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This way

"Must it always be this way?" Jet asked loudly to no one in particular. He was sitting on the small chair opposite the yellow couch. "Those two would never agree on a single Hey, where the hell are you going?" he asked Faye who was passing by.

Faye stopped and glanced at Jet. "Going out. We need money for food. Be back late, 'dad', don't wait up," she gave him a wink, smiled and disappeared at the corridor leading to the cockpit.

"You can't-" Jet started to reason out but decided otherwise. He expelled a deep breath and scratched his balding head.

"Jet-person, what's wrong?" Ed asked. She settled in front of her laptop and wore her goggles of some sort.

"Those two. I am not their damn father, for pete's sake!"

"Ooohh. Jet-person should not worry too much. Spike-person and Faye-faye are in love-love," Ed stated, started chuckling and swayed left and right.

"Love? You call that love? You must be kiddin' me. They could almost kill each other. They can't stand each other. Always fighting, even for nonsense things. He say a thing, she says another. Geez, and she called me dad! If I ever wanted any pain in the neck, I would have had my own kids long time ago."

"Ay, Jet-person. It's all in Tomato. Symptoms of being in love-love. Oooh, I am getting dizzy," Ed said and lied back, her feet in the air. "Ed-person is hungry," she muttered accompanied with the growling of her stomach.

Jet sighed and pushed himself up. "I hope you are right, Ed. Come on, I'll fix you something to eat.

Ed was on her feet in no time, tossing away her goggles. "Yipee!" she exclaimed excitedly and followed Jet to the direction of the kitchen. "What are you gonna cook, Jet-person?"

"Heat, Ed. I'm gonna heat water for your cup noodles."

Ed's stomach growled more loudly this time.

"Keep your fingers crossed that those two could catch a bounty so we'll have something to eat beside these preserved junkies."

------------------------------------- *_* ---------------------------------------

Faye's Red Tail was floating above on one of the cities on Mars. A slow romantic jazz music was playing on her radio. It was not her typical music but for that instant, it suited her mood.

"Hopeless. That is the word," she muttered to herself in deep tones. "Helpless. Huh! This couldn't be love. And it couldn't be helpless."

She leaned back on her seat and crossed her arms over her chest. "He thinks I am probably the biggest bitch in town incapable to love. Well, that goes right back at him, a biggest lunkhead incapable of lo--- what the hell am I saying. He loved that woman. The ever righteous Julia. All woman," she snorted and turned her head towards a place that looked like a park where couples strolled hand in hand. "It will always be this way between us," she said under her breath and sighed.

Just then, her communicator beeped.


"Faye-faye," Ed said as soon as she was on her monitor.

"What is it, Ed? And please, it's Faye," Faye said.

"Ok, Faye-faye. Ed-person found that bounty Faye-faye asked," Ed stated, she was swaying as usual left to right.

"Good, Ed, but please, sit still, will you? You are making my head spin," Faye said holding her monitor with both hands as if she wanted to do the same thing with the kid's head.

"Ed-person is sending you the coordinates now."

Faye's left console beeped with the coordinates Ed sent in. "I got it, Ed," Faye confirmed with Ed. Then she flashed a mischievous smile at Ed. "Listen, Ed. Don't tell this to Spike, ok? It's kinda... secret! Got it?"

"Oooh, secret, secret! Ok, Faye-faye, Ed-person's lips are sealed." Ed nodded, jumped up and down and signed off.

Faye's grin got wider. I'll get that bounty all by myself. He has nothing to brag about this time. I'll prove that I could do this alone.

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