Chapter 2

By the time Winry woke up, the sun was just going up above the horizon. She sat up in bed, her eyes only half open as she looks around her room. All of a sudden her eyes open wide as she smiles. Ed came home.

With that thought, she immediately got up and grabbed a clean outfit. She walks out into the hall and into the guest bedroom. She had to make sure.

She looked around. Nothing. The room looked the same as it had the day before. No Ed. Winry sighed. He did leave...

Or maybe he was never there. It could have just been a dream or something like that. Ed could very well still be somewhere in the west. Of course, he's probably on the way to the west right now if he's not already there.

"He promised..." Winry said quietly to herself. Closing the door behind her, Winry stomps out of the guest room and returns to her workroom. She has to check on something.

She looks for the leg she was working on for Edward yesterday. When she sees it's gone, the situation is proven. Edward was there last night, but he left. Just like he promised not to do.

Winry walks out of the workroom, her clothes in hand, and stops in front of the bathroom door. With a sigh of sorrow, she opens the door. When she looks up, she sees Edward's bare back.

He's facing away from her with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His long blonde hair is hanging loose, dripping with water, around his shoulders. Winry stands there, to startled to move. When Ed turned around, he jumped several feet in the air.

"WHAT THE HELL, WINRY!" Ed pulled the towel tighter around his waist to make sure it wouldn't fall down.

"EEEP! SORRY!" Winry apologized as she stepped out of the bathroom as quickly as possible, slamming the door behind her.

Well, at least he didn't leave. Winry thought, looking on the positive side of the situation. Sure, she had barged in on him, almost seen him naked, probably made their friendship really awkward for the rest of their lives, but hey, at least he was still there.

Winry ran back into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. With a sigh, she sat down on her bed. Now she felt really guilty that the first thought she had when he wasn't in his bedroom was that he had broken his promise. It never even occurred to her that he was just somewhere else. Ed always kept his promises, no matter what. That was something that Winry admired most about him. But even though she was his best friend, she had automatically doubted him. Yeah, some best friend I am. She thought glumly as she stared at the floor.

A few minutes later, Winry heard her bedroom door open. Obviously it had to be Edward since Den can't open doors and Granny was gone few a few more hours. Winry's eyes flickered up to him as he entered the room. Now he was fully clothed wearing a black shirt and a pair of jeans. His long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail like he had been wearing it lately.

Ed could tell that Winry was feeling down and it wasn't just because of the previous... event. Of course, that was part of the reason but maybe not all of it. Edward groaned inwardly. Comforting girls. Not his specialty. Sure he could handle girls... most of the time. But he wasn't that good, and that was probably too generous, at comforting. Add the two together and you get a terrible mess for Edward.

Edward cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Hey, ummm..." He shuffled his feet nervously. New route. "Where's the old hag?" Hopefully it would get Winry to stop thinking about earlier.

"She's visiting a friend." Winry's voice was barely above a whisper. "I'm guessing she'll be back in a few hours but, she may be sooner or later."


Edward coughed nervously. He walked over and sat down on the bed next to Winry.

"Hey... what's wrong?" He had tried to sound comforting, but he was as stiff as a board.

"Nothing." Winry lied. Normally Ed was clueless, but this time he was able to tell that Winry was lying. Quite easily, actually.

"C'mon, Win." Ed placed his left hand on her right shoulder. He could feel Winry tense beneath his grip. "What's bugging you?"

"I-... I thought you left." Winry was hestitant. But once she said it, she started talking in a rush. "I'm sorry! The first thing I thought was that you had left eventhoughyoupromisedbutIstillthoughtitanditturnso utthatyouwerejustinthebathroom and-"

She stopped suddenly because Edward was chuckling. Winry felt her face flush. He was laughing at her.

"Edward!" She complained.

"Sorry! It's just you thought that it's a big deal but really," he smiled down at her, a gleam in his eye, "I don't really care. It doesn't matter. You were right to think that. Me and Al have left rather... abruptly. If anyone should feel bad it should be me, ok?"

Winry didn't say anything. She still felt guilty, but she felt better.

Ed started fidgeting nervously. He wanted to say it and now would be a good time but... He swallowed. He had fought homunculi and won. He had fought Father and won. He had cheated Truth. He had done things that most people didn't even know existed. But he couldn't gather up the courage to tell Winry that...

Right before Winry was about to say something about his fidgeting, Ed stood up. "Right then, I'm going to go for a walk." Without waiting for a reply, he left the room before Winry could see the blush that had taken over his face.

Winry sighed. "Alchemy freak..." she muttered to no one. Then she herself got up to take the shower she had planning to take.

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