You felt something wet and rough against your cheek as you slept, not liking what you were feeling you waved one of your hands as if telling whatever that was disturbing your sleep to go away. "Mmm...?" You felt your hands go inside something warm. "...Warm...?!" Your eyes burst open as you got up quickly. "Gya!" You screamed.

You could swear you woke up the whole building by now. "Eh?! Bester?!" you exclaimed in shock as you looked at Bester who was cheerfully biting your hand. "More importantly, stop biting my hand!" you luckily managed to pull your hand out of Bester's mouth, fortunately, there were only bite marks, only his fangs managed to sink in enough to draw blood.. "Haa, it hurts." you shook your right hand as you got up for some bandages.. "But I guess I should be thankful I didn't end up losing my hand." You sighed with relief.

"Hm?" You went outside to the living room and looked around. "That's strange, where's Xanxus?" He was usually sleeping on the couch or just sitting there, but today he was nowhere to be found. "Well, whatever. I should go and wash my hand." You went inside the bathroom, and walked over to the sink. Yawning as you turned on the tab, you heard the sound of the shower tab go off... "Eh..?!" Your eyes widened in surprise as you were washing your hand.. "Quite the wound you've got there, trash." Xanxus smirked, you couldn't see his face but you knew he was smirking. "S-Shut up." You said in a nervous voice. "Besides, how shameless can you get!" You yelled. "How can you just go take a shower at someone else's house!?" You knew you were being unreasonable, but you had no choice, you just wanted to escape this awkward situation. "Me, shameless?" he laughed. "I think the shameless one would be you." "Hah?! Who are you calling shameless!?" You yelled. "No, you're not shameless." "Of course I'm not!" You said proudly. "You're shameless trash." You nodded. "Yes yes, shameless tr- Who are you calling shameless trash!?" You fumed with anger. "The one who entered the bathroom despite the fact someone was taking a shower inside." You knew he was toying with you, but you didn't like it, not in the least.

"Now listen here..." You turned around and pointed your finger in his face. "If you think I have any interest in someone like you what so ever, then you're highly mistaken!" You said proudly, he didn't answer, instead, he just went to grab the towel behind you. "Eh...?!" Your eyes widened in shock, instead of walking around you to grab the towel, he leaned in close to you and grabbed it. You weren't sure whether to be angry or embarrassed, Xanxus just looked down on you and smirked, you jumped back while blushing all the way to your ears.. "You! You're being way out of character today! You better return to your lazy couch hogging self by the time you get out of the bathroom!" You yelled as you stormed out of the bathroom.

Bester was waiting outside the bathroom door, which reminded you of the wound on your hand, you sighed. "I better go bandage this." You thought before suddenly remembering the first aid kit was in the cabinet inside the bathroom.. You slumped down and started sulking from the thought of having to enter in there again.

Xanxus came out while drying his hair with a towel before throwing himself down on the couch and closing his eyes. You sighed with relief before heading to the bathroom, grabbed the bandages, and ran out as quick as you can, you didn't want to stay in there for even a second, not after what happened just moments ago.

"(Name)!" Gokudera's eyes widened as he came out of the guest room. "What happened to your hand!?" He ran over to you. "You bastard! Did you do this?!" He glared at Xanxus, you gave him a blank stare. "It's clearly visible that this wound isn't made by a human!" You thought. "Ah, Gokudera-kun, it's not his fault.." You smiled. "It kind of is though.." You grit your teeth from the thought, but you weren't going to blame Bester. Gokudera grabbed your hand suddenly. "Ouch!" You shrieked. "Ah, sorry (Name), let me take care of this, okay?" He smiled, you nodded.

"There, I'm done!" Gokudera got up as he grinned proudly. You shook your hand before your face lit up. "Thank you, Gokudera-kun! It doesn't hurt as much anymore!" He was taken aback by your smile before he replied. "I-It's nothing, anyway, you shouldn't use your hand too much until it's fully recovered." "Sure.." You smiled. "But that means I won't be able to cook since it's my right hand that's injured after all.." You sulked. "Not like you could cook anyway." Xanxus said as he yawned. "Shut up!" You retorted.

Hibari came out of the guest room, having a somewhat pleasant expression on his face, which soon turned into disgust and discomfort when he noticed everyone gathered in the living room. "Hey!" Gokudera yelled while pointing at Hibari. "If you don't like something, come out straight and say it!" Hibari stared at him for a bit. "... I hate you all ..." He went over and sat on the kitchen counter before yawning. "Why you..!" "Well, you were the one who asked him to be honest, Gokudera-kun." you gave him an awkward smile. Gokudera tsked before violently sitting down on your arm chair.

A weird idea struck you, and you decided to follow it through. "W-Well everyone, I've got something exciting to tell you!" You said cheerfully. "Hah?!" They all directed their attention to you giving you a face that said 'are you an idiot?' "I might be..." You thought. "I'm going to teach you all how to cook!" You grinned. Gokudera gave you a pitiful look, Xanxus just yawned, Hibari stared at you before turning around and covering his mouth. "I can see your shoulders shaking, Hibari-kun." You glared at him, he didn't answer, he just regained his composure and stared at you. "A-Anyway." You coughed. "I'm going to teach you the basics, so get up and follow me to the kitchen." You walked over to the kitchen, put out three knives, and vegetables. "Now! I want you guys each to cut one of these up." You grinned, Gokudera gave you a look that said he'd lost all hope in you. "I thought you were going to teach us how, sensei." Xanxus sarcastically added.

You twitched. "I'm just trying to see if you guys have any natural skill, that's all!" You glared at him. "Just admit it, you don't even know how to cut up vegetables, trash." He smirked. "And you talk like you do." You raised a brow. "A-Anyway." you smiled. "Since you guys are a violent bunch, no offense." "You can imagine that these vegetables you're cutting up are your object of hate." You forced a smile.

Everyone was quiet for awhile, before Xanxus got up and snatched one of the knives off the kitchen counter. "Did I manage to spark his interest?" You wondered. Hibari stared at you for a few seconds before getting up and taking a knife as well. "I have a bad feeling about this." Gokudera muttered before getting up and taking a knife.

"Then, I want you all to cut up the vegetable in front of you." You forced another smile. Much to your surprise, they all began cutting up the vegetable in front of them. You walked over to Hibari, staring wide eyed at the way he was chopping the vegetable. ".. You're a natural at this!" You complimented, he just ignored you. "Guess it's what he's imagining.." You thought, kind of curious at what he was thinking.. "So.. What're you imagining exactly?" You asked, he was quiet for awhile before answering. "I'm imagining it's you." you twitched from how evil his face looked as he said that. "Ahahahaha, is that so?" "I can't really complain, it was my idea after all." You thought.

You weren't going to ask Xanxus, you already knew what he was imagining. "Hey, Xanxus, I'd appreciate if you'd stop chopping the vegetable in such a disturbing way! It doesn't even look edible anymore!" You lectured, he just glared at you before continuing, rolling your eyes, you headed over to Gokudera. "What about you, Gokudera-kun, what're you imagining?" You smiled. "Nothing really, I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do." He smiled, you were in complete bliss at that moment. "Someone normal." You thought. you sat down on the counter, chuckling, from how unnatural the scene in front of you was.

"Bosssssssss!" Someone broke down your door, yelling. You stared at the person, wide eyed. "Eh, an octopus!" You cried out. "Who are you calling an octopus!" Gokudera glared at you. "Eh, that person over there." you pointed at the macho looking man. "Uh, um. Octopus dude... May I ask who gave you right to break down my door?" You smiled as a vine appeared on your face, he was about to answer before he noticed what Xanxus was doing. "Why you! What do you think you're having the boss do?!" He yelled as he ran up to you and grabbed you by your shirt's collar. You gave him a blank stare. "Uh, , if you don't let go, I'm calling the police saying a perverted octopus attacked me." He glared at you before shoving you away.

Xanxus had no reaction to the strange person who was fawning over him. Gokudera and Hibari both seemed very irritated by the person's presence. "Would you please leave now? You got to see your 'boss' there's no reason for you to be here." You politely tried kicking him out. He just glared at you before directing his attention back to Xanxus who was completely ignoring him. "Ugh, this guy. Well, he looks like he's completely in love with Xanxus.." You felt sickened from the thought. Hibari looked like he was on the verge of finally snapping. "I'm going to regret doing this, but there's no other choice!" You gulped.. "X-X-X-XANXUS!" You yelled, trying to get his attention, he just glared at you.

You pulled Xanxus down by his sleeve, and quickly kissed him on the cheek.. The place was quiet for a while, you were blushing, trying to calm down, regretting what you just did. "A-Anyway, if you get it, then I'm sure there's no reason for you to be here!" You said proudly while panting, you seriously wanted to lock yourself in your room for awhile. It's not like kissing someone on the cheek was that much of a deal, but if that someone was Xanxus then, yeah, it is!

Gokudera stared in shock, Hibari didn't seem to care in the least, so long as it was quiet, Xanxus remained expressionless. "Why you!" The octopus fumed with anger. You gave a 'I'm so screwed' smile before hiding behind Xanxus. It wasn't the smartest idea you could come up with, but it seemed like he wouldn't try harming you so long as you were near Xanxus. "Levi..." Xanxus began.. "What're you doing here.." he raised a brow. "Ah, I came to check on you, boss!" Levi replied nervously. Xanxus didn't answer. "What are you, the loyal dog, Hachiko?" you sneered. "Shut up." He glared. Xanxus turned around suddenly. "Uh..." You stared up wide eyed while he glared down on you while holding the knife in his hand.

Jumping back, you clapped your hands together in an apologetic gesture. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!" You panicked, Levi smirked at the sight of you. Xanxus sighed in annoyance, placed the knife down on the counter and headed over to the couch. Hibari walked over to Levi and glared at him "What do you want, little punk." He raised a brow, Hibari took a step back before punching Levi in the stomach and walking out the apartment. "Freaking brat." Levi grit his teeth, you snorted.

Getting up after sometime, he walked over to you, shoved you, then went over to Xanxus and kneeled down next to the couch as if some dog awaiting it's master's orders. "(Name), I'm going to try fixing the door.." Gokudera scratched his cheek, as if still flustered from what he saw moments ago. "That'd be a huge help, Gokudera-kun!" You smiled. "I'm going to stay here if boss is staying here." Levi announced. "Hah?! Who gave you right exactly." You glared at him, he just ignored you. "Tch. If it's Squ-chan who's staying, I wouldn't mind, but if it's you, then no thank you, door's open." you pointed at the broken door which Gokudera was trying to fix. "Squ-chan..?" Levi's eye twitched. "Squalo...?" He glared while saying Squalo's name mockingly. "Yeah, you have a problem with that?" You raised a brow, he looked at you in disgust before directing his attention back to Xanxus.

You heard a loud growl coming from your room. "Ah! Bester!" You panicked, ran over to your room, and opened the door. "Kya!" The moment you opened the door, you were pounced by Bester who started licking your cheek. "B-Bester.. Calm down.." You said, slightly blushing from how happy you were. You guessed what you felt against your cheek this morning was Bester's tongue. Levi glared at you, seriously looking like he was planning to kill you, you smirked, you weren't sure why you were competing against him in the first place, but you didn't want to lose, not to him anyway.

You tried getting Bester to move off you, but it was useless, he wouldn't budge. "Xanxus..Help...?" Xanxus just ignored you which made Levi smirk your way. "Xanxusssss.. " you whined. Xanxus sighed with annoyance. "Bester..." He raised a brow which made Bester get off of you immediately. You stuck your tongue out at Levi whose face was saying 'die, just die already!' you grinned before cheerfully hoping to your room.

You sighed as you jumped on your bed, it wasn't that late in the evening but you were already tired enough from today's events. "Why is it whenever I try to help them with something it turns out as a complete fail." You wondered before squeezing your eyes shut, not wanting to think about today anymore, especially what happened this morning with Xanxus or what you did to provoke Levi... "Should I be scared that I might be killed in my sleep by an octopus..?" You snorted.

********************************************** End of Chapter **********************************************

Author's note:

Well, that was a bit strange XDDD I tried my best to type this with writer's block So hope the person reading this enjoyed the chap.. If the characters were way out of character in this chapter, I'm really sorry XDDD But sometimes it's just hard to keep them in character all the time. No Squ-chan in this chapter, huh ._. Well, hopefully in the next chapter he'll be there~ (And, can't you see how creative I am, making the chapter name octopus and all.. /shot XD)