My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark

Rating: M

"Brat, what did you do with my carving kni—"

Sasori's voice fell silent as he cracked the door to Deidara's room and peered into the darkness. He could vaguely make out the outline of the bomber's body as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. As more became visible, he became aware that Deidara's eyes were clenched shut, and that his hand was pumping furiously under the sheets. It wasn't a mystery what he was touching.

The blonde's figure thrashed in the bed, his back arching up. Animalistic groans filled the air, drowning out the music that the brat had probably put on as a safety measure. He'd have to tell him to use louder music. Or at least gag himself. Or let him gag him.

Sasori silently hated English pronouns.

Two minutes later, the red-haired man was still standing there, watching his partner. He wasn't entirely sure why he stayed —there was work to be done and puppets to be made. There was Cloud shinobi in the cooler, starting to decompose. He couldn't afford to waste his time like this.

But he really wanted to.


Sasori's eyes shot wide open at the mention of his title, a moan from the lips of the man he was watching. If he had had blood, it would have shot to his groin.

Hell, he could feel his heart trying to pump it there.

"Deidara..." he whispered, too quiet to be heard. The blonde rolled to his side, one hand frantically gripping the edge of the bed. It was as if he was trying to ground himself. He probably was.

"Dannnna!" he cried again, pumping faster. "Danna...Danna!"

His body convulsed as he came on his stomach, panting. Sasori quietly closed the door.

The next morning, over breakfast, the redhead asked him if he wanted to go out sometime.

"Pff. Whatever, Danna. I wouldn't go anywhere with you outside a mission. Especially not a date, yeah." The blonde laughed, biting his toast.

"I'm not so sure, brat," he replied, swallowing his bite of bagel (Deidara had insisted that it was weird to have a partner that didn't eat). "I know what you do in the dark."