Sweet Nothing


Rated: M

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Author's Note: So it dawned on me the other day, that Bo is in the near perfect position to be a prostitute. This story is my interpretation of that. I hope you like it and would love to hear what you think.

Chapter 1: Rose

"No, Kenzi. I mean it. This is my last job." The succubus pushed her lips together, smearing her lipstick and creating a more even cover. The girl on Bo's bed crossed her legs and gave her friend a brisk smile.

"So you keep saying."

Bo grabbed her mascara from the table next to her. She used the mirror to darken her eyelashes. Kenzi's disbelief was noted, but Bo's conviction couldn't be uprooted.

"This is the last bit of cash we need to leave – to start over, somewhere new."

"Dyson isn't going to be happy."

The older woman scowled, moving on to fix her hair. "I've already talked to him. We've got a… deal."

Kenzi swung her legs over the mattress and stood at attention. "A deal?"

Bo swallowed and nodded. She finished her last touch-ups, adjusting her lace bra beneath the strap of her dress. She turned around and smiled at her black-haired friend.

"Don't worry about it." She laid a hand on Kenzi's shoulder and left it there as Kenzi grabbed a fur coat. Bo took the offering, slipping it over her arms and tying the fabric around her waist to protect herself from the chill outside.

"Promise me," Kenzi ordered. "Promise me, this is the last time."

Bo met her friend's silver eyes. "I promise." Kenzi had her best interest in mind, and she could never forget that. When she realized what her life had turned into, it was Kenzi's shoulder she leaned on. The pain and unhappiness that had crept up on her was getting worse. It was Kenzi's job to stave it off.

It was Bo's job to participate in sex for money. But this was the last time.


Bo got a look at her eyes in her rearview mirror one final time. Her makeup was flawless, but she didn't want to look at herself like this anymore. She had acted for so long, doing everything she could to please her clients, that she was having trouble distinguishing between the seductress and the succubus. Any Fae would've said they were the same thing. But she was so much more than desire incarnate. She had dreams; wishes of her own for a life where love came before hunger and where going on cheap vacations was the only reason she needed to check into a hotel.

The brunette got out of her Camaro and handed the keys to the valet. The teen smiled at her, as they had gone through this routine many times. Bo always smiled back, not one to ignore the help though so many other people overlooked such poorly paid employees.

Heels clicking on polished marble, Bo walked to the front desk. The receptionist was Fae, some kind of dream-weaver if Bo remembered correctly. What she did remember was the woman's name.

"Evening, Bo."

"Good evening, Carla. Late, or early?"

"Early," the woman answered, speaking in their established code. She handed over a plastic card with the hotel's name on it. Bo nodded and thanked her. She was about to leave when Carla said something else. "And might I add, you've had some real lookers… but there's something about this one. Something – special."

Bo couldn't agree more. Though she hadn't laid eyes on her client yet, this was indeed a special occasion and that was more than enough reason to play her part.

"Thanks," Bo said. She left the desk for the elevators. Her fingers found the up button and she pushed it in just long enough for it to glow under her touch. She already knew where to go; it was the same room she used every time. Bo had made an agreement with the hotel manager, that this suite was reserved for her actives alone. Considering how much she used it, and that she could afford to, the manager was more than willing.

Her client was early, meaning that they had arrived before Bo. She was thankful for that. She didn't like to wait, and making an entrance was her specialty. With a beep an elevator door opened. It was empty so Bo walked inside and took her place leaning against the far wall after selecting her floor. Bobbing her head to the music, she realized that this was the last time she would take a lover because they wanted her. From here on out, it would be because the want was mutual.

Not that her clients were brutes, or rude, or ungrateful. Almost all followed the rules and those that didn't, ended up with a high-heel in a very uncomfortable place. Her method of screening potential jobs had been perfected over the years; Kenzi had been the reason for that. Kenzi met the client first, laid out the rules and the cost. It was her own way to contribute, and the only way she could cross off "pimp out some bitches and hoes" on her bucket list….

A lot of their income was thanks to a slew of returning customers, Fae and human alike. The neediest of all: a Dark-Fae named Ryan Lambert. He wasn't the first person to fall in love with her, but he was easily the most annoying. He was always trying to save her from a life she chose over other means of making ends meet. She might have been a little misguided back then, when she first made the decision. But it was her body, her gifts, her obligation to recognize if it was a mistake or not.

Floor 36 was revealed when the elevator stopped. Bo stepped outside and found herself in front of a familiar door. She brought up her key card and pushed it into the slot. The red light by the handle turned green. In three seconds, it would turn again. The brunette took a breath and opened the door.

Her first step across the threshold awoke her hunger. There had been a time that would have scared her. She couldn't forget how long it took her to get a hold on her powers or how much of a struggle it was. Embracing her lust and need to feed had opened so many doors. She didn't have to hide or run anymore.

The room she'd crossed into was wonderfully furnished. The walls were painted in affable warm colors, and everything was made to match, from the bed-sheets to the rugs. Mirror frames were trimmed with what looked like gold and vases full of fresh roses were placed strategically around the space. The roses were enchanted, a gift from – who else? Her love-struck puppy, Ryan Lambert. Still, she appreciated the fact that they didn't die and brought the space some much needed life.

The bed was a masterpiece of decorative pillows and centered against a wall perfectly. Her client was not there waiting for her; in fact, Bo couldn't see anyone at all. There was no entrance worth making if no one was there to see it. Bo took off her coat, revealing a black dress. She bit her lip, just as a blonde woman – clutching two full champagne flutes – walked out from behind a corner where the mini-bar waited.

Bo's lips turned upward into a smile. The woman was gorgeous. She had a soft gaze and a sharp jaw. Her hair was straight, the tips resting over her toned shoulders. The cut of her dark dress revealed the full curve and swell of her breasts. Bo was going to feed well tonight and she was incredibly aware of it.

"Good evening, Lauren." She always knew her client's name. Bo brought it upon herself to offer more than just sex, but an experience to be remembered. Everything was as personal as it could be.

"Bo," the blonde greeted. "You look beautiful."

It didn't even cross the succubus's mind how many times she'd heard that, or to point it out to Lauren. She acted like it was the first time that phrase had fallen on her ears. Bo's head dropped, hiding a shy smile before she looked up again.

"The same could be said about you. And it should be – every day."

Lauren chuckled, her cheeks as red as Bo's eternal flowers. Bo could sense the woman's aura go from warm to hot. She walked to her, noting the increase with every step. Bo took a glass from Lauren and held it up.

"Anything you'd like to toast?"

Lauren shook her head, her mouth sealed tight.

Bo's eyebrows rose, but she delivered in Lauren's place. "Well, then. Here's to hoping you never go a day without hearing how beautiful you are. "

This only seemed to fuel Lauren's embarrassment, but they still touched glasses and each took a healthy drink of champagne.

According to Kenzi's information, Lauren was human. She was a doctor and a scientist, oh, and a slave to the Ash. Bo was unsure of the kind of paycheck that went with slavery, but so long as her money was given to her by the end of the night, she didn't much care where it came from.

The pair shared a look before Lauren glanced to the bed with a nervous stare. Bo realized that she would have to take the lead here. It was no matter; she had done it plenty of times before, but there was no need to rush anything. She would make Lauren comfortable first. Some women were like that. Afraid and ashamed of what they wanted when it was perfectly normal. Bo would teach her to appreciate pleasure of all kinds.

The succubus reached out, taking Lauren's free hand in her own. She guided her back to the bar and let her sit. Bo sat next to her, setting down her drink.

"I know why you're here," Bo whispered.

Lauren was immediately shocked. "You do?" she asked, as if there could be any other reason besides having sex.

"I can see that you're… curious-"

Lauren cut in, taking the conversation far past where Bo had ever meant it to go. "You're right! I have so many questions." She began talking with her hands, gesturing fervently. "I understand that your chi is your life force, and that you can take the chi of others. So was it really ever your chi in the first place? Are you just constantly trying to fill a cup with holes? And how do you read sexual energy?" By this point, Bo was biting back laughter. "How do you quantify it?"

"Lauren," Bo interrupted, placing a hand on the bare part of her shoulder. She felt her powers flow from her heart, down her arm, and through her hand – calming the doctor. "Lauren," she repeated. "I'll answer anything you want me to, but let's start one at a time, okay?"

The blonde nodded with a lazy grin, no doubt coursing off the high she'd just received.

Bo couldn't remember everything that was asked of her, but she answered the first thing she could recall. "Sexual energy… is like an aura I can pick up on. I can't see it, not physically, but I can feel it. Like a burn in my gut." She didn't remove her hand from Lauren but began to rub her fingers back and forth, reveling in the feel of her skin.

Lauren nodded. "What's it like?"

Bo's eyebrows furrowed. "What's what like?" She thought she had just answered that question.


In that moment, Bo's heart ached. She could feel its beat strengthen inside her chest, pounding on her ribcage like a wild animal. A person who did not know passion did not know life. They did not know love. But what truly struck her most was that she had been asking the very same thing – for a long time.

Bo's free hand went to Lauren's jaw. She didn't enchant the woman, by Lauren's skyrocketing aura, there was no need. She moved in, needing to feel Lauren's lips against her own starving ones. Some measure of fate had seen to it to put two uncertain souls in the same room. Bo was not going to let that go to waste.

Just as they were about to kiss, Bo looked into Lauren's eyes and whispered, "Let's find out together."

Lauren closed the last bit of distance, spurred by Bo's offer. The doctor's hands found their own place on Bo's body; one resting on her shoulder, the other lying high on her hip. Bo was in such a rush to feel more of Lauren, she knocked over her drink. Clear liquid splashed out of the glass, spilled across the countertop and fell onto her dress. They were so consumed by their kiss that neither one of them noticed anything until the glass rolled off the bar and smashed against the ground.

They broke away with matching, labored breaths. The pair glanced down at Bo's ruined dress and looked back up at each other. Bo stood, Lauren mirroring the action. The succubus didn't give one damn about her clothes, or Lauren's for that matter. She moved in, finding Lauren's lips again. They grasped for each other, the full length of their bodies touching wherever it was possible. Bo felt Lauren moving the straps of her dress; the pieces of fabric were tight around her shoulders because she refused to remove her arms from around the doctor. Lauren began to kiss down her jaw to her neck. Bo's head tipped backward as Lauren's fingers found the zipper to her dress. The blonde unzipped as far as she could. As loose as the dress was now, the top half of Bo's bra was fully exposed, but she wasn't going to let Lauren have all the fun.

Bo spun the woman around and herded her toward the bar with her body. Before Lauren's back hit it, the succubus put a hand on Lauren's thigh and hiked up her dress just enough so that she could grab Lauren below her backside pick her up, Bo's lower torso fitting perfectly between the woman's legs. Just from their few minutes of kissing, Bo had consumed enough sexual energy to make such a feat easy. She lifted Lauren up and set her down on the countertop, forgetting that as they kissed – champagne was evaporating on the same surface.

Bo pulled back, running a hand down Lauren's leg and coming to her foot. As rough as she was before, was as gentle as she was now. She took off Lauren's high heel and did the same for the other; then quickly removed her own. All shoes were thrown away without a care. Bo glanced away to see the right strap of her dress was still resting where Lauren left it. She grabbed it and pulled down, the fabric fell away. At the moment, Lauren's interest spiked and Bo could feel it. With a smirk Bo stepped away from her clothes and went back to the doctor, kissing her soundly. Lauren wrapped her arms around Bo and her legs did the same.

After another minute, Bo helped the doctor down, making sure she didn't step on any broken glass. The two moved toward the bed, working on getting Lauren out of her own dress as they went. When Lauren was undressed, she pressed the succubus into the nearest wall. Bo's hand fumbled along the cool wall, reaching for the light dimmer that she knew was there. The space fell into near darkness with Bo's lips attached to Lauren's neck.

Lauren moaned and crowded her even more, but Bo had decided this was not the place either one of them would be having release. The hotel room was usually kept at a pleasant 68 degrees, but it felt more like a solid 90 by the time they made it to the mattress.

The blonde lowered herself down, leaning on her elbows until Bo joined her. Roaming hands mapped their way around Lauren's torso as Bo straddled her thigh. There were still clothes that needed to go, and Bo saw to it when she was ready. When she righted herself and undid her bra, Lauren did the same.

They met again, their matching figures echoed in smooth skin and sweat. Burning lust coiled tighter and tighter in Bo's lower abdomen every time Lauren pushed their hips together. The succubus was running on pure instinct now. She'd forgotten that this was a job, that Lauren was just a client, and that she was supposed to be giving more than receiving. Lauren didn't seem to be aware of any of those facts either. She was just as caught up, tangling her fingers in brown hair and guiding Bo's mouth to the rise of her breast.


Bo opened her eyes; the brightness of the room caused them to sting. She closed them again, taking in a deep breath to help wake up. She inhaled through her nose, and in a panic, found the scent of sex and roses.

The succubus immediately sat up, letting the covers fall away from her bare chest as she looked for someone she knew she should not want to see. Lauren wasn't in the bed, so Bo took another lungful of air and released it. She had never, ever fallen asleep at the end of a job before. Then again, she'd never performed so many times, or so thoroughly in a single evening. She wasn't even sure what time they had stopped.

Bo looked around, flashes of what they had done and where permeating her consciousness, and saw her dress hanging up on a hanger inside an open closet. Her heels were sitting beneath it, and her undergarments were resting on top of them. Lauren had gone to a lot of trouble before she left.

There was a sudden knock at the hotel door causing Bo's heart to race. She grabbed a sheet to cover herself, when the bathroom door opened. Wrapped in a white towel, and still lightly dripping, Lauren walked to the front door and opened it. A few seconds later, she came back with a large covered tray.

They laid eyes on each other, smiling more than they had meant to.

Lauren's voice was raspy; much like it was when she had moaned the night before. "Morning."

"Good morning," Bo answered. She watched the doctor set the tray down on a nightstand and almost lose her towel in the process.

"Um, I'm done with the shower if you… want to…."

Bo swallowed. This was so incredibly unprofessional.

Lauren grinned; then threaded her fingers in her wet hair as she tried to keep it from falling in front of her eyes. "I hope you don't mind," she continued, leaning over to remove the silver lid from what room service had brought up. "I got breakfast."

The brunette covered herself a little better so she could move closer and examine the food. Fruits were nestled against mini croissants drizzled with chocolate.

"It looks good," Bo said.

"Okay, I'm just going to-" The doctor pointed back to the bathroom, no doubt to insinuate that she was going to dry off better.

Bo nodded and picked up a strawberry. She bit into it; then had to lick juice off her lips. Last night had been sweet, and yet, the morning was turning out to be sweeter. She imagined that most clients would have left their money and be gone by now – like she needed to be. Quietly, Bo got up from the bed. She would get dressed, get her cash and leave.

It was then that Lauren came back out of the bathroom sans the towel that she had before. "Found the robes," she explained. Her eyebrows knitted together at the sight of Bo.

"Lauren, last night was- But I can't-" Bo scowled at her own idiocy. "I don't normally do this. Breakfast."

The doctor tilted her head and grinned. "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to." She went to where her purse was resting on the floor and pulled out her wallet. With the money fished out, she walked to Bo and held it out.

Bo glanced down at the colored paper, then back at the food. "I guess… it's just breakfast."

Lauren smiled again; then turned around and put the money on top of Bo's things. The two sat down among disheveled blankets and shared the meal.

The nervous woman Bo had met on the previous night was far more comfortable in her own skin now. Bo couldn't say the same about herself. Between bites, Lauren made small talk that turned into a monologue about her research. Bo laughed and had to interrupt.

"I see how it is," she joked. "So I'm just a science experiment to you!" Normally, Bo didn't try to pry when it came down to the reasons people chose to procure her services. She didn't much care. This time was different. What was a servant of the Ash doing with her?

"Like you said: I was curious," Lauren countered. They'd finished breakfast a little ways back, but her fingers were still sticky. She brought a finger to her mouth and licked the chocolate from it.

Bo remembered. Lauren had asked about passion. There was no doubt in her mind that she had not been Lauren's first sexual experience. No, Lauren had known her way around a bit too well for that. Brown eyes were fixed on what the human was doing. After last night, Bo was sure she wouldn't feel the need to feed for some time. Her hunger didn't appear to care.

"So, tell me." Bo leaned in, hovering over the nearly empty tray between them. "Did you discover what passion was like?"

Lauren couldn't answer, presumably overcome by Bo's nearness. She went to kiss the succubus, but Bo dipped her head and kissed Lauren's fingers. She licked and sucked, tasting the dark chocolate staining perfect skin. Bo's heart was going a million miles a minute. She didn't know what she was doing, but she didn't want to stop.

All this time, she'd been feeding on sweet nothing. Every tryst had left her empty except for Lauren….

Bo lifted her head and captured the doctor's lips, just as aroused as she had ever been. Her hands snaked beneath Lauren's robe and moved it off her shoulders. Bo didn't let the new expanse of skin go without attention. This was going somewhere fast. Bo grabbed the tray and dropped it over the side of the bed. Pieces of half eaten fruit bounced off the metal and landed on the floor as she guided Lauren to her back.

Bo untied the robe with one hand and left a trail of kisses down Lauren's front to the sound of her begging.


47 minutes. That was how long it took before Lauren realized that she was running behind. Bo was tangled up in her, a leg and an arm draped over her body. Bo drew lazy circles over Lauren's sternum and traced the lines of her necklace. The doctor's eyes were closed but the left side of her mouth was curled up into a light smile.

"Bo, what time is it?"

The succubus looked over Lauren where an alarm clock sat next to the bed. "It is 9:10."

Lauren's eyes shot open. "Oh, shit!" She maneuvered out Bo's hold and ran, naked, for her clothes. "I'm sorry, I have to go. I'm late," she explained as she dressed.

Bo understood. Many mistakes had been made in the past 12 hours, and she was just as responsible. But some part of her wasn't ready to say goodbye to Lauren just yet. She got up to get dressed herself, but before she could even pull the zipper up on her dress Lauren was at the door.

They shared a look and Lauren apologized again. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," she responded. She glanced down, trying to think of what to say. "Will I see you-" Bo didn't finish. Lauren was already gone. Bo held her breath and turned around. She had told herself that after her last job, she would take one of the roses home. Nothing could compel her to walk to a vase and pick one out.