Some people would claim that nothing in the world is definit, and that there are no certain facts.

Robin how-ever knew very well, that those people were wrong.

Some things about this world would just always be facts.

If you touch fire you will burn yourself.

Water is wet.

You can't see in the dark.

Every-body has to die some day.

And She, Robin, would always be alone, for it was her against the entire world.

She had trained herself to never sleep, so she was sure that no one would sell her out while she was resting.

She had taught herself how to observe and hear every-thing about her, being aware of every-thing that was going on, so she would see any set-up or trap against her coming a mile away.

She had learned never to trust any-one and never become dependent on any-one or any-thing. Because she always had to be ready to disappear in a seconds notice.

She had learned how to never raise her hopes so she would never become disappointed, never again.

She had learned how to be detached to the world and stay that way. People for her now, they were tools she could use for protection, to get here where she needed to be.

Until the day they betrayed her, they all would at some point. They always did. Fair enough really, people were tools to her she was a tool to them, they had a perfect understanding about that at least.

That really was the only reason to even go near other people, it was only because she needed them in her search for the polygraphs.

If it wasn't because she needed people for that, she would have been happy to spend her life buried away at some big library, back in the corner, where it would just be her and books for-ever.

Books you could trust. They would never betray her, never try to kill her, and never disappoint her.

In fact, books could be calming; they invited Robin to other places, other times, glimpses into other peoples life's and stories.

Books would always be happy to share their knowledge, never go away or retreat their offers, yet leave Robin in peace when that was what she wanted. They were the only reliable life companions Robin had ever had.

But sadly books just wouldn't be enough, if Robin were to full-fill her dream, and become the legacy Ohara had left behind. It was all up to her now.

And that was the only reason, that Robin holding a few of her beloved books, now found herself at her next temporary home.

The strawhats ships…

It was very simple why Robin was here, she needed three things right now. She needed to escape from Alabasta without notice; she needed a new temporary protector from the world government she could hide with. And she needed some one willing to go new places where the polygraphs might be.

And there it was, all of her three needs, neatly wrapped in a little bundle!

It was perfect, as far as Robin could tell, none of the straw-hats had any idea who she was, they were actually all just a bunch of kids, so it would be easy to trick them, at least for a while.

They said they were adventures, so they wanted to go to new unexplored places any-how.

And they were strong! Luffy had truly impressed Robin as she saw him beat Crocodile. Yes, it was ideal. It couldn't be better.

Robin stood on the deck of the ship as she looked around, from above the moon was shining bright above her and silhouetted the head of the ship, a smiling little lamb.

"So innocent." Robin couldn't help but comment by the sight of the head.

But she knew better, it was just by appearance, there were no innocent people in this world, certainly not pirates.

Which did indeed make them ideal for her protection, if she could convince them she would be off use to them, she would be good for a while.

Slowly Robin started to examine the place, she succeeded in finding the kitchen, where she stole away a plate and a small sack of food, she found what looked liked an infirmary, and there were books there! New books she hadn't read yet.

Carefully Robin helped herself to a few books, leaving the ones she had brought so she wouldn't have to carry around with so many of them.

And then finally, she found a lantern, in what looked like a sleeping quarter.

After that, it was easy for Robin to find the cargo room below deck, where she searched to the furthest corner possible, made herself comfortable with the help of a few flour sacks, her lamp and one of the books she had borrowed.

And then… all there was left to do was to wait. Not only until the straw-hats had come back, but until they were long out at sea so they couldn't just demand her off the ship, and she would have the time to sell herself as a valuable crew-member worth keeping around.

"So what really is your speciality?" The teen tried to ask ones again.

"Still assassination."

Robin couldn't help it, she was amused about the teen trying to question her, and now she had freaked him out for good as the young Usopp yelled and almost fell down on the deck in fright.

The open distrust the teen showed towards her was just so very amusing, the way he would squint his eyes at her, then raise his chest and proclaim he wasn't to be taken so lightly, since he had 8,000 followers ready to come at his demand.

His position was clear, he didn't trust Robin in the least, but hey! He was open and pure about it. Robin liked that, and then she knew where she had him.

That Zoro fellor sleeping up against the railing, he showed equal distaste as his eyes were squinting at Robin sending her a warning. 'you better not cause any trouble, or else!' was what his eyes were saying as they looked straight at her.

Oh if he only knew, how dangerous Robin truly was, who she was, he would have attempted to cut her long ago… attempted, who was to say he would even succeed?

Then there was the cute one, the little reindeer whom attempted to hide behind the mast while observing her. He looked very apprehensive of her… smart little reindeer.

The young navigator as well, looked apprehensive, but also looked like she had decided to give Robin a chance.. for now.

Only two members were absolutely carefree and utterly clueless. The blond lad, Sanji was his name? Obviously he was a bit of a chivalric, but if being a beautiful woman was all that it took.. Whom was Robin to complain then?

And then there was the captain. Luffy..

Why did he look so careless? It confused Robin, she had taught herself how to read people, she was usually able to read all about a person by observing their reactions.

But with Luffy.. she had seen him in battle, seen him strain himself to his very best to help the people around him and she saw him now, smiling at all of them. And there seemed to be just about no extra dimensions to read!

It seemed like, when Luffy smiled, it was just to smile, it was not to hide some-thing else or sell some-thing else. No.. it was just a smile, he smiled because he was happy.

Or so it seemed.

Maybe he was just really dumb. Strong, but dumb. And just a kid. That would explain every-thing.

But Robin had learned not just to assume, that would just be the doom of her. She simply had to keep her guard up as always. This after-all, like every-thing else, was just temporary.

Still though, Robin noted as she laid back, she could end up becoming quite comfortable here while it lasted.

She almost felt bad for having decided to use this crew of kids now… almost.

Robin sighed as she sat in the shade of a parasol reading her book, sharing a table with the navigator Nami.

It had been a week since she had arrived on Merry, and they had been stuck out in the ocean for all of that time.

Most people seemed to have calmed down about Robins presence, Nami seemed pretty resigned to it at the moment.

Usopp had surprisingly quickly changed his attitude and looked almost as carefree as the captain, it had only taken three days for him to become more interested in playing tag and making new sling-shot bullets than observing Robin all of the time, his own explanation being that it was a waste of his time any-way, right now when he obviously couldn't any-thing about it regardless, so she was on a trial period as far as he was concerned.

She still got a few resentful glances from Usopp, mostly at dinner or in the evening, but they were absolutely nothing. If any-thing, they were childish, like that of a child gazing suspeciously on some food he didn't want to taste, and that indeed to amused Robin a whole lot.

Zoro also gave her some well aimed looks now and then, but it looked like he had decided to say nothing for now and just train all day or sleep.

Then there was the reindeer, the doctor, Chopper, whom was ones again standing by the mast trying to hide behind it. (though he was turning the wrong way.) Observing her in a deep frown. Robin sighed again.

"What's the matter?" Nami asked looking up from the map she was currently working on.

"Nothing much." Robin shrugged as she twirled a spoon in her coffee. "I just think it's a shame your doctor spends so much of his precious time 'spying'." She stated pointing a finger at the mast where the reindeer was attempting to hide.

Nami followed Robins finger, then blinked by the sight of Chopper, Chopper realised that he had been spotted and yelled a big yell as he jumped up and then fell down on his back, now laying on the deck breathing heavily.

"Oh don't mind him." Nami asked Robin as she reached for her orange juice. "He has a difficult time trusting any-one, it always takes a while for him to come around no matter what." She told. "So you are not alone on that one, at his first week here, he was pretty much trying to hide from every-one, I think it took like a month before he got friendly with Zoro, because Zoro scarred him."

Robin lifted an eye-brow. "Is that so?" she asked.

Nami sighed. "It's because he spend the first couple of his years being all alone, his original herd wanted nothing to do with him, because he was born with that blue nose of his, and when he by accident ate a devil fruit giving him human abilities he was chased away from the other animals for good. Humans were no better, they thought he was a monster and shot after him when-ever he came close to civilisation. Even after he started training to be a doctor, people still viewed him as a monster. So he is very protective of himself." She explained. "Not to forgot... He isn't really a human, he's a wild animal deep down. So well, just give him time. Ones he does come around he's loyal to the last, I promise."

Suddenly some-thing unwillingly tugged in robins chest. Some-how that story seemed all to familiar and her eyes shifted to the reindeer, whom had found a new hiding place behind Usopp, whom was otherwise grinding powder for bullets on the deck. "Is that so.." Robin exhaled. "A little monster." She observed. "He is cute for a monster." She noted.

"Very." Nami smiled.

"So how did he get to be a part of the crew?" Robin asked as she turned interested towards Nami.

"Took a bit of convincing." Nami informed. "He thought we wouldn't welcome him or want him, just because he is a reindeer and have a blue nose, can you believe it?" she asked in a roll of her eyes. "But the thing is, when Luffy wants some-thing he usually gets it, and he wanted Chopper to be our Nakama, so he got it."

"I see." Robin nodded as she leaned back in her chair. "Nakama." She whispered.. lucky reindeer. He had found a family here whom had accepted him. But still.. if he could find nakamas, then maybe, just maybe..

Robin shook her head. No! it was a foolish childish dream, and it was not the way to stay alive!

There was no way she was going to become attached to this crew, because that would mean certain heart-break eventually, and perhaps even death.

And yet still it happened, the next time Robin saw Chopper at their dinner table, she felt a warm feeling in her chest, almost like.. She liked him and wanted to spend more time with him as a friend, she wanted to honestly learn to know him.

Robin turned her head, hopefully any such feelings would go away soon and she would be good.