Light in the Order of Souls

Chapter II

Weird Little Witch

Harry would loath to be mean to his new... well first and only friend Ginny but she sure is weird. She just kept talking about all sorts of stuff that honestly he didn't know about. It might have been nice to hear about all of this, if not for Ginny talking so fast and excitedly as she led him to the odd house.

It was nice being this close to an actual human being and not having them running away from the 'troublemaker' while still knowing that they know that he's not the troublemaker. It had always been annoying that his cousin gets away with everything.

The other kids knew that being too close to Harry will get them a beating too. Though, Harry gets into trouble for that too, which makes him want vengeance on the morons. The parents are completely ignorant parents who don't care about the truth unless it suits them.

Ginny led Harry to the back door of the property through the large fenced off garden and she was just about to open the door when it swung open for her, to reveal a plump red haired woman who had an angry scowl on her face staring daggers at Ginny, which caused Harry to grimace back.

"Ginevra Weasley, where have you been!" she reprimanded, annoyed as she reprimanded her.

Harry moved back a little, trying not to show fear but this woman was fearsome, a different way to his aunt, and he's sure his aunt would lose a battle of anger to her.

"Mum, you're freaking Harry out!" Ginny reprimanded right back, not the least bit scared and wouldn't let Harry's hand go through fear of losing him.

Ginny's mother startled, looking him over, concerned at his clothes, smell, and messy nest of hair like a giant Indian Headdress. She doubts he has washed in a long time.

"Oh, hello, Harry dear," she said turning a 180 from annoyed at her daughter to kindly mother. "Ginny dear, where did you find him, look at him, come on in dears, we'll get you cleaned up and something good to eat!" she said leaving no further room for discussion as she shimmied them into the large kitchen dinner.

"I found him in the woods by the pound," Ginny answered helpfully. "He says his aunt and uncle just threw him away! He's a wizard too because I saw him doing magic, but I think he lived with muggles!"

"OK dear," she said uncertain about what to do, but smiled. "Why don't you take Harry upstairs to take a shower and find him something to wear? I'll put on something to eat and call Professor Dumbledore to see what we can do, OK?"

"OK mum," she agreed as she led Harry away. "Its OK now Harry, Professor Dumbledore is like really old and smart or something, so he'll know what to do."

He nodded as she pulled him up some stairs and into a nice sized bathroom. "You just talk to the shower to get it to do what you want. If I were you I wouldn't change how hot it gets as its really hard to get it any better. We have a few showers, and this is the one I get to use, most, and I've tried lots but just end up too hot or too cold, but this is OK!"

"T-thanks," he said eying the shower dubiously. "Umm… shower, turn on please," he said feeling silly but the water sprout started shooting out water into the tub and down the drain. "Wow, that is so awesome!" he said, smiling at Ginny while she watched him in his awe, amused and happy.

"OK, I'll go find you something to wear," she said with a kind smile while he blushed how she was so nice; he liked that. "I think my brother Ron will have something small enough you can borrow," she said, thinking as she gestured some towels on the rack. "And towels are there to dry off," she added before skipping off, leaving the door too.

Harry felt giddy as he pulled off all his clothes. He stretched his muscles before checking the water. It was a little cooler than he expected but it was nice. He climbed in, sighing as the water soaked through his mass of hair, cascading down his body, slicking his hair down.

He found some of that smelly stuff that is supposed to help clean you, so used it on his body and in his hair before putting it back with a sigh, as it smelt nice.


He was startled as Ginny called him. She was shimmying into the bathroom with a pile of clothes with her eyes squint closed. "I'm not looking," she said, even facing the other way as she managed to put the clothes down on the toilet.

"Thank you," he said, sincerely not really bothered whether she looks or not. He knows about modesty and all that from school but really, he didn't have the energy to care about that right now, or ever, or whatever.

She startled and actually turned, looking to him; her cheeks flamed up red and she span back around. "S-sorry," she said, but hadn't really seen much as his hair was really-that long. "I'll wait outside for you," she finished quickly leaving and closing the door behind her.

Harry smiled; she was funny. It will be nice having her as his friend. He hopes he can stay here with her, and learn all sorts of magic and go to school and do whatever else friends should do together.

He felt light-hearted as he finished cleaning off his hair and body. It took longer to get his hair cleaned than he thought it should, before climbing out of the shower; it turned itself off. He grabbed a towel before drying himself free from the water before climbing into a pair of blue cloth trousers and a white tee shirt, his hair still quite wet, but OK.

It was surprising that the clothes actually fit him. Ginny hadn't gotten him any shoes, but he didn't mind. He only ever wore shoes to school anyway.

He opened the door to find Ginny waiting, leaning up against the door opposite. She smiled, blushing, as is her curse. She got up, looking him over and sniffing, her smile brightened.

"That's much better," she said taking his hand and leading him downstairs.

It took but a moment before they returned to the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley was rushing around making food and an old man wearing bright blue robes with gold and silver stars sat. He has a long white beard and hair with half-moon spectacles, his blue eyes sparkling dimly over them. He sat next to a slightly younger woman wearing white robes and with a stern look in her brown eyes.

"There you are Harry dear!" Mrs. Weasley said holding out a seat; he nervously sat with Ginny sitting next to him; then a bowel full of something was placed before him with a spoon. "Go ahead Harry, eat up now," she said with a kind smile.

He frowned as everyone was watching him as he lifted the spoon, sniffed and looked at it in concern; his nose crinkling. "Its perfectly alright, Harry," she said, urging him on. "You have to eat up to get a bit of meat on those bones."

Harry grimaced as he put the spoon in his mouth, dropped it and flew out of the backdoor before they could stop him hacking up in the grass. Ginny had rushed out after him, relived he hadn't gone too far when the other woman came up moving her from asking Harry what is wrong as he stay on his hands and knees panting.

The woman didn't so much as try to scan him with her wand as she crouched down, patting his back; he flinched but didn't move.

"Poppy?" the old man asked, concerned.

"An intolerance to meat!" she answered as she weaved some magic. "Hmm… from all of the self-regenerative magic he's used through shear will alone his body is in pretty good condition considering the damage done to it. His right eye is doing badly; his left has been carrying it so to speak. So, I think some vitamins, preferable natural from fruit, and a vegetarian diet, and he'll be fine on that front, and either replace his damaged eye with a magical binding replica since I'm sure you can have the funds for that sorted out Albus, or self-corrective glasses, which will be cheaper, but either shall be fine."

"Yes, yes, thank you Poppy, I shall leave the choice to Harry," the old man agreed while Ginny helped Harry up after he had caught his breath giving her mother a look as if it was her fault not knowing Harry can't eat meat, which is weird to her.

"OK, and Mr. Potter, when you come to school I'll expect if I have to examine you that you'll be in good health," she said before leaving through the garden gate and disappearing in a soft pop.

"Wow, that was awesome," Harry muttered staring at the spot the nurse or whoever she was had been.

"Well, come along, and we'll get you a salad!" Mrs. Weasley interrupted, scooting him and Ginny along, and it wasn't long before Harry had a delicious plate of salad with fruits and was devouring them, ironically like a hungry carnivore.

"Well, now Harry, are you feeling well fed?" the old man, Albus Dumbledore said after Harry had finished, he nodded his head finishing some fresh orange juice. "Do you need anything else, your hair cut perhaps?" he asked, and Harry touched his hair before shrugging and shaking his hair. "Well OK, so you know about magic and Hogwarts since Miss. Weasley here hasn't stopped talking.

"You should have been attending this year, but under the circumstances I believe it will be prudent to wait until next year. Though, I think your new friend here will like that as you'll be together," he paused, smiling as Ginny perked up. "Also, you heard our school nurse, so it's up to you, Molly's already agreed to let you stay here, and she's willing to take you to sort out this new eye, or to get you glasses."

"I… umm… I don't know, what is best?" he asked looking to Ginny for an answer.

She looked thoughtful when she smiled, bright. "If you get a new eye it won't fall off like glasses would."

"OK, if you say so, I'll get a new eye," he said, smiling back at her and then looking to the amused old man. "Then I'll have it arranged for some time during the week to speak with a master crafter! First, here, this is your trust vault key for your bank account. I'm sure Molly and Ginevra will be happy to take you shopping in Diagon Alley. I'm afraid I can't stay, I have a school to run, but rest assured Harry, those… Dursley's won't hurt anyone ever again, and if they ever get out of jail they'll be watched closely."

Harry nodded, smiling as the old man stood. "Thank you," he said with a sigh as Molly led the old man out to the lounge where he'll apparently travel by fireplace.

"Ginny, is my hair too long?" Harry asked her after a moment.

She looked at him, surprised but giggling. "I don't know, but I guess it would be nicer to shorten it enough that you won't get lost any more, OK?"

He smiled and nodded his head. "OK, if you say so, Ginny, I'll try it," he said before he realised something. "How do you all know my name anyway?" he asked as he realised what they had been calling him.

Ginny blinked in surprise as she thought about it. She hadn't paid too much attention until now. "Oh my gosh, you're Harry Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived, defeater of the Dark Lord You-Know-Who when you were only fifteen months old!"

"Wow," he said nervously. "I defeated some guy with a weird name like that?" he said, trying not to feel too baffled.

"No, his names not You-Know-Who silly, its… well everyone is scared to say it," she said, shuddering.

"He killed my parents didn't he?" he asked and Ginny nodded sadly. "Say his name. I want to know his name," he said coldly.

She shuddered as she saw how angry he was. "I-I've only heard it twice, and both times from Dumbledore… it's… its V-Voldemort!" she blurted out, her eyes darting all over checking they're safe.

Harry couldn't help the small chuckle, while she blushed, embarrassed when her mother came back. "OK, I think we should get going while its still light out," the woman said, smiling at the children.

"OK mum, but Harry said he wants a haircut first," Ginny said while her mother's eyes lit up, Harry gulped as she grabbed her wand and 'attacked' before he could do anything to flee.

It was over an hour later that Harry stepped out of the fire and near trod on Ginny as she was on the floor, scrambling up off the dirty floor of the odd and dirty pub.

"Why'd you fall down?" he asked as he led her away as her mother came out.

She looked at him and pouted. He had had his hair cut nicely, though not too short. It was long on top and down over his ears and shoulders, with a nice fringe. It was short at the back, and would have been a lot sorter all over if Harry hadn't looked so sad. His hair isn't as thick as she thought it was, just matted up there was so-much, but now its thin and light, and Harry had said he felt like he could jump to the moon it was that much easier to handle.

Ginny was actually surprised that Harry looks so good with his hair like this. His emerald green eyes are accentuated to such a degree that she couldn't stop staring into the puddles of soft power.

"I don't get how you didn't fall over," she complained. "I've been doing it for years, and you try once and not even a dusting of soot on you," she sighed as if it was a great injustice.

He smiled and reached out, carefully taking her hand; she deflated and held on tight.

"Hurry up you two!" Molly Weasley called as she had already made it to the back door of the pub, passed all the shifty looking weirdoes who chose to wear dirty and smelly clothes and not bath. Harry couldn't get that, but then he realised his cousin is so lazy if not for his aunt forcing him, he wouldn't have bathed ever, either, so he guessed they're all really lazy too.

They hurriedly caught up to the woman and left out into a small yard with some trashcans and a stone-wall blocking it off. However, with a few taps of her wand, Harry watched in awe as the stone bricks slid back, shifting and moving into each other until they revealed the cobble stone shopping street of Diagon Alley, hidden away for witches and wizards to buy their needs.

Walking in Ginny watched, smiling, as Harry looked this way and that, the other, and even up and down trying to take everything in the best his little green eyes could. However, his mouth dropped open wide as he saw the huge white marble building at the end where the goblins wait to give him real money to buy stuff with.

He got some looks and whispers about not wearing shoes, but he ignored them. He had to listen to Ginny and her mother complaining like that before they agreed to let him go out, as long as he buys some shoes first.

Harry just stared at the wrinkly little monsters guarding the bank entrance, stopping just to examine them. He even took notice of the weird way wizards and witches looked to them. The witches and wizards looked down on them like his aunt and uncle do to him. Its not nice but at least they have each other, and huge golden spears.

The goblins returned his look, and looking into their eyes was strange. He would expect to see anger, hatred and bad things inside, but just because they look different shouldn't mean anything of the sort. He gave the creatures a bow of his head and a smile, which confused them, Ginny, and Mrs. Weasley.

However, he shrugged, waved bye to the befuddled goblins, and led Ginny and her mother into the bank. "Wow, Harry don't you find the goblins creepy," Ginny whispered grabbing hold of his arm as she let his hand go when he was examining the goblins.

"No, not really," he said thoughtfully. "I actually thin they're nice," he said as they stopped at an empty banker.

"Key!" he spoke out rather rudely.

"Here it is," Harry said, startling them as he copied the goblins manners shoving it into the goblins hands.

However, instead of just continuing the goblin looked down at Harry with a creepy fang bore grin. "For once a clever human child with some sensible manners!" he said, croaking out a bark like noise.

"This is your land?" Harry asked, though he made it sound like a question, it was more of a statement of observation. Throughout his short life, he had made it his goal to read those around him and act according to them as an act of self-preservation and it seems to be working well with the goblin.

"Yes!" he agreed, knowing Harry wasn't asking, but answering anyway, looking into the boys eyes, he was captivated by a weird sense of some kind of natural ability he hadn't sensed before, something new perhaps. "Very well, Mr…" he looked to the key. "… Potter, do you wish to make a withdrawal?"

"Yes," he agreed, straight to the point. "I don't know magic money, so just give me some, and I want muggle money too!" he said, finding it hard to override his politeness as he feels a please and thank you will lose the respect he has garnered this far, no matter how little that respect is.

"Done!" he said clicking his fingers a goblin rushed over with a small leather pouch with drawstring.

Harry's banker just took it and placed in Harry's key. "This links it to your vault, allowing you to take what you need, when you need it," he said before flipping it and it turned into a beautiful golden Gringotts Debit card. "We don't normal give this trick out, the Ministry doesn't exactly approve. Just type in any four numbers to cash machines or those new shop chip machines. It doesn't matter what numbers as its only keyed into you," he said, flipping it again and it turned into a leather muggle wallet. "To keep muggle cash. We have had the odd muggle-born wanting something like this, so we made it. It has some notice me not and other charms so that muggles and non-desirables don't notice its tricks."

Harry nodded as he took it, awed as he flipped it and it changed back into its leather pouch. "Wow, this will be useful… umm… may you always be wealthy and good money diggers and stuff," he said, eyes darting around but any sign in English didn't give him a clue what he should say. He can tell they're diggers through all of the rocks and stone, the wealth they have, so they must have a society based around riches, treasures and the land.

The goblin barked out again roughly. "Close enough!" he said abruptly stopping as Harry waved and walked away, leading the dumbfounded and baffled Weasley ladies with him while he fidgeted with his wallet and placed it in his pocket.

"How did you do all that with the goblin?" Ginny hissed out impressed once they were back outside again.

"Hmm… oh, I guess I just know how to look around and stuff," he said, shrugging, plus his eyes help. "I've seen here and there that something that's OK for English people could massively insult umm… Brazilians or something, so the same for the goblins, and you said the bank belongs to them and is their land and stuff so its only right that I try and stuff. It would be like going to France and shouting and pointing to try to communicate when I could at least try a translation book, or one of those little thingies that speak the language for you."

"I never really thought about it," Molly said, baffled before shaking her head clear. "Well, where do you want to go first?" she asked, looking around at all of the shops. "You still need some shoes."

"I want to go to the muggle shops," Harry said, hoping he used muggle right. "It has a currency calculator on my wallet so I'll know what I'm spending. I've always wanted to wear the best of fashions, but my aunt and uncle would never give me that."

"Well, give me a minute and I'll get some muggle money too," Molly said with a smile. "Its Ginny's birthday next week and she might find something she likes. I haven't used muggle money before so I'll need some help," she said walking back into the bank while Ginny looked pleased.

It didn't take them long to get to the muggle world where Harry found them a huge shopping mall, got some blue running trainers. The mall seemed to sell everything where they found a clothing store where Ginny found some dresses she would like. Her mother looked them over, and the weird special offer SALE price tags. (Harry realised in surprise that the magical world didn't have sales).

"So, how much of these papers buy these?" Molly asked Harry pulling out a huge wad of twenty-pound notes. He had been led to believe that the Weasley family weren't very wealthy, yet they have all this.

He took the notes and counted the money. "T-this is nearly nine thousand pounds. Mrs. Weasley, that is a lot of money," he said but they both looked confused. "OK, just think of each of these purple coloured notes with a twenty as twenty silver coins. Now, this dress is on sale down from forty-five silver coins, to fifteen silver coins, so you'll get five silver coins back from one of these twenties."

"B-but… that can't be possible," she replied, ogling the muggle money as if it was about to spontaneously combust. "I-in Diagon Alley it would be nearly all gone on two dresses like this, and honestly not near as nice, or four, maybe five robes brand new. School uniforms near break us, and that's from the second hand store."

Harry may not have gotten out hardly anything living at the Dursley's but he did sometimes watch a small bit of TV while doing chores, and was occasionally forced to go with them shopping, as they didn't trust to leave him alone, so he knew those prices were ridiculous.

"Umm… then if that's the case, buy everything here," he suggested, nodding. "Then you don't have to buy things pre-owned," he added helpfully and a little baffled.

"But muggles don't wear robes…" she said, looking around to make sure no one was listening. "And they don't have Hogwarts School uniforms either."

Harry rolled his eyes and looked around the store. Its big and fancy, and yep, he saw the school uniform section. He gave Molly her money back and walked off before Ginny could put her new dresses in her basket.

They caught up just as Harry started speaking to a nicely dressed woman. "Hey Miss., we're starting school next year and need to look into school uniforms."

"Oh, senior school?" she asked him kindly.

He nodded his head. "Yep, but our school is for smart kids and is really posh and old fashioned, and we don't want to pay over the odds at the shops they suggested."

"I see," she replied nodding. She smiled at Molly. "So, what kind of extras do they need, and colours… we do get some parents who come in this early, you're likely to get a better deal, even if we do wait to measure them up, and we can special order anything else you might need."

"Oh, well, there uniforms are black with white shirt or blouse," she said while the woman jotted it all down on her note pad. "They also need black robes, a cloak or two, with hood, ties; well they don't know what house they'll be in yet, so I can't say the colour."

"I understand," she said, smiling. "We can order the ties after they start and send them on if we need to. And a couple pairs of shoes each and some trainers for sports?" she asked and Molly nodded her head in agreement.

"OK, then lets see," she muttered writing down some numbers. "Robes and cloaks are unusual but not unheard of, shall I'll put down a nice neat coat each too?" she asked and Molly nodded. "It's a boarding school, right?" she asked and again got a nod. "OK, so, looking at this, I wouldn't say any more than three hundred pounds, maybe less, each for, five pairs of trousers for the boy, five skirts for the girl, five shirts and blouses, two ties each, two pairs of shoes each, a pair of trainers, two robes, a cloak and a coat."

"That's a pretty good deal," Harry said, surprised and happy.

The store-lady smiled as she nodded her head. "All top quality materials. They might be a bit cheaper, would you like to order now, and you can come in a few weeks before September next year to get measurements, no deposit needed so you'll have plenty of time to save up."

"Y-yes, thank you," she agreed following the woman to a near computer terminal, trying not to stare at it as if she is odd.

"Wow, the muggle world is a lot cheaper than the magical world," Ginny said as she was looking at some cartoon underwear and socks, trying not to be too embarrassed as she found her size and hid some under her dresses.

"It sure looks like it," Harry said, picking up his basket from where he placed it at his feet. "I bet your mum won't shop in Diagon Alley anymore, except for magical things," he said with a nod.

"Oh, books aren't all that expensive," she replied, nodding. "Unless you want the really old one's where there aren't many surviving."

"OK then Harry, Ginny," Mrs. Weasley arrived back, tucking away some receipt into her pocket and leading them on where they both got quite the number of new outfits before leaving, Molly waiting until Harry said she could to shrink down their new clothes for easy travel, and not in front of cameras.

They would have returned straight back to Diagon Alley if they hadn't passed the chip shop, and though Harry can't eat the meat, the chips are cooked separately in vegetable oil, though he didn't eat many as they were too fatty for his taste, Ginny eagerly gobbled them up with her sausage and chips while Molly chose the fish.

So after they finished dinner, grabbing a kebab and chips to go for Ginny's dad, sneakily putting a warming charm on it to keep it from going cold they returned to Diagon Alley. They had a quick look around where Harry bought a magical trunk with seven compartments and though they complained, bought Ginny one for her birthday, though she managed to make him downsize to three compartments.

He then loaded up his trunk with absolute hundreds of books into this epic book compartment, which runs on rails and sends the books you want like a roller coaster. Though, Molly did complain about how many books he was buying, some of which they had at the Burrow, he wanted them anyway. After all, he has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to this strange, interesting, if slightly odd world.

Molly had wanted Harry to use one of her sons' rooms as they're not using them, but he wouldn't leave Ginny. Although, he doesn't flinch or anything, he trusts Ginny most, so with a sigh, relented letting them share a room together, (at least for a while), finally giving Ginny her second eldest old room to share with Harry since he's long since moved out.

After all, they're only ten and eleven respectively, so there's no concern. It sweet watching them play together with… books. OK two kids reading magic books is odd, but Ginny had always been the reader of the family (not even her studious brother Percy could hope to be, but she also has the intellect to not need to study that hard).

Now Ginny has someone who loves reading to read with, and a whole new selection of books to help get a head start on their first year.

She smiled again as she left them after they had sorted out their new room wondering whether her husband has found out from Dumbledore yet.

Arthur Weasley had arrived home oblivious, but he was happy to have another guy around to even things out. He had been so used to out-numbering, and was grateful to the kebab and chips after a long day working.

Add in all of the savings she has discovered in the muggle world. He was pleasantly surprised, and already planning to go school shopping with them in the muggle world for uniforms next year.

to be continued…