Hi Guys, This Is My first Sly Cooper Fanfic and I hope you guys enjoy. I want be posting anymore chapters The Son of Dr. Viper Or Sonic Underground I do not own This characters That are used in this fanfic Sanzuru Games own them Im writing this story to continue the sly cooper. Well, Heres the first chapter.

I was knocked I was burised and beaten by Le Paradox, My cane taken away I knew I had to get up and beat this fiend, I opened my eyes and got myself up and knew that I would fight this guy again even if it killed me Le Paradox smiled as I got up walked but limbed when I took a step.

''Your awake, kid.'' He said.

''You bastard I will kill you if kills me you killed my parents you will pay!'' I screamed.

A tear came from my eye and hit the ground blood trickled down my leg and my mouth Le Paradox got in his fighting stance.

Oh No! I thought the same fighting stance almost killed me.

''Black Magic Sticky Trap!'' I shouted.

Le Paradox was stuck to the ground he couldn't move I laughed at him.

''Your strong, Kid.'' Le Paradox Smiled.

''Not strong enough.'' He shouted

Le Paradox removed himself from it and broke out of my spell I was amazed that was my best spell It worked for all bad guys I saw that Penelope sat there and watched me she worked for Le Paradox.

''Cyrille, There's no use in fighting this kid.'' She said. It only kill him more if you do.

''She's right.'' I mananged to say.

''Shut up.'' Le Paradox yelled.

I obeyed him and closed my mouth and then something stabbed from behind, A sword!

Blood was on it, I realized I was stabbed I fell and I layed there like corpse.

''He's dead.'' Penelope said.

They Walked off into night leaving me there dead, Then I closed my eyes.

2 Months Later

I finally stepped off the plane, I felt good to be in Paris. I walked into airport and I gave my passport. And I walked out door I was finally healed from the sword cut that Le Paradox gave me.

Uncle Dimitri Was waiting for me outside in the car. I got in the car. And He started to drive off.

''So how are you... I mean from the sword cut? Uncle Dimitri asked.

''Awesome, I had to stay in the hospital for 2 months because it was so Painful. I said.

''I was sad that my sister died.'' Dimitri said.

''Yeah,I was so sad my mum died. I said.

We finally made it to his house. I got out I grabbed my bags I walked in and I saw a turtle and hippo sitting down.

''Who is that?'' The Turtle Managed to say.

''This is Nathan Cooper.'' Uncle Dimitri said. My Nephew.

''Cooper? Lousteau? Im confused. The turtle said. ''Oh forgot to introduced myself my name is Bentley and this is Murray. He said.

''Oh, well my dad married Uncle Dimitri's Sister which his name is Jonathan Cooper and my mum's name is Mary Lousteau but they decided to not change last names. I said.

''oh that makes since.'' Bentley said.

''You know your related to Sly Cooper.'' Uncle Dimitri said.

''Where is he?'' I asked.

''He's been gone for months, He's lost in time.'' Bentley said.

Lost In Time? Did I hear that right? There was a knock at the door.

Uncle Dimitri Opened it.

''Hello, The man said. I'm looking for Nathan.

''Im him.'' I said.

''Your invited to a party in sydney and a plane contest.'' He said.

''Im sorry but I... he can come.'' Uncle Dimitri cut me off before I could say anything.

''The four of you come with me.'' He said.

We went and got in the car the man was driving and we drove off.

''I got him He'll be in Sydney tomorrow. he said.

''Wonderful.'' Someone said on the phone.

Im starting get suspicious about this man.

Well, That the first chapter of my sly fanfic I hope you enjoyed. Sorry It was so short I do not like to write a lot.