was make sure Helga was happy, and I'm sure he'd appreciate me teaching her English so that they could communicate even a little better than they had before.

I took her hand in mine as we continued walking along the wooden decks spilling with happy people and liveliness

"Do you want me to draw you?"

She clearly didn't understand, so I took her over to a bench and made her sit, before sitting cross legged on the wooden floor and pulling some paper and pencils out. I tried to gesture for her to stay still, and she sat. I felt the familiar feeling that rushed through me when I drew, like I was taken to a different place. Things going on around me seemed to disappear as I focused on Helgas face, and replicating each line onto my paper. I focused on every detail as a way of therapy for myself, even down to the exact pattern of Helga's lace collar. Biting on my lip I finished the last bit of shading before examining my work. I looked back up at her and then down again. I was pretty happy with it.

Grinning, I turned the paper round to face her, and she gasped. Walking closer she squinted her eyes, scrutinising the drawing as if it was a replica of her. A smile broke loose on her face and she let out a giggle before pulling it to her in an embrace. Then, she quickly wrapped her arms around my neck for a brief hug. She'd seemed to be improving recently, not so down all the time. Now, she seemed to be cured of her depression, just like that!

I led her back to our room, and the two guys me and Fabrizio shared with had become used to Helga's presence. In fact, the men and she had even been able to have a conversation together. Maybe their languages were similar or something. I was just happy she had someone that would understand her native language. As she fell asleep and I warned my two roommates that if they lay a hand on her I'd kill them, I went over to the 3rd class general room.

"Ay! Jack-o. How's things with the lass?"

I laughed, "great."

"And the undead one?" He handed me a beer as we clinked glasses and took big gulps of the dark liquid. "Great too. Fabrizio's with her."

"Bloody good friend if ever there was one," he muttered.

Rose POV

"Good morning Rosa!" Fabrizio smiled over me as I adjusted my eyes to the light streaming through the gap in the curtains. I felt happiness and relief surge through me as I pulled him into a big hug.

"Rosa, my friend in New York say there are jobs in California, and I wonder you want to go? We could go."

I felt my jaw drop. California? The place I wanted to go more than anywhere else? "Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" I practically screamed as I jumped out of bed, my body shaking with over-excitement. This was my chance. I was away from Cal, and I could actually do something with my life instead of pretending to be a maid or just staying cooped up in some house. I could be an actress! A writer! A dancer!

Fabrizio seemed overjoyed as he did a little dance around the room with me. "Okay. I get some money, and I to book the tickets, yes?"

"Yes!" I beamed, and he left as I hurriedly got ready for the day and headed downstairs.

When I got there I was rather surprised though, as the sight I'd become accustomed to of the two cups and the chess table was no longer what it was. The cups had been moved! I sent a silent prayer, hoping it hadn't been Fabrizio who'd accidentally moved them, not knowing the story behind them, but was interrupted by a voice behind me. "I moved them."

It was Harold. I smiled out of admiration for him as he nodded his head with tight lips.

"Well I admire you very much, Harold."

He allowed himself to show a faint smile as he put his coat on. "I'll be at the Enquiry until five. Have a nice day."

Harold POV

Just as I had walked through the door after a long day there was a knock, and I turned to open it. My father was stood smiling, and he welcomed himself in. "Er, wait there."

Frantically, I ran through to the living room. "Rose – my father's here, hide Fabrizio!"

She muttered something to him and he crouched behind the kitchen counter. I suppose it'd have to do for him. My father, never following my instructions, walked straight in just as Fabrizio had hidden. That was too close.

"Rose! How lovely to see you again dear!"

"Hello, Mr Bride," she bobbed into a curtsy.

"Oh please, call me Edward."

"Edward," she corrected herself and I gave my father a suspicious look. I've never seen him being this friendly to a maid before.

He led me into the living room as Rose stayed in the kitchen with Fabrizio.

"Now son, how is she?"


He nodded, and I was genuinely confused by his question.

"She is alright…?" My sentence trailed off as I saw a familiar shade of red hair at the side of the door. She was listening in! I struggled not to chuckle to myself.

"She'd be quite a good match for you," my father interrupted me, and it took a while for his words to sink in.

"My maid?"

"Oh, don't play that card with me, Harold. You don't have a maid that captivating and not feel an attraction towards her. She doesn't look like one, and nor should she."

"Where are you going with this?" I was beyond confused.

"I think you should try to court her."

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Well yes father, thank you for that advice, but I have been attempting this since the first time I laid eyes on her.

"I, uh… Really?"

"Yes! Just think - we can have a wedding by June!"

"Wow… A-a little soon, don't you think?"

He laughed and tapped his hand on his knee, a habit he's had forever.

"Why wait? I can see it in your eyes that you love her."


He stood from the chair and shook my hand. "Good luck, son!" And with that he walked out, shouting "Goodbye, Rose," over his shoulder.