Hiya, to y'all! Here is my primary shot at Cowboy Bebop. First time I saw the anime, got hooked. Mind you, I only saw one episode so I don't know that whole story. I will probably get my tapes tomorrow so I'll know the real deal between Spike and Faye. Just leave comments, "violent" reactions, etc. Thanks for reading. **************************************************************************** * The atmosphere inside the Bebop sparked with tension.

Jet, Ed and Ein watched the sparks between the two persons staring at each other. Three pairs of eyes moved from one to another, waiting which one would one would break the silence first.

Spike and Faye had been in each other's throats since that morning when a ten-thousand-woolong-worth bounty slipped off their fingers. All because the two hard-headed could not agree on a single thing. Both Swordfish's and Red Tail's tractor beams locked on the bounty's ship. Since neither of them want to let go, the ship exploded. Luckily, the bounty escaped just in time, giving them another chance to get the money for the bounty's head, provided, of course, nobody would catch the bounty before they do.

As it was, they would have to bear with the depleting supply of food and the depreciating condition of the Bebop. At the moment, they were dealing with the heat due to the air condenser break down. Jet was repairing it when he heard the two quarreling. He abandoned his work to stop them from killing each other. He ordered them to be quiet. Thus, the present situation.

"I guess you two would be mature enough not to kill each other," Jet stated, stood up and placed both hands on his hips. "I am going to repair the damned air condenser and I want you, two, either be quiet or think of ways to get that money!"

Faye snorted and leaned back on the wall facing the couch where Spike was. "Ha! Mature? Think? Him?" she muttered sarcastically, pointing a finger in Spike's direction.

"Shut up, Faye," Spike warned under his breath.

"Or else, what?" Faye dared, raising an eyebrow, then crossed her arms over her chest accentuating the fullness of her breasts.

"Or else I won't be responsible for my action," Spike countered, trying hard not to wander his eyes elsewhere below her face.

"Really? And what action would that be?" Faye asked, putting both her hands on her hips,

"You don't want to know," he growled.

"Is that so?"


"STOP!" Jet bellowed.

Both of them stopped bickering for the second time but still glaring at each other.

"That's it! I have enough of your childishness! You!" he pointed at Sipke. "You never treated women like this before! And you!" he pointed at Faye. "You never behaved like this before!"

Jet pulled out two guns and pointed on their heads. "Don't make the mistake of making me pull the trigger so get a move on! "

Both Spike and Faye were surprised at Jet so they did what they were told to do.

"Get in!" Jet pushed them with the barrels of the gun towards the darkened small room where he put his tools. "You will stay there until both of you work out your differences!" he told them then shut the door and bolted it.

As soon as the door was shut, Jet grinned at Ed and Ein. "Unless you heard explosions or gunshots, don't let them out, don't disturb and don't listen. Got it?"

Both Ed and Ein nodded and went to their room. ****************************************************************************

What would happen in the. DARK? Next one will be up soon! (hopefully) =)