Just Eat The Ice Cream—Chapter Twenty Three: Peppermint

Jack had been mulling over Sera's words for an entire week. She wanted him to not only date her father, but marry him! Pitch was definitely attractive, and he could definitely see himself spending all his time with the man and his daughter. He practically lived with them anyway. He wouldn't mind marrying Pitch. But how in the heck would he get him to realize that he didn't need to be so shy? He could definitely make the first move. He had had moments where he could have, and he just let them flutter away because he wanted Pitch to do it.

Marrying Pitch… Gosh, Jack just couldn't believe Seraphina wanted him to be her new mother/father/whatever the hell she wanted to call him. He was laying on his bed, staring straight at the wall, trying to think on this. Sera would plan something big and incredible. He needed to make her proud with something just as though out…

He chewed his lip as he tried to imagine ways to get Pitch to realize he liked him. He could just out and kiss him, but that had no planning or thought. He needed to think of something good… Something that would actually make Pitch go "Well, shit."

Running his fingers through his hair, Jack groaned unhappily. He'd need to do something. He actually realized that he really did like Pitch. He was smart, funny, attractive, and a father. He was sweet, loving, fun to be around, reasonable to argue with, understanding, and he always listened to Jack when he whined and complained about nothing. Not only that, but he had the most beautiful amber eyes Jack had ever seen.

"Geeze, when did I become a dating site's description section?" he grumbled to himself, "I must have it bad if I'm sitting here thinking about everything that attracts me to Pitch…"

He would say he needed to get out more, but he didn't need to date. He was already interested in somebody, and they were interested in him. His romantic interest was just too shy to ask him out.

So apparently everyone wants Pitch to bed Jack? Do you want it to become M rated when they get together, then? Smutty times?