The flames reflected in Robins eyes, from that ridicules campfire Luffy and Usopp had insisted upon, and they tried to make it the greatest campfire ever to.

It would be dangerous for them to light a fire while at enemy territory, all of Robins instincts screamed that, screamed danger.

But the rest of the crew seemed like they couldn't care less as they just took the opportunity to have some fun, and some-how that actually… calmed Robin quite a lot.

Suddenly some-thing was poked right into Robins vision, centrimeters in front of her eyes, it was a square white thing on a stick.. a.. marshmellow? Robin glanced up and discovered it was Usopp holding that stick so close to her face.

"Here!" Usopp grinned. "Better hurry, or Luffy and Chopper will eat all of them!" he proclaimed.

Carefully Robin took the stick out of Usopp's hand, just to get it away from her face and then looked wondering at the object, as if she had never seen a marshmallow before.

"You do know how to roast marshmallows don't you?" Usopp asked in a frowned. "Or there are seriously some-things we need to teach you straight away."

"I've seen people roast marshmallows before." Robin then admitted quietly. "I've just never done it myself…" she hesitated.

"So you are telling me, you never had a campfire and never roasted marshmallows before?" Usopp asked dryly. "What-ever do you do for fun?" he asked.

Fun? .. Robin didn't have the surplus to have fun, letting her guard down for an instant could mean instant death in her life.

Well, for her reading books were her time of fun, at last Robin just offered Usopp a slight smile as she spoke softly. "Kill people of course."

"ARGH!" Usopp yelled as he jumped up. "Don't.. DON'T DO THAT!" he yelled.

"Do what?" Robin asked innocently.

"Talk so lightly about death." Usopp frowned annoyed rubbing his forehead. "Beside I all-ready know that isn't what you do for fun, you are not that kind of person!"

"And how exactly do you know that?" Robin asked in a slight smirk, leaning her head in her hand.

Usopp exhaled deeply, then turned around to the others. "YO GUYS!" he yelled. "Is Robin the kind of person who would kill for fun?" he asked.

"What are you talking about Usopp?" Luffy asked. "Of course not, Robin is cool!"

"Uh!" Chopper grinned with his mouth full of marshmallows. "She's really nice."

"Usopp." Nami rolled her eyes. "What do you think, honestly!"

"I should kick your ass for even suggesting such a thing Usopp." Sanji hissed, and Zoro just gave a minor shrug.

"Why does that even matter?" The swordsman asked. "It is fun killing people."

Usopp rolled her eyes, before he turned back to Robin. "You see!" he asked. "You're not fooling my any-more!" he laughed and then ran towards the other two young men roasting their marshmallows.

"But.." Robin blinked as she looked after them, laughing and having fun.

How could they say stuff like that, when they didn't know a single thing about her?

They didn't! not a damn thing, other than she was an archaeologist and used to work for crocodile.

And as long as she was with this crew, she did deliberately place them in danger, life threatening danger. Robin swallowed as she nippled to her marshmallow.

What had she done, bringing this trusty crew of good innocent children into such a big danger?

Then Robin shook her had, it was their fault for being so trusting! Trusting pirates wouldn't last long on the grand-line any-way.

But still… Robin was just so confused.

"HEY ROBIN!" Luffy yelled. "Don't eat the marshmallow raw, you have to roast it first, LIKE THIS!" he laughed sticking his own stick into the fire.

"Oh." Robin blinked. "Hai." She nodded before she stood up and silently bowed down on her knees to gently put the Marshmallow into the fire where she saw it slightly melt and then get a dark brown edge, before she pulled it out again, blew on the hot marshmallow and popped it in her mouth, chewing very thoughtfully.

What on earth had she gotten herself into here?