Hi guys!

First of all, holy shit it's been since February since I've posted. Around what, 9 months since my hiatus? Firstly, if you're still following my story and checking for updates every now and then, after like eternity, god bless your soul you're a trooper. If you're outrageously pissed at me and plotting ways to murder me from the sudden hiatus, well, it's understandable (and omg i'm so sorry).

To explain myself, I've gotten through that transition in every adolescent child's life that everyone faces: middle school to high school *oooing noises*. Since my last chapter update, i've went through the process of signing up for high school, getting the classes I wanted, while still taking tests and raising my grades in middle school. Not fun. At all.

And so the months of February-June were a blur, i was just so busy and everything i seriously needed a hiatus. Plus, it was kind of an emotional thing since i was leaving the school I've been in since kindergarten, but that's actually not really important so i'll go on. I know i could of been updating during the summer, and i really should've, but during summer i've gotten attached to a few acquaintances that i met during high school orientation. we hit it off and i spent almost every week hanging out with them, and we still hang out to this day. but now that i think of it i was still reading fan fiction every night before bed... man i'm horrible.

So once i started high school, i was literally afraid for myself. it's a new school and i was so intimidated by everything and everyone. but i met a lot of friends, got into dancing, all those high school beginner things you know (plus an awesome friend who ships stony man i love her). and updating fics... wasn't really my priority anymore.

okay set down your pitchforks and torches i'm not done.

there was this gnawing guilt in my head saying i really should update, and that i'm just really horrible because its the last chapter too. but i got relatively lazy because once during the summer i went to my docs and found out my draft was deleted because they automatically get trashed after 90 days and well... it's been like 4 months. but here's the good part!

i decided i won't be going on permanent hiatus.

i don't want to be cruel, and i promised that i will finish my story and wouldn't be like those authors who abandon their stories. i'm not a hypocrite i swear. so rest assured this fic will hopefully be finished before the end of the year.

but reminder i made this fic in the 7th grade, and i feel like my writing has improved. so re-reading these chapters... made me cringe. A LOT. especially my other stories i was literally curled into a ball. that being said i am going to rewrite these past chapters and post them not on here, but on my ao3 account(yes it's under the same name). but i will post chapter 23 before that happens, i seriously wouldn't make you guys wait until i rewrote all 22 chapters for you to get the last chapter, im not that cruel.

so to everyone who seriously read this whole thing, thank you so much and i really hope i didn't waste your time. and look out for the next update! (: