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Sasuke's POV~

Big brother, I wonder if you're happy now.

If all the pain and misery you harbored is gone.

Is it better where you are, away from this world, the world that sacrificed you without a second thought?

Liars, cheaters, demons.

I hate them all.

Big brother, I'll make them pay. I'll make them suffer for what they did to you. And when that's done, I'll join you.

We can be together again, like when we were young. When I was scared and lonely at night and ran into your room, hoping to find comfort in your arms. You were always there, always waiting, always willing to comfort your foolish baby brother.

Childlike fears, childlike wishes.

I wanted to kill you, make you pay. It was all I thought about. It consumed me entirely. I was an avenger, a heartless murderer.

I thought I was justified.

You took them away. You took everyone away. Every person I ever cared about.

Including yourself.

But I forgive you now. I know you had no choice. Orders are orders, no matter how cruel.

But why? Why did it have to be you?

Couldn't they have chosen someone else? Anyone else?

Why you? You were so perfect, so kind, so loving, so wonderful.

I tried to bury those memories of times spent together, but I was lying to myself. You were the perfect older brother; always caring for me, doting over me, even to the point of sacrificing yourself for me.

What did they turn you in to?

Soon, I promise you, I'll make them pay. I'll turn their laughter into screams of anguish. And when all that's said and done, I'll take a kunai to my throat.

We'll be together again, I promise.